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MarkZ: "Iraq is going to go without them….go solo….and deal with a lower value" 5/12/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Iraq is going to go without them….go solo….and deal with a lower value" 5/12/21

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MarkZ: "Iraq is going to go without them….go solo….and deal with a lower value" 5/12/21 Empty MarkZ: "Iraq is going to go without them….go solo….and deal with a lower value" 5/12/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed May 12, 2021 11:31 pm

MZ: I do not have an update as to whether hardware changes have happened or not……I have reached out to all of my sources and am getting dead silence. I hope it is a good thing.

Member:  I think it's a good thing …..silence is golden

Member: it must be the calm before the RV storm!

MZ: No news on CMKX or settlements….my contacts in the banking world have gone dead silent on me. I will take that as a good sign….It doesn’t scare me.

ISAAC May 11 Hello, hope all good. It is looking good but need confirmations. No stories, lies, or guessing. I do not get my info from contacts or informants.

ISAAC May 11 I get it direct from my buyers that I have contracts and already pass inspections and ttm.(table top meetings?)  We are getting closer, that I can say now

MZ: I have some interesting military stories that have been coming in yesterday evening….I was able to speak with a couple of military sources who say they have been activating some retired officers. If you guys are familiar with officers….once you reach a certain level….they don’t ask you if you want to come back….they just tell you what time to report.

MZ: So there seems to be tremendous moves going on in our military right now. Very unusual.

Member:  My son is a Captain in the Marines stationed there in Jacksonville, NC. Sent me a warning the night before last to be prepared.. that is all he said..

MZ: The number of phone calls I’ve taken from military people over the last 24 hours are all saying get prepared now. Be prepared by Thursday…..what is it….i do not know. But possible rolling black outs.

Member:  State of Emergency has been declared in at least 17 States in US. Could it be a military operation? Notifying us that State of Emergency will be triggered soon in US and then the world?

Member: Maybe getting ready for world wide martial law?

Member: Judy states to stock up for at least 2 weeks

MZ: I have been telling you guys that for awhile now.. …if you can afford to do it….have a couple weeks of supplies on hand…..just in case. ..stock up if you can…..maybe you won’t need it….hope you don’t

Member:  IMO there will be more "cyber" attacks, power outages, Comm outages... stores will not be able receive or sell goods

Member:  10+ days of Darkness coming, while the world shuts down!!

Member:  Don't forget, if power goes, to fill your bathtub in case you need water to flush toilet.

Member:  not a good idea to travel right now, just my thoughts

Member:  RV" thursday,friday ,saturday or sunday. IMO.

MZ: There were also massive missile strikes in Israel….buildings going down…..We are definently seeing a build up to something……I don’t know what it is.

Member:  The Israel situation is the ww3 scare event. get ready almost time

Member: Maybe Israel will be the distraction for the RV?

MZ: Keep in mind the isreal situation may be unrelated….it may be poor foreign policy….

Member: I do not think this is a random convergence of situations….I believe that somehow it’s being contructed….

MZ: I agree. Is it being constructed to watch us melt down…is it being constructed to force a crisis…it is being constructed to force civil uprising?  I think we are going to come through this just fine.

Member: Maybe the cabal is trying to start a war.

MZ: There is a tremendous amount of smoke…..where there is smoke…sometimes there is fire.

Member:  Maybe We are finally close to the start of the race!!!!

MZ: I think we are at a crisis point now….and seeing these strange military movements …well, things are not making sense……something is happening.

Member: Are they still talking about traunching dong?

MZ:I hear they will traunch (structured payouts) on dong if you have over 100 million dong. That’s what I have been told.

Member: Why hasn’t Iraq revalued yet?

MZ: I believe Iraq has done everything they need to do….i believe they have not revalued yet because they need to pull the trigger with the GCR to take advantage of the gold treaty and get a higher value.

MZ: At the same time my contacts on the ground in Iraq say that if the GCR doesn’t happen soon Iraq is going to go without them….go solo….and deal with a lower value.

Member: I wonder if redemption center contacts are still sitting at the centers?

Member:  Wouldn't you be FURIOUS if you were one of the ones being constantly called in to the redemption centers!!!???

MZ: No they are not at the redemption centers right now….they are on call….Most of my contacts have day jobs as wealth advisors or investment advisors. 

Member:  talk of shutting down 2 major pipelines: https://nationalpost.com/commodities/energy/two-potential-shutdowns-of-major-fuel-pipelines-this-week-show-fragility-of-north-americas-energy-system/wcm/d9989af0-57dc-4edb-a4d7-29911ca34245/

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