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MarkZ: "There is tremendous expectations for Saturday" 4/8/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "There is tremendous expectations for Saturday" 4/8/21

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MarkZ: "There is tremendous expectations for Saturday" 4/8/21 Empty MarkZ: "There is tremendous expectations for Saturday" 4/8/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Apr 08, 2021 10:05 pm

Member:  Push the DINAR RV BUTTON!!!!!

MZ: There is tremendous expectations for Saturday…we have seen more and more articles from Iraq talking about that budget …it is signed and done…..and it posting in the Gazette on Saturday.

MZ: So anytime between now and then we suspect is fairgame. I am feeling very good about things.

Member:  You would think those goobers in Iraq would print a special edition of the Gazzett yo get this rolling out !!!

Member: What is the gazette?

Member: their Gazette..is like our Congressional record

MZ: With CMKX I did talk to a contact who is involved with deliveries and he said they are geared and ready….just waiting on permission to “go”

Member: What will happen first?

MZ: I think within hours the deliveries will start for CMKX , prosperity packages…all of those to start rolling out. We have been told the best time for folks to sign for deliveries was in the evening…..after the work day. They can find more people home then.

MZ: As soon as they know and have confirmations those deliveries have started …then they go see Mr. Cottrell with the codes to reset the dollar.

MZ: They I hear almost simultaneously the arrests start. This is a very interesting time to watch. 

Member: we need RV for medbeds to come out. we need arrests for RV to come out..

Member:  when EBS comes RV comes. youll know

Member: What is a whale?

MZ: As I understand it a whale is someone who has invested at least $100,000 US dollars into foreign currency or the equivalent of that in other countries….that is what I heard.

MZ: https://youtu.be/DMIBblyHkXY Competing with China in South America

Jay shares QFS gold backing data at around the 30 minute mark. Watch the replay for the pictures and graphs he shows and all the information.

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