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Post by Ponee Sat Apr 10, 2021 8:53 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:13:33

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 8th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in where ever you are – We welcome everyone all over the globe – it’s a beautiful day - spring has sprung – first round of the Masters – just a magnificent day –

Now – let’s get into where we are in terms of our intel – We’ve been getting some good information today – we kinda had a little …. I wouldn’t even call it a false start – it looked like we could have been notified by the Big Call time just because of some information that we got that I will talk about in a minute –

The main thing was yesterday was Wednesday – and we were under the impression that Iraq was going to put their budget in the printed form of the gazette - their official publication - yesterday morning – Iraq time – they were given instructions by our government to do that to go ahead and do that and so for some reason – and I think the reasons I heard were not reasons – I would call them excuses – why it did not appear yet –

Now the rate for the dinar has to be out prior to the budget going into the gazette – and maybe there is a little technicality there for some reason but I know – like I mentioned on Tuesday night Kurdistan was getting an increase from 12. ??? % something to 13.5 % of the budget – so they got a little increase - which is great - it’s good for Kurdistan – I’m sure they will appreciate that extra - whatever it comes out to –

And what is really cool is the rate for the dong and dinar were on the bank screens yesterday but they came off at 4 pm in the afternoon and you ask why did they come off during banking hours - I can’t answer that – except that we thought that maybe they came off because they were getting a rate change – last night over night - new rates might have shown this morning – I don’t know – I know that some redemption center staff was in very early this morning – additional staff is going in this afternoon – so they were going to cover any possibility for notification –
What was more significant to us was the idea that the bond payouts – we know were given to the paymasters – they were told this morning at 8#0 am that they would be getting started to pay out the bond sellers accounts – Now what that really meant was that the actual paymasters were being notified that they would be starting to pay out their accounts that had bonds that were sold sometime today – a late piece of information came in that suggested that the start of the bonds being paid out to the bond holders was going to start around 6 pm Eastern tonight –

We also heard that at that same time that the prosperity packages holders they would start to be seeing those packages going out at approximately the same time 6 pm

We drew from that – if that is the case - we the remaining tier 4 – to receive notifications by email and also 800 number notification this evening - I thought a possible window between 6 and 9 pm the start of the call where it would be possible that could happen –

Now – whether or not the bonds have been paid out tonight or overnight – I don’t know – we will have to see if we can get confirmation later or tomorrow on whether or not anyone has actually received the 1% or 2% of the funds they are entitled to for the bond sells –

Here’s the other piece – probably more important and meaningful - the world Court decision that we’ve talked about in the last couple of weeks - evidently as I’ve been told the language in the decision points more toward to having everything started and engaged meaning in terms of exchanges and redemption of zim activity by or before this coming Monday

So what we’re hearing about the possibility of notifications and the start of paying out these various things like bond holders and prosperity packages – it may occur - in other words any day now between now and Monday – I think that gives the possibility of receiving that information and knowing that basically anytime between now and Monday – IF the court decision is to be adhered to – which I believe they want to do that – otherwise I wouldn’t be getting information that I'm getting about what is happening now –
So – the other variable to me is the fact that okay – the budget and hence the rate did not go into print yesterday - what is the next possible day for it to go in the printed gazette? - Saturday – remember we talked about Wednesday & Saturday - Wednesday / Saturday – those are the 2 days of the week they use to publish any official information in their gazette – they have a digital version of that which would be like an online version but the “printed” version is on Wednesdays and Saturday’s –

What I’ve been told is that printed version of the gazette is deferred until this Saturday - does that mean we have to wait until that dinar is seen or that budget is printed in the gazette – I am not so sure – I don’t think so - but that brings tomorrow and Saturday into play – which sometimes we have thought in the past – once we get past Thursday - - don’t think about it until next Tuesday - I know that has been the case – but I am going to suggest there is a slight urgency to get this done - and I thought that today being the “8th of April might be an important day for this to be launched here with the Chinese and Chinese elders –

I do know this – for a while we have a real opposition from the elders and our treasury – DoD – etc in terms of has everything been done?????? That needed to be done ????? Saisfied the Elders??????

The word I got today was they have an agreement to proceed forward that everything is at least at the point where they know the final result they (the elders) are looking for will occur -

And so the word I got today is different from anything that I’ve received before is their agreement to proceed – I believe that’s why we got the information about 6 pm eastern time tonight for the start of paying out bond holders / bond sellers and the start of prosperity packages – and you know what – those prosperity packages – that 6 pm might have been communication to the people that were sending those out – to the recipients –

Ok so in other words “in motion” that is what we want to see – we want to see this whole process moving forward and I believe we are - In fact I am going to say that the fact yesterday a lot of people received their stimulus not the physical checks but the direct deposits yesterday - It was said to be part of NESARA – now I am going to say this – its important and we did not have on Tuesday –

What we have heard is that this 1400 payment that most of us got by now - not everybody yet - but a lot got it – by direct deposit yesterday – this could very well be – and I say “could” because something I was told and will let it prove itself out – that may be considered Universal Basic Income – UBI - we talked about that in the past – that $1400 my understanding may be one of 16 months of payment – in other words this April could be month #1 of 16 months of UBI

The thinking is this would hydrate everybody and until the tax system is changed to offset this payment we are getting and it might stop or go all the way to 16 months – It’s interesting because I think that $1500 in a lot of places – like husband and wife – maybe children as well that have been paid on this go round - and have been paid the same amount – What is interesting about it is – it is a disincentive in my opinion to work - and maybe they know that – I believe they do and maybe it will go for certain period of time and then people say I guess that’s over we better get back to work

Now our job is to try to create meaningful and valuable jobs with our projects and we’re doing that as we create longevity and sustainability in our projects we’re also hiring many people – to do the work

We know that NESARA at some point will be announced in some form or fashion to talk about debt relief – student debt – mortgage reimbursed – at least on the interest that was paid - on credit card interest – any loan – cars – boat – etc – it is going all the way back to 1950 – 1952/1953 all of that has to come out - also the new tax plan to go to a consumption tax for items that are new and purchased – that is coming out - and it should be somewhere between 12 and 14% - I believe – tax almost like the European VAT – value added tax - it’s called a consumption tax but is very similar – It’s going to be put into the price of the item – not going to include food or medication or anything “used” only new items including homes would have this included in the cost of– but federal personal income tax will go away – As part of this transition

So we are looking at some very, very positive financial and economic changes that will come as a result of NESARA in the US and GESARA globally – and I believe we are sort of underway in that now – so we will see when that actually comes to fruition and we see and hear announcements about it

So I think we are in the last stages of the waiting game for this and I appreciate every ones patience - it’s been difficult I know for a lot of people - 17 years for me - and 10 years of doing the big call - I am ready to get started on the next stage of our lives - I know you are too - everybody is ready and rocking to go - I think we should keep our eyes open the next couple of days – I think that is everything I wanted to bring to you tonight -


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