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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights: "The public – tier 5 – is being folded in and will go when tier 4 starts" 4/6/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights: "The public – tier 5 – is being folded in and will go when tier 4 starts" 4/6/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights: "The public – tier 5 – is being folded in and will go when tier 4 starts" 4/6/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights: "The public – tier 5 – is being folded in and will go when tier 4 starts" 4/6/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:28 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins 53:55


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday April 6th  and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in where ever you are – We welcome everyone all over the globe –

Let’s start with a clarification or a correction that I found out about I believe was over the weekend – might have been as early as last Friday - What’s interesting is we talked about tier 1 tier 2 tier 3 tier 4A and 4B – then we talked about tier 4a and 4B going together – not making a distinction and then tier 5 which is the public at large – not the internet group but the people out there just might have had currency that was given to them – but not staying up with it – not listening necessarily to the Big Call or anyone else – they are just kinda out there –
The public is actually now not going to be going at a different time later after we’re done – The public – tier 5 – is being folded in and will go when tier 4 starts – Now here’s the distinction – When we call to set our appointments or use the SafeLink website – from email or toll free number that you call -  as long as you tell them in the first point to say that you have zim – or if you can dial a prompt from the phone – that way you will get transitioned over through the StarLink satellite system to the redemption center for the zip code you entered – you will get transitioned to a live person at the redemption center that will set your appointment – and should be very simple from that perspective

Now the people that don’t have zm but have dinar – dong -  other currencies – those people will be directed through the system through the 6 different phone – regional phone systems in the country they will be directed to a tier one bank – like Wells Fargo  - Chase – Bank of America -  Citi Bank – and so on – those are the main ones – or a tier two bank – like Bank first any number of regional banks – but tier one and tier two banks will take currency  exchanges –

The zim holders ONLY will go to redemption centers – Now if you have zim and other currencies that is fine – obviously they are very interested in the zim but will also exchange your dinar – dong – rial - rupiah etc at the redemption center –

Ok the distinction there – the public we refer to as tier 5 will be going when we go = at the same time but going to tier 1 and tier 2 banks – whereas we -   if a zim holder will go to a redemption center –

Some redemption centers are totally separate and apart from tier one banks some are connected to a bank – it’s going to be different all over the country – it just depends on what it is –

So – I wanted to get that clarification out of the way – the other thing is – we thought we would start today – we really had pretty good information as late as last night that pointed to us going today (Tuesday)  with notifications after 11 am and getting set for appointments and exchanges –

Now – we have new information since later this afternoon – but not too late – that a tier one bank – probably a No#  2 bank and this information said we would – because – remember this is Iraq - which did pass their budget – they did make a change in their budget – where Kurdistan would get instead of 12. Something percent to get 13.25 % of the budget- - this was something that needed voting on – and passed and it was and President trump spoke with the Prime Minister of Iraq to say “Go  ahead and put that into effect tomorrow morning Iraq time”  so in other words -  ok - you guys put it into the gazette – their official publication – on Wednesday - remember they publish Wednesday and Saturdays – and the typical thing has been  when they did not get it in there on Saturday we would get it the following Wednesday – well that’s where we are

Tomorrow is Wednesday and we believe that will be the day that Iraq will publish their budget in the gazette that has been approved and passed and that would allow them to start with what it is we’re looking for which is our notifications

In other words this news that was perpetrated by President Trump and Pompeo – put that deal together to where it could start tomorrow with notifications – I would say without know the time – we should have notifications before lunch on the East Coast – and we are supposed to go tomorrow – not just get notified and set appointments but get notified – set appointments – and GO TO appointments starting tomorrow (Wednesday) – that is the latest information that I have –
We mentioned briefly the StarLink Satellite System – that is in use now – it is used so that we can set appointments using toll free number – if that is how we choose to do it and our calls would be “safe” = will not be hacked – they will be properly channeled through that system and everything is working –

I think the testing that was done over the weekend – started Friday I believe or Thursday - going through the weekend and we believe was complete and successful - the QFS is complete and successful and the SWIFT System is NO LONGER USED - and if certain Cabalish pranks try to use the SWIFT System the QFS will pick that up and will shut those banks down – so that is what has really happened with that – so we’re in pretty good shape from that perspective –

Otherwise there is not a whole lot else to say – rates have not shown up that we can see yet but I believe they probably will come in overnight tonight or in the morning with brand new rates – and that should be what gets us kicked off – but really it’s Iraq – their thing putting their budget in the gazette and printing will kick this off for us –and let’s just pray that in and believe – using our faith – and tomorrow being our “Go Day” –

We know the green light was given at 4 am this morning for paymasters - they have been paying out bondholders - and other accounts I believe the actual access to funds is the big key – whether the account is hydrated or paid out what really matters is are those funds accessible to the account holders?? Are they accessible?? Can they get at the 1%?

The answer is we believe tomorrow they will be able to get access - We should get access to our funds tomorrow - and remember we are supposed to get access to 2% of our total and we also heard we would get access to all not just the currency exchange – and obviously the zim far outweighs the currencies that most of us have and it is something as you know will go for longer term as far as 300 years –

So that is everything I can think of pertinent that we haven’t already been over and over and over on  -

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