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MarkZ: "We were hoping to see the budget in the Gazette this morning" 4/7/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "We were hoping to see the budget in the Gazette this morning" 4/7/21

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MarkZ: "We were hoping to see the budget in the Gazette this morning" 4/7/21 Empty MarkZ: "We were hoping to see the budget in the Gazette this morning" 4/7/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:37 pm

Member: Good Morning everyone- Can we please RV?

MZ: We were hoping to see the budget in the Gazette this morning….we did not. I hear the President signed off on it to late last night to have it posted this morning but we are to expect it in the Saturday Morning Gazette. There just wasn’t enough time from approval to printing for it to be in today’s Gazette. I heard from my ministry contact in Iraq they expect to see it in the Gazette on Saturday.

MZ: For those that don’t know…the Gazette- the National papers for Iraq publishes on Wednesdays and Saturdays .

MZ: CMKX, Prosperity packages are all holding for the reset.

MZ: Lots of whales are in place…more had moved into position to exchange for Tuesday (yesterday?) …they are still sitting there. I have lots of contacts that are all sitting there and waiting.

Member: It would be nice if this story would change directions ...but it never does

MZ: It will change directions……I am exceptionally upbeat and positive……not a bit worried.

Member: Frank says the Gazette means nothing…it’s already done.

MZ: The Gazette comes after it done….but where we can see it, touch it, taste it, eat it…is in the Gazette.

Member: Do you think the rates is after the budget?

MZ: I think it’s at the same time….. once they post the budget we will get our rate.

Member: What are you hearing are the dinar rates?

MZ: On the street rate I hear it will be about $3.91 for tier 5 …..the contract rate for tier 4b of around $8.00…I hope this is accurate.

Member: the person who got me into this dinar and dong investment 9 years ago was called in to a Bank of America redemption center in west Florida...he and his group are in a hotel waiting to be called in

Member: Will Ramadan affect the timeline?

Member: They still do business during Ramadan…the last few days of Ramadan is Eid El Fitr and its tradition to give gifts and have feasts….a RV would give a big reason for them to celebrate…imo

Member: Judy rumor-Tier 1 Banker source also claimed that at 4 am Tues. morning 6 April the green light was given for Paymasters to begin paying out bond holders and other accounts.

MZ: None of my contacts have actual money in their accounts yet. I would question that one. I am still told it will be a shotgun start…I have people at exceptional levels…so if money was moving….i would know. I also have an earlier skr…so I would be one of the first to have money in my pocket if this was true.

Member: Do you believe Tier 5- the general public will go at the same time as the rest of us?

MZ: Yes I absolutely believe that. The tier 5 rate is if you go to a bank and exchange for the street rate which will be a lower rate than if you exchange at the 4b rate at a redemption center. Some people will do that. The only difference between tier 5 and tier 4b is tier 4b knows there is a contract rate…they are keeping up with it…they are informed. Tier 5 may have been gifted……not really paying attention and will just go to a bank to exchange it when they think about it sometime or someone tells them it rv’d.

Member: Judy post we would be notified by a secure website to make appointments. Do you know the name so we won’t think its spam?

MZ: The reason they want a secure link …when you click on this link it could send you to different places depending on where you are at based on IP addresses. Example…you are in Springfield , MO….and lets say the bank handling exchanges in your area is 5th/3rds bank? (Example only) the secure link will send you to a 5th/3rd bank link to make an appointment for your redemption.

MZ: If you are in (Example only) Kansas city, MO….you may get sent to a Wells Fargo secure link….once you click that link before you fill anything out or call any numbers make sure it’s a tier 1 bank for your region….it will be easy to tell. So the initial secure link will simply send you (based on IP address) to a secure bank/redemption location in your region.

Member: if we use a VPN….will this mess the link up

MZ: yes it will…I suggest you turn your vpn off to click that link …then turn it right back on after you are done.

Member: Is ther a certain day that’s best for banks to show the RV?

MZ: I used to think so …in the beginning banks had “windows” of the best days to rv….but now with the QFS I believe it could be any day. It does not matter anymore imo

Member: With the QFS we won’t need to insure our funds through Lloyds- is that correct?

MZ: Yes- as I understand it if you keep your funds in a QFS account we will no longer have to insure our funds through Lloyds or any or those. But, if you held your funds in other accounts besides the QFS…..say you want to earn interest or whatever…then you would be silly not to insure it. That’s my opinion….check with a professional banker.

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