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Post by Ponee Sun Apr 25, 2021 9:16 pm

 On Sat. 24 April Our Military Intel Contact Reported:
Value Day was not on Fri. 23 April, but will be formally declared by UST after the release algorithm is generated taking all the risk management areas into account, all 22 RV currencies being declared ready for lockdown of rates, closer to the big bonds going live and Tier 4B starting hopefully (if all goes as planned) by this Tues. 29 April.

On Fri. 23 April the Admiral was liquid and has begun to downstream funds to upper level Tier 3-4A Admiral group accounts and paymasters.
This weekend through Mon-Tues. 26-27 April accounts receiving funds were being verified and validated.

The Chinese Elders wanted all payouts and exchanges to be completely paid out to Tier 4B this coming week.

To accomplish that bonds have to move by Tues. 27 April.
On Thurs. 22 April multiple bond types of the big bonds, (there were 111 bond types), were being verified and validated to get ready for the big bonds to go live by Tues. 29 April, providing there were no more obstructions.

The release process was still moving forward to conclusion this coming weekThis past week Deep State half-wits cost us three days by obstructing the process: in Canada the RBC bank collapsed Fri. 16 April and there were necessitated arrests in Iraq and at the UST.

The delay on Fri-Sat 23, 24 April was partly caused by an agreement between the German and American governments on German bonds. According to the agreements, the German bonds had to start with payments first. It was signed on Fri. 23 April.

The World Court and Chinese Elders ordered movement this week. This was satisfied when some monies were moved toward Tier 4 on Fri. 23 April with Admiral Bob Killian becoming liquid for the first time ever. Funds became live in his account, with full access only when Tier 4B starts.

On that Fri. 23 April the Admiral began down-streaming funds to upper level T3-4A accounts. The lower level accounts will be paid out by paymasters when Tier 4B notifications come out this coming week.

Ten days of 800# notifications have been compressed into this coming week, with a possibility of the RV teams and Trump deciding to extend the window through next weekend to overlap the beginning of NESARA – which still began next Sat.1 May.

Lockdown could be allowed by the release algorithm as early as Mon. 26 April or by Tues.-Wed. 29-30 April.

The head of the Redemption announced that the final payment dates for all assets presented in Zurich will start next week.

Key Bond Liquidity Schedule from an important contact in Australia:
The largest customers will receive the contract from Washington, while everyone else will receive it from Zurich.

Monday, April 26: German bonds, NIQD, and all Chinese dragons.

Tuesday, April 27: ZIM gold and tickets

Wednesday, April 28: Last ZIM payments.

On Tues. 27 April Tier 3-4A and Tier 4B would start roughly parallel to the main bonds going liquid with payouts.

This start was predicted a year ago by Gold Market Analyst Bo Polny when he said that Fri. 23 April 2021 through Mon. 26 April would be a sudden and pivotal point of huge change and our world would never look the same: https://bencarsonteam.club/we-are-one-week-away-from-our-suddenly-moment

He was mistaken and said sorry that Value Date was NOT formally declared on Fri. 23 April.

All RV teams were very happy, the World Court was satisfied, the Elders were not happy but living with the delay that the RV teams were able to move money last Thurs.-Fri. 22-23 April.

Admirals group currency holders have been traveling or have been picked up to go to Reno to exchange their currencies & bonds.
Private exchanges of Whales and many upper level T3-4A group participants were going on this weekend.

On Fri. 23 April a friend of Mr. Fleming’s contacts was picked up by private plane and taken to Reno for the first time ever. He will go liquid (access to all of his account funds) when we in Tier 4B start exchanging this coming week

All private exchange currency holders exchanging this weekend were to be finished by Tues. 27 April, so that the big bonds could go live some time Tues. 27 April and so that Dubai 2 would be able to downstream funds to start Tier 4B exchanges and Tier 3-4A payouts globally.
Iraq does NOT need to post the RV rate to the Gazette. Iraq already did so with an old rate last Sat. 17 April, and then they corrected it last week.

The CBI would post the Dinar RV rate (international $3.71, USA domestic rate $16.37), but for security purposes, the CBI will not be given the go by UST and DoD to post the rate till AFTER we in Tier 4B have been started.

The RV and Redemption Center teams were highly focused on ferreting out, arresting and removing any Cabal half-wit obstructionists to the release process.

The RV release schedule was not static, but was subject to the war with the Deep State Globalists and thus subject to change.

This past week there were 116 arrests of Cabal obstructionists at the UST, arrests of scores of Cabal obstructionists at RBC bank in Canada, and 1,100+ arrests of Cabal obstructionists in banks & financial institutions in four cities in Iraq.

The 116 Treasury arrests last Mon night 19 April were because certain Cabal half-wit employees at UST were trying to steal money from Treasury accounts. They were taking actions to extend fiat USD money movement to aid Deep State fake Biden administration purposes (i.e., Rockefeller Cabal Wall Street Bankster purposes for Deep State operations in this country).
As of last Sun. 18 April Treasury, IRS and World Bank Deep State half-wits were unable to access funds in designated accounts because those funds were under the Quantum Financial System. Therefore Deep State agents were unable to get their pass codes to work. They then turned to steal funds from Treasury accounts and promptly were arrested on Mon. night 19 April. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xvQQcuc_fz4 

On Fri. 16 April RBC, the Royal Bank of Canada, was collapsed by the White Hats (look at Fri 16 April RBC stock plunge). It was replaced by Scotia Bank to handle its operations for the RV release in Canada. Scotia Bank took over Wed. 21 April.

Iraq had to arrest 1,100+ bankers and financial institution executives that the Deep State had sprinkled into the Iraqi banking sector in four Iraqi cities over the past 1-to-2 decades. These Cabal bankers could have ruined the RV release for the Iraqi people and the exchanges expected shortly.

RV Security teams were getting better at identifying Cabal obstructionists through their daily audits and reviews.

There were a handful of obstructionists arrested in Reno on Sat. 24 April and a couple in Zurich.

Notices for appointments could come any time. Watch your emails. The Safe Link Website would be posted on Fleming’s site: https://nickintel.wordpress.com/blog

Your prayers were appreciated for the RV process to go without any more obstructions.
On Sat. Morning 24 April our Military Intel Contact reported:

As we are getting ready for what is suppose to be a remarkable week.  We are hoping that what we are hearing actually going to happen as we are being told.
We do not have all of the International rates and we do not have the contract rates. We are not allowed to even give you a hint or even talk about them.

Things that have been holding this up for years and years are in the process of being done away with.  Certain things that cannot be discussed cannot be brought up but things have moved very well into place that over the next few days it is now making this a remarkable turn of events.
With that being said all things will become evident over the next week
Safe link web sites will be coming out so that you can get your 800 number to make your appointments.

This was the first time that they have released the International Rates. Wells Fargo confirmed these International Rates as of Fri. 23 April:

• IQD $16.37
• VND $14.25+
• Rupiah – 8% IQD = $15.07
• RIAL – 5% IQD = $15.30
There were a total of 22 currencies that will be exchanging.

    1. US
    2. UK
    3. Kuwait
    4. Canada
    5. Mexico
    6. Russia
    7. China
    8. Venezuela
    9. Iranian Rial
   10. IRAQ
   11. Indonesia Rupiah
   12. Malaysia 
   13. Vietnamese
   14. Brazil
   15. Saudi Arabia
   16. Qatar
   17. United Arab Emirates 
   18. Turkey
   19. Afghanistan
   20. India

   21. Libya
   22. Japan

A. Exchange/ Redemption Instructions:
1.Update your files. Make sure you have your summary of your Humanitarian and job creation projects.

2. Organize your currency in each country from the highest to the lowest.
3. Have two forms of ID: Drivers License, Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.
4. Have proof of where you live such as gas bill, electric bill, bank statement, etc.
(Judy Note: If you are homeless I would suggest having yourself and someone who knows of your situation and who can prove their own identity, sign a notarized statement about your situation. Most banks provide free notary services.)
5. There will be a default package offered.  If you don’t like the rate of the default package, don’t take it. You can ask for a higher rate.
6. If you have Zim you will not be offered contract rates on your currency.
7. If you have currency and no Zim you can ask for the contract rates.
8. In order to get the contract rates on your currency you many have to have a Humanitarian Project.
9. You will find out more when you are in the Redemption Center.
10. If you want a higher rate ask and do not get demanding. At all times be polite, do not argue.

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