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MarkZ: "There were articles this weekend from Iraq that referred to the RV of the Dinar in “past tense”" 4/12/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "There were articles this weekend from Iraq that referred to the RV of the Dinar in “past tense”" 4/12/21

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MarkZ: "There were articles this weekend from Iraq that referred to the RV of the Dinar in “past tense”" 4/12/21 Empty MarkZ: "There were articles this weekend from Iraq that referred to the RV of the Dinar in “past tense”" 4/12/21

Post by RamblerNash Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:29 pm

Member: Show of hands, anyone else ready to have this whole Iraq / Dinar thing behind them once and for all?

Member: Is this our lucky day?

MZ: I sure hope it’s our lucky day

MZ: There is a lot going on. Was the budget in the Gazette Saturday….NO. There was an announcement that the budget was passed in the Gazette on Saturday with commentary….but nothing official

MZ: There were articles this weekend from Iraq that referred to the RV of the Dinar in “past tense” This is important. They refer to the dinar as “The strongest Currency in the Region”  wow….kuwait has been the strongest currency in the region recently at a rate of about $3.31 to the USD..

After April 9, 2003 .. Prospects for Financial Development and Existing Challenges  LINK 

Member:  MilitiaMan and KTFA did a good breakdown of that article…..link  

MZ: I have been able to confirm with contacts on the ground in different regions in Iraq ..Bagdad, Kurdistan and Fallugia….that there are no changes in the rate on the street yet.

Member: What website do you go to see Iraq budget or newspaper?

MZ: it takes quite a bit of searching…They block a lot of this stuff so we can’t see it. They want to keep us in the dark

Member: I read that it was already turned over to the IMF and CBI.... time will tell

MZ: I have contacted platform traders and What they are showing on some of the larger platforms is some of the nations are already trading with Iraq on a 1 to 1 basis with the US dollar ….this is important because it signals exactly where we are headed.

MZ: We do not know the timing…..nobody does ….. But, we think it can be as early as this week.

MZ: I was also being told that they are already trading cash dinar and selling oil with a revaluation of 1 to 1.   This is a enormous change and a huge step and it has me beyond a little bit excited. We could see a serious change in value at any moment.

MZ: I will be chasing down more platform traders and bankers today to see what new info and confirmations  I can find. At this point we should treat it as rumor until I get somebody willing to send me a screen shot.

Member Frank says it has happened ..just not on computers

MZ: Well my platform traders think the rate has already gone to 1 to 1 at least…..

Member: I would take a $1 rate just to get this over with finally……….

MZ: Now, I do not believe our rate will be 1 to 1…….

MZ: CMKX folks are still positioned and ready. I am told they will not have to refigure the fines and penalties until May 1st….so there should be no delay in getting those dollars out to us once it all goes.

MZ: No reports yet on banking/redemption  centers and prosperity packages…..they are simply on call and ready to go. All the whales has stayed in place and are on location ….The chatter is fantastic and we have to try to stay calm. We are awfully close

Member:  How are prosperity programs being paid out

MZ: Money was put together way back when for this thing…..I am told funding is a combination of St. Germaine Trust and Wanta, Reagan,Mitterand funds …We can ask Mr. C this on Friday……if we are still here.

Member:  Heard that the St.Germaine's Trust is 9 +100 zero's...Zorra of Hollowearth...

Member: What are the Zim rates again

Member:  Zim 1. Default rate 2 you pick a humanitarian project to support from a list 3 present a your own humanitarian project outline for highest contract rate

Member:  There are many people that have ZIM but are just gonna take the lower rate with no Humanitarian project...like me...

Member: Biden sees potential threat from China’s digital yuan

MZ: the Biden team is fighting this as hard as it can …they are terrified of other countries not needing the Us to transact business around the world.

Member:  How can the RV happen with this present corrupt administration?

Member IMO The Banksters are no longer in charge of anything. Their corrupt financial system is crumbling. The Federal Reserve does not exist now.

Member:  $1 Dollar When the United States was a Constitutional Republic. The "Greenback" of 1860 - 1871 was backed by Gold.*No Freemason, Illuminati Occult on it. Also the Founders named "the United States".

Member:  After the transition The People are in charge again for the first time since 1871.The Founding Fathers named our country "The United States".

Member:  Mark, so many moving parts in The Great Awakening. Logically, the RV/GCR should go first because it impacts the smallest number of people worldwide considering everything that WILL happen.

Member:  Other things coming...Stock Market Crash, Bitcoin Crash, 25th Amendment, DEFCON 1 Scare, Trump Returns, Tribunals, Hollywood revelation, child trafficking. Epstein Island, Vatican, etc...

Member:  Juan o Savin said the last thing that needs to happen is something that would cause the EBS to go out by the military. Some kind of false flag to do with needing the military.

Member:  They need to wake up faster! We need justice done against the ds rats now. We need nesara gesara GCR and Med beds now!

Member:  Please remember, the VAST MAJORITY of people in the world are unaware of most of the information discussed on this and similar programs. The Awakening will take time. RV will give us patience.

Member:  Change must come with minimal negative impact to humanity. Consider the impact to Catholics around the world if the Vatican news was just blurted out! Time is an imperative!

Member:  Charlie Ward said last weekend was going to be amazing. Nothing happened again.

Member: some people giving up on RV... not me!

Member:  keep thinking positively. Remember when you are down on that roller coaster, it will go up!

Member:  this is gonna happen when we're least expecting it. can't covet this too much, gotta carry on with life and BOOM! we're blessed!

MZ:  https://www.visualcapitalist.com/purchasing-power-of-the-u-s-dollar-over-time/

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