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Al-Kazemi resolves his participation in the elections and threatens "those who are bullies against the state" {expanded} DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Al-Kazemi resolves his participation in the elections and threatens "those who are bullies against the state" {expanded}

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Al-Kazemi resolves his participation in the elections and threatens "those who are bullies against the state" {expanded} Empty Al-Kazemi resolves his participation in the elections and threatens "those who are bullies against the state" {expanded}

Post by claud39 Fri May 14, 2021 7:50 pm

Al-Kazemi resolves his participation in the elections and threatens "those who are bullies against the state" {expanded}

  • 05/13/2021

Al-Kazemi resolves his participation in the elections and threatens "those who are bullies against the state" {expanded} Photo-2021-05-13-22-35-00

{Politics: Al Furat News} The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, has decided to take part in the early parliamentary elections scheduled for October 10.

 Al-Kazemi said in a televised speech on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Fitr and the passing year of the formation of the government, this evening: “I stand before you today, a year after I took the oath as Prime Minister, in order to discuss together transparently about some of the challenges we faced during the past year, and how we dealt with The responsibility entrusted to us in a complex and articulated transitional phase in the history of Iraq.
 ‌ To
begin with, I say that the government that had the honor to assume its presidency was born in an exceptional and dangerous circumstance ... Iraq was standing at a crossroads due to a severe and fateful social crisis .... A crisis that was, in fact, a natural and inevitable product of mismanagement and the absence of a real will for change and development.Our 
main task is to conduct fair and fair elections, consistent with the will of our people, and we have set October 10 this year as a deadline for these elections, and we will devote all efforts and capabilities to that.

My government has provided all support for the success of the elections, and our dear national political forces and parties are called to evoke the essence of this nation and join together to protect it and overcome the mistakes of the past years by spreading tolerance, coexistence, cooperation and honest competition for the success of the elections.

The forces that confronted the harshest dictatorships of the modern era are undoubtedly worthy of fulfilling this historic responsibility at this critical stage.
Our great people, with all their social, youth, religious and cultural activities, are called upon to support participation in the elections and the success of their noble goals,
On our part, we fulfilled our pledge to our people by declaring not to participate in the elections or support any party or party at the expense of the other, and we will do our part in protecting the upcoming electoral process.

Our people Aziz 
despite the challenges of the pandemic virus corona all over the world, the government has made progress in controlling the epidemic through a series of measures to reduce the number of injuries and provide better support, and sign agreements for the purchase of vaccines, and proceed with the completion of re - stalled building hospitals in all governorates of Iraq. 

Over the past year, the Iraqi government has strengthened state sovereignty and confinement of weapons in its hands by supporting the security forces and restoring confidence between them and society, to counter its role in confronting terrorism, escaped weapons and crime gangs.

Our forces have achieved remarkable development in terms of confronting the pockets of the terrorist organization ISIS. We have succeeded in killing the terrorist who calls himself the Wali of Iraq and the Vice-Caliph, known as Abu Yasser al-Issawi, and the death of the deputy governor of ISIS in Iraq, and ISIS's coordinator of operations in Syria and Iraq, and we are determined to dry up the sources of terrorism and consolidate stability from During a series of operations that will be launched to confront the pockets and trails of ISIS.

During the past year, our heroic forces also confronted uncontrolled weapons and outlaw groups that fire rockets at diplomatic missions and Iraqi institutions, and we have hundreds of detainees from outlaws and death squads who terrified our people in Basra for the past years and the perpetrators of the assassinations, in addition to drug and weapons gangs.
‌ In this regard, I say .. 

 Yes, there are still people trying to bully the state, taking advantage of the exceptional circumstances of Iraq, to ​​threaten to drag Iraq into blood and civil war, but everyone should know ‌..Bullying the state is not without a price, whether today or tomorrow. The rights of the state are not subject to the statute of limitations, and everyone who believes that they are stronger than the state will find themselves accountable to its legal institutions, no matter how great their status.

The murderers of the martyr activist Ihab Al-Wazni in Karbala will face the fate that the killers of Ahmed Abdul-Samad faced in Basra and the rest of the martyrs, with what they committed against our people and our youth.

On occasions and events that we have faced together during this year, the government has proven its pledges to you that it will not allow blood to be taken lightly, and we have presented the results of the investigation committees that were formed in some unfortunate events, and there are investigative committees that are still working tirelessly in the criminal assassinations cases that occurred during the past year.

The current government has worked to consolidate the principle of announcing the results of the investigation on the specified date and to banish the procrastination that was associated with the formation of the committees previously.

The government has also formed a high-level fact-finding team from former judges that is still gathering data and testimonies about the events of October 2019, and it will announce the results of this commission’s work upon its issuance.

At this time, the government has taken several measures to deal with the repercussions of these events, such as the release of all those detained due to the demonstrations, as demonstrating is a constitutional right, and we considered the victims in the protest squares as martyrs and their rights were guaranteed,
We also launched a project for a comprehensive national dialogue that includes the demonstrators and confirms their legitimate demands, just as It includes political forces and popular events.

‌ In the anti-corruption file, there were only (sayings) before this year ... until the coming of this government, which pledged to the people in actions and did, and did not stop despite all the obstacles placed before the Anti-Corruption Committee, and despite all the propaganda campaigns paid for the price that were launched To distort this patriotic duty.

I say, let everyone hear me ... that what we did during one year of fighting corruption is actually equal to what all efforts have produced in this regard over the past 17 years. 

‌ The state does not forget a debt ,,, I mean ((Al-Kazemi goes to someone else ... the state has forgotten a debt ... and every dinar stolen from the Iraqi people's money will return ... Today we returned a part ... and Bagger returns the rest)) ... Bargaining or bidding on it .. and everyone who tries to bid will reveal himself before the people and before history .. History is ruthless.

The government has committed itself to assisting the displaced to return to their homes and to significantly end the problem of internal displacement. We have closed within one year more than ninety percent of the IDP camps across Iraq, and we supported the displaced in the voluntary return to their areas.

We took an oath on Iraq is where all Iraqis are equal in rights and duties, we will not allow the classification of Iraqis on the basis of their religion or their beliefs or identity, and fulfilling the oath and we will complete what we started , whatever the challenges

we have sponsored the Sinjar Convention , which has strengthened the responsibility of the federal government for our people Yezidis in Sinjar, at the administrative levels And security, and in a way that allows the return of our displaced people in Sinjar to their city, and we have also strengthened the positive understanding between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government in preparation for solving the outstanding problems under the shadow of one nation and one destiny.

When this government was formed a year ago from today .. Iraq was going through one of the most dangerous economic challenges, and the government found itself faced with the reality of lack of resources, emptying of the treasury and complete dependence on oil.                                                                                            
 We launched a reform project, the White Paper, and presented the draft budget for 2021, with ambitious plans to diversify investment and activate the stalled projects.

My beloved ones in all of Iraq, and wherever the Iraqi flag has been raised, when we talk about an essential Iraqi role at the regional and international level to calm crises and bottlenecks and devote cooperation as an alternative to conflict, we proceed from our belief in the weight of Iraq and its historical role. 
‌ On this basis, we set a new path for foreign policy in which Iraq is an initiative ... We said a year ago in a loud voice that Iraq is first ... and everyone understood that Iraq refuses to be an arena for disputes. We said that the Iraqi regional chair cannot be dwarfed, and no one will sit in it Except for Iraq, and that Iraq will only wear what suits its people and its historical size, and that the name of Iraq is much greater than being a back garden for anyone or a playground for anyone’s adventures, but a factor of peace and stability for the region and the world.

Baghdad worked with history and dignity and on behalf of the Iraqi people during this year to search for points of convergence and balance in the region to establish a reality in which regional integration and cooperation replace the conflict.

We are proud of the great development of our relationship with Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and all the Gulf countries, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and all the countries in the region that love peace.

The success of the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Iraq in March 2021 was also a reflection of this policy.

We are also proud of our position today within the international community and our distinguished relationship with the countries of Europe and the United States of America, and we have preserved the historic and decisive position of Iraq in support of the Palestinian cause.

We affirm Iraq's position in rejecting and condemning the cowardly Israeli attacks on our defenseless Palestinian people in Jerusalem and Gaza, this people who have suffered the most cruel injustices witnessed in modern history, and continue to give the whole world lessons of steadfastness and determination, and steadfastness on legitimate demands. The rights of the Palestinian people, which are guaranteed by the humanitarian, moral and international conventions, live in the conscience of every Iraqi and cannot be forfeited, especially the right of Jerusalem, the historic capital of the State of Palestine.

‌ The policy of openness and moderation with all countries of the world that the government pursued was reflected in the reopening of the Arar border crossing with Saudi Arabia, which has been closed for decades, and the willingness of Saudi, Emirati and Gulf companies to invest in various sectors in Iraq.
Negotiations with Iran to build a railway line between Basra and Shalamjah have reached their final stages, and we have signed fifteen agreements and memoranda of understanding with Jordan and Egypt on energy and transport lines, as well as the signing of many agreements with Turkey on security, economic and investment issues, and the signing of a number of agreements and memoranda of understanding with France, Germany and Britain to rehabilitate and build new roads, airports and railway lines. As well as activating the understandings in the Chinese agreement to apply them on the ground through a series of infrastructure projects, and the signing of contracts with major American companies to invest in Iraq.
In the file of the strategic dialogue with the United States, we have proven that dialogue, frankness and direct methods are more beneficial than stubbornness, obstinacy and chaos.  

‌ During three sessions of the dialogue, we achieved advanced steps for the exit of the remainder of the combat forces of the international coalition, and the consecration of cooperation in all areas, including training and rehabilitation, and prepared upcoming rounds between the military committees to set the time and technical frameworks to achieve this.

 ‌ My family and loved ones .. a year ago today, and in my letter of assignment to form the government, I told you, “We have to work together to restore Iraq from crises, conflicts and absurd wars, and we have to prove before history that we are fit for Iraq, by actions not words.” And after a year I tell you it was a great ordeal Together, we succeeded in overcoming its dangers, and we must continue to put Iraq on the right path.

Countries are strengthened by the solidarity of their people, their national forces and their elites .. I call on you to evoke the spirit of Iraq and solidarity together to protect our country and give our people the hope they deserve for a stable, prosperous and united Iraq.

He concluded his speech by saying, "Dear Iraqi people," Peace be upon you on the day of your patience, on the day you rose up, and on the day you upheld your right to a future befitting you.
 Peace be upon the rational authority that Iraq preserved led by His Eminence Ali Al-Sistani, Peace be upon the great Iraqi woman, to every mother, wife, daughter and beloved, Peace be upon the men of Iraq, their youth and elders as they seize the future. Peace be upon every child and every child. We are inspired by their smiles the values ​​of life, ‌ Peace be upon Iraq, mercy and eternity for the martyrs of Iraq and long live Iraq.

Ammar Al-Masoudi

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