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My Thoughts on the ArVee by Anna Von Reitz DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

My Thoughts on the ArVee by Anna Von Reitz

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My Thoughts on the ArVee by Anna Von Reitz Empty My Thoughts on the ArVee by Anna Von Reitz

Post by Purpleskyz Mon May 17, 2021 8:50 am

My Thoughts on the ArVee
By Anna Von Reitz

My Thoughts on the ArVee by Anna Von Reitz Image

The theory behind the “RV” is that when the US DOLLAR is trashed and people lose half to 80% of the value of their money in this country, it will be offset by gains in the value of other world currencies. So, you are being told to invest in the currencies of other countries, because once “the RV” occurs, their gains will more than offset your losses. In theory. Of course, putting all your money in other currencies weakens the US DOLLAR and so, you are stupidly participating in the demise of the currency you have been using and investing in all these years, albeit under the force of Legal Tender Laws— which is another story you can chalk up to the U.S. Military.
Some of these foreign currencies, in theory, stand to gain much more value than others, because the countries involved have assets (like minerals or archeological sites) that have been discovered or developed in the years since 1941 — the last time that an RV-like event and worldwide asset accounting process occurred. Those responsible for trashing the US DOLLAR — mainly military officials who are supposed to be guarding our nation’s money for us — have been promoting the RV as an “answer” for their own gross mismanagement ever since 1863 when Lincoln appointed them to be responsible for our money. Refer to the very first Executive Order ever issued — General Order 100, also known as the Lieber Code, issued in March of 1863, one day prior to Lincoln declaring the Northern State-of-State organizations bankrupt.
The U.S. Army took over as the Territorial Government at that point and has been in control of the money ever since. It has been under their auspices and on their watch that so much terrible fraud and theft and abuse of the people of this country has occurred, so don’t for a moment think that our military can escape this debacle with clean hands. They have had their paws in our cookie jar since 1863 and much of what we and the rest of the world have suffered is directly related to them and what they have done or failed to do.
The proposed ArVee is no different. It is just another Big Con and Crap Shoot, based on graft and malfeasance, designed to benefit Insiders at the expense of Outsiders. And it is just as criminal as all that has come before it. The U.S. Military and their crony pals working the storefront in Washington, DC, have the most powerful commodity rigging scheme in place that anyone has ever attempted: The Exchange Stabilization Fund. Using this mammoth stockpile of foreign currencies, they can undermine any economy and “blow out” any currency worldwide, at will. They have been using this tool to conduct Economic Warfare since the inception of this scheme, and the ArVee is just the latest bit of their self-interested criminality on display, despite all the “secrecy” and elbow-jabbing associated with it.
Obviously, with the world currency markets rigged to the teeth, there is no actual value in any of the currencies. They are all arbitrary. Some jackass sitting in a leather club chair in London and his buddies sit down over a glass of Scotch and out of thin air, decide the exchange rates of world currencies, and whether or not people in Nigeria starve this winter. It has nothing whatsoever to do with value or abundance of commodities or anything else. It’s just digits and stockpiles and petty little men playing “god”. If the U.S. Military was worth the powder to blow them to Hell, they’d rebel against these masters and stop their endless bootlicking, but then, they’d have to explain to the American People exactly how and why all our gold and silver was cashiered offshore in foreign countries for “safekeeping”.
And they’d have to explain their part in the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. And they’d have to explain what went on in 1941, just prior to the staged attack on Pearl Harbor. To quote Ricky, Lucy would have a lot of ‘splaining to do. A lot. And most of it wouldn’t ring true or be justifiable. It would just appear to be what it is — criminality in a suit. You want to know why Biden is “President” of a brand new foreign Municipal Corporation (that doesn’t have a contract) and Trump isn’t? Because the Dirty Military outfoxed the Clean Military. Or maybe they just bought off enough traitors to pull the political equivalent of another one of their horrible Great Fiascos —- the September 11 Holocaust.
Tell me, again, why NORAD was on stand down that day? No, friends, the ugly truth is that the ArVee is like everything else these jokers have done for the past 150-plus years and they all need to be keel-hauled.

Thanks to: https://newhumannewearthcommunities.wordpress.com

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My Thoughts on the ArVee by Anna Von Reitz 2245507099My Thoughts on the ArVee by Anna Von Reitz 2245507099

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