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The investment vacation DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The investment vacation

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The investment vacation Empty The investment vacation

Post by claud39 Sun May 09, 2021 9:32 am

The investment vacation


The investment vacation 27448

Yasser Al-Metwally 

The cabinet’s decision to withdraw investment licenses for lagging projects sparked widespread debate among investors as well as among economists.

This decision has positive repercussions on reforming the investment process, as well as negative repercussions at the same time. These advantages and disadvantages are distributed among the causes and causes of the decision, and most importantly the objectives envisaged from it.

On the investor side, this decision has raised legitimate concerns among new investors or those who want to invest, regardless of the nature of the decision, i.e. its correctness from its mistake, and this controversy is a negative reflection on the investment process in the future, at a time when the state seeks to search for investors for the purpose of rebuilding a homeland.

As for economists, their debate has focused on researching the causes and causes of the delay, and here the causes and causes of each lagging project must be identified separately, and the results and causes should be announced with full transparency and disclosure in order to rationalize the correctness of the decision or not.

This opinion serves the investment process as a whole, and this method will be a means to correct the course of investment first, and it makes us overcome the errors that caused this delay and not fall into it in the future, whether by the investor or the owner and I mean the state or even the owner of the private property.

The results, which will be disclosed with transparency and disclosure, will lead us to adopt them in the direction of reforming legislation, decisions, and procedures for investment and the investment process in the future. The aim here is not to reduce the decision to withdraw the investment license, but to clarify its importance and legal force that preserves the rights of the two parties to the equation in the investment process (the investor and the owner), a state or individuals.

Perhaps the delay or delay of any project, especially in circumstances beyond the control of the investor or the owner, is much easier than disposing of the investment license or using the lands allocated for investment other than the projects for which this investment is designated. Therefore, dealing with the exploitation of lands other than the agreed-upon purposes, I need accountability, withdrawal and confiscation of licenses.

As for the reluctance, it must be examined carefully and transparently, and here it is imperative that the evaluation of the reasons for reluctance be subject to oversight to reduce some of the spoilers' impact.
The issue of withdrawing investment licenses will enter the state into a cycle of legal problems and occupy the role of justice and the judiciary with an additional case that takes time, effort and expense a lot, whether on the state or the investor.

Therefore, it requires accuracy and transparency in determining the causes and causes of delay before embarking on the implementation of the decision to withdraw the investment license, in order to avoid waste of time, costs and delay in construction and investment. For this reason, the investment license that includes correct conditions and controls guarantees rights to both sides of the equation, and it is the real building block of the country.

The bottom line is to be patient and wait in the implementation of the decisions to withdraw investment licenses, until the violations are sorted out and the causes and causes are identified. The cost of waiting here is in favor of correcting the course of the investment process with the will to overcome the causes and causes.

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