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Bruce's  BIG CALL  - Bruce says - We thought they had the green light last weekend – but there is no evidence of it at this point  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce's BIG CALL - Bruce says - We thought they had the green light last weekend – but there is no evidence of it at this point

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Bruce's  BIG CALL  - Bruce says - We thought they had the green light last weekend – but there is no evidence of it at this point  Empty Bruce's BIG CALL - Bruce says - We thought they had the green light last weekend – but there is no evidence of it at this point

Post by Ponee Thu May 06, 2021 9:14 pm

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – It is Tuesday May 4th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody

You guys realize we have had people ask – if there was a list of wealth managers -
the answer is “No” - there is no list – first of all Wealth Managers work for different banks – and we know that Wells Fargo is the lead banking institution in charge of this whole process – and it’s also they are assigning zim holders to go to certain redemption centers – we have talked about that – through the toll free numbers the SafeLink website - both ways –

And here’s the point – the wealth management side of it – is something you will get familiar with at the exchange – I expect you to be introduced – possibly to one or two wealth managers but it is a “follow-up” type appointment - it is a follow-up appointment / visit – with that wealth team –
You remember we were all set to go – we had Abbott Downing ass the high end division of Wells Fargo and then because of QFS did not want to see the same number for the bank of Wells Fargo and for Abbott Downing the Abbott Downing was taken down as a separate entity and folded back into Wells Fargo – so all of those wealth managers that were with Abbott Downing went back into Wells Fargo - so that’s a new scenario for us to deal with -

So anyway I just wanted to say that and say don’t worry about that – you will have plenty of time to find the wealth manager that you can get along with and resonate with –
watch for body language when you first meet them – as they will do the same – some of you will not need the wealth management team as much as others – and that is a big discussion point you will have them based on your comfort level – how much planning you have done – and how much you plan to work with the bank

I am personally looking more for the Family Office side – I would like to get the family office to do the things that we need them to do – and that is something that everybody can look up under Wells Fargo Family Office and get into that – That could be valuable

Alright let’s get into our intel segment – which is not going to be super long tonight – because there’s not a whole lot of information to bring tonight – where we were on last Thursday seems like a while ago of course – was in an anticipation for something to happen this week – Now I hate the banned phrase - “This is the week” or even “This is the weekend” – because I remember we were told this was going to be the weekend last weekend – for things to happen

AND…… where some things did happen – it happened regarding bonds and - what happened with the group that’s based out West – the Admirals group – the multiple groups - what ever happened was the individual groups paymasters their paymasters over 26 different groups from my understanding and not 26,000 paymasters – (chuckle) – the paymasters over those 26 groups have been vetted of course but their accounts have been audited so they did the transfer of funds to the paymasters accounts and those accounts have been audited – my understanding are those complete – so the paymasters when they get the complete green light to pay the recipients of those groups everything should be good to go –

Have they got the green light yet? We thought they had the green light last weekend – but there is no evidence of it at this point – so it’s a little bit of a hurry up and wait – I have a feeling the same thing is true the bond holders not being paid their 1% of their bonds yet – some bonders that we know about have been informed today by email that they would receive tomorrow 1% of their bond payouts -

So far it’s been one step forward and 2 steps back for the people – the bond sellers to get moving – we know that last week there was a lot of valuable flights coming in to Reno and then that tapered off towards the end of the week – where it was 7 flights an hour then 3-4 flights the next day and it tapered down – and may be down now or they may have resumed again – and come back up – we know there were no flights reported on Sunday – that should not be surprising –


Now as far as we are concerned – most of us have zim bonds but that is not quite the same as the street bonds - as you know – of the railroad bonds – German Bonds – Yellow Dragon Bonds – and all of those various types of bonds that are being transacted out of Zurich – Miami – and Reno –

But as it is now things are rolling but I’m going to say the rolling out slowly but behind the scenes – they are being very very careful to make sure all of the provenance of the bonds and make sure nobody gets paid that is Cabal or somebody they don’t know exactly – the genealogy – going back 3 generations to those bond sellers – let’s call it – as to show who they are and what they have been involved with and make sure they are clean

Now – other than that what are we hearing? We are hearing that the redemption center appointments for ---- let me say it this way - the schedule appears to be very light – light today – and light tomorrow as far as the number of staff that was on duty today – now let’s go to yesterday what happened yesterday? We know there were 4 different audio conference calls that took place - and we do not know what subjects were covered – we can only imagine – but I think some of it was about the new rates that have come up since Sunday - which are very favorable by the way – on dinar and dong especially –

And I’m going to say beyond that today’s crew that was going in today and tomorrow is supposed to be fairly light – Now – things change from a schedule point of view on Thursday – where we go to 15 hr days and two 7 ½ hr shifts – and that type of a day - - what does that say? Does that say we could be going – we could be exchanging Thursday?

Well - That’s what it says to me but it doesn’t necessarily make it true – I like the fact that we’re getting the schedule and we roughly know what’s happening with that - but bottom line is we need to get notified so we can get this party started - and get this blessing received

We heard a little bit of chatter talking about some things happening already in the Far East – possibly even in China – I don’t know and cannot attest to exchanges having taken place but the ole theory of things rolling from East to West – it’s an old adage right now – probably going to be a ban for the phrase before it’s over

Now is it possible that China would get started even though they are in their May Day Holiday which started the first of May – we always called May Day here and then going through tomorrow – I don’t know – we’ve heard banks being closed for that period – I cannot verify that but it could be true and would they start in China if the banks were closed there or if it was their May Day Holiday – I just don’t know - I thought that maybe it is a reason why we’re not doing anything besides bond activity here today and tomorrow – I say “possibly” because things change and even schedules change but Thursday looks pretty good - Holiday is over - schedules could take us – so we’re just going to have to wait and see –

Not a whole lot – not a lot new - but guess what? There is not a whole lot that we need except notifications – we get notifications – we are in business – we’re rolling - ok and that’s what it is that I’d like to say we’re waiting for – we’re just waiting to be notified -

Is there more clean-up on aisle 3? Probably - Are we far enough along in that process to where Homeland Security feels comfortable letting us go? They’re the ones that are going to make the decision – I think along with the Treasury but I think it’s really Homeland Security’s decision – to release “the go” to give the green light – so let’s just believe that -

Everybody have a great night tonight – let’s see if we get surprised with a notification - It’s possible we get notified tomorrow – It’s possible!! And then we would start on Thursday – I am kinds hoping that’s how it happens but I don’t have that evidence right now – this is where the faith is coming in – the substance of things hoped for – the evidence of things not yet seen – Thanks everyone for tuning in.


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