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America places the "independence" of Iraq from Iran among its priorities DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

America places the "independence" of Iraq from Iran among its priorities

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America places the "independence" of Iraq from Iran among its priorities Empty America places the "independence" of Iraq from Iran among its priorities

Post by RamblerNash Fri Apr 02, 2021 10:43 pm

America places the "independence" of Iraq from Iran among its priorities News-030421-iraq_0
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed Washington's aspiration to renew the partnership with Baghdad in the strategic dialogue

Saturday - 21 Shaaban 1442 AH - 03 April 2021 AD Issue No. [15467]

Ned Price, spokesman for the US State Department (Reuters)

Washington: Moaz Al-Omari

The United States declared its desire for Iraq to obtain its independence from Iran, with regard to self-sufficiency in energy and other economic sources, expressing its desire to strengthen cooperation and develop the relationship with Iraq to bring it to this goal of independence.

Ned Price, spokesperson for the US State Department, said in his press conference the day before yesterday that the United States puts in the context of its partnership with the Government of Iraq the agreements that have been concluded in the past strategic dialogues, and that it looks forward to renewing the partnership and achieving success in the next strategic dialogue between The two countries are scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

Price emphasized that many of the energy agreements signed by the Iraqi government also with some other countries will eventually allow it to develop its self-sufficiency in energy, adding: “We hope that these agreements will end Iraq's dependence on Iran,” indicating that renewing the exemption from sanctions is appropriate. For the Iraqis, until the next agreement is reached, and agreements can be achieved and implemented, and the Iraqi energy sector fully developed.

He added: “The extension of the exemptions for a period of 120 days comes in the context that we believe that it is possible within 120 days for the Iraqi government to take measures aimed at enhancing energy self-sufficiency and reducing its dependence on expensive Iranian energy. The strategic partnership with the Government of Iraq is important; We have had two rounds, and we look forward to the next meeting. It is a partnership that benefits our two countries. It is something we look forward to deepening in the coming days, weeks and years. ”

The Foreign Ministry spokesman's speech comes within the framework of allowing Iraq to use and circulate some sources of electrical energy and others with Iran, at a time when Washington is tightening its grip on the penal code it imposed on Iran, and punishing anyone who violates that law imposed by the previous US administration. The current administration continues to adhere to this law until a new agreement is reached with Iran on its nuclear program.

The Baghdad government had requested a new round of strategic talks with the United States on the future of their relationship, including the issue of the troop withdrawal, which would begin Wednesday.

At the press conference of the White House spokesperson, Jane Saki, last week, she said: “We look forward to renewing our strategic dialogue with the Iraqi government during the current month of April. This will be an important opportunity to discuss our common interests across a range of areas, from security to culture, trade and climate. ». The strategic dialogue began in June 2020, under the Trump administration, and included issues related to security, the economy and education.

Saki added, "The meetings will clarify the nature of the coalition forces present in Iraq, only for the purpose of training and advising the Iraqi forces, to ensure that ISIS is not able to reconstitute them. The United States is also committed, first and foremost, to the sovereignty of Iraq. We look forward to these important discussions with Iraqi leaders about the future of our partnership, as outlined in the Strategic Framework Agreement between our two countries.

The withdrawal of US forces from Iraq is an important aspect of the strategic dialogue, as the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) reported that more than 2,500 soldiers had withdrawn from Iraq, since the start of the dialogue in June of last year, and this represented about 60 percent of the total. US forces in the country.

Iraq seeks to withdraw all US combat forces from Iraq, while preserving the role of US military advisors, and observers say that the performance of the Iraqi security forces has improved significantly over the past few months as a result of training and reorganization. Moreover, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has recently replaced many military officials with the idea of ​​increasing the effectiveness of the Iraqi military forces.

And Matthew Toller, the US ambassador to Iraq, said in a hypothetical seminar in which he participated last week that the US government seeks to continue to maintain its presence in Iraq, if it is necessary to help the Iraqi government prevent the return of "ISIS" and terrorists to threaten the Iraqi people and threaten security. Regional, stressing that «the upcoming Iraqi elections represent a turning point in the democracy of Iraq», noting that effective international monitoring of the elections will be useful in enhancing confidence in the electoral process and preventing the recurrence of low participation in the 2018 elections, which led to the achievement of the parties allied with Iran gains in House of Representatives, adding: «I think that we will see that the US focus on Iraq will be very large to build a strong relationship with Iraq because this in itself is important to us».


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