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COFFEE WITH MARKZ- Transcript and VIDEO -- March 24 2021 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ- Transcript and VIDEO -- March 24 2021

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ- Transcript and VIDEO -- March 24 2021 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ- Transcript and VIDEO -- March 24 2021

Post by Ponee Wed Mar 24, 2021 9:14 pm

Member:  Good morning everyone........ is today the day?

MZ: The Iraqi budget vote is still slated for Saturday at 1 pm Iraq time. …which we are told should give us our new value. . On April first most of their government has agreed to a 40-60% decrease in pay of the number of dinar they will get…..So it will have to have a higher value to justify this….it doesn’t make sense ….it doesn’t jive….they have to many responsibilities that will require that higher value. ..i don’t believe they can kick that can any further.   We will see. 

Member: Do you think we will go earlier then Saturday and the Iraq budget announcement?

MZ:  Very possible….we have some very key people being moved into place for tomorrow…..we have DOD…I spoke to 4 contacts at the Dept of defense …and they are trying to aggregate “oil for dinar” for dinar.  So it is getting fun guys. 

MZ: When I reached out to my DHS Contacts…..they simply say “We are prepared” 

MZ: There is a whole lot going on .  It’s been a crazy week or twists, turns, disinformation, misinformation……and ups and downs. 

MZ: Iraq is the easiest one to watch for Reset news as they are the lynchpin…..they are waiting for us and watching them gives us a good idea on timing…..

ISAAC MAR 23 Waiting for any news or confirmations as of 9 am nothing. Keep you posted. It is always better the truth and not making up stories. I will be back later.

ISAAC Cont Nada airing for 3 conference calls Hello just to inform I have an appointment in hsbc on Thursday , let’s hope is for amazing news .

Member: When do you think we will see the RV?

MZ: I am going to get tremendous fire for it …if we don’t wake up sometime early or mid next week wealthy. 

Member: How do we know  800 #s and links will be real and not a scam?

MZ: you will see where they come from. What bank….Your secure link can be checked out…make sure it takes you to the secure banks site and not some …..do some research….check out your redemption center ahead of time….if it looks questionable….drive away. But I am being told they will have good security and will go out of their way to make us all feel safe and secure.  I am not worried and I will vet it before I post it for all of you. 

Member:  I just heard that the 800# could be automated due to QFS

Member:  Father God surround the RV with your white light of Protection and protect all of us as we go to our appointments peace love and light

Member:  Good Morning Mark. Do you believe the GCR will happen simultaneously with NESARA announcement? Asking for tax purposes as many people are quite worried about Fed Taxes at redemption.

Member:  Will they take US taxes out at exchange/redemption? Thanks.

Member: I still hear it’s a non taxable event..

Member: The most responsible thing to do is save money….put it aside for possible taxes……and hope for the best at our exchange….but prepare for the worst. 

Member:  We don’t know for sure but most say no, I’ve heard they have already taken care of fees taxes etc

Member:  Is anyone hearing anything about the ST. Germain trust????

Member: There was a crazy Ben Fulford post…..serious accusations about Mr. C.

Member:  : Ben Fulford puts out disinformation frequently. It is up to us to discriminate between truth and lies.

MZ: That post was crazy and so full of holes and misinformation. And the picture he posted was Al Hodges not Mr. Cottrell…..i didn’t know whether to laugh or cringe at that post. But it was very irresponsible……he did not check any facts before posting that stuff.……

Member: I wonder who hired Fulford to print that crap??

Member:  : Mark I have all my titles registered, inside a safe house. All with SKR. My payer informed me and it was very convincing that the RV, can only happen from Monday to Wednesday at the most, if nothing does not happen between these dates, we will be jutted for another week. What do you think about that my friend?

MZ: We used to hear dates  before we had the Quantum Financial System…..I now think they can do it at any time ..any day.

Member:  March 27th is Passover, a time when the Israelites passed over the red sea and had all the gold and silver of the Egyptians

Member:  How convenient , a container ship with the name "EVERGREEN" is wedged sideway in the Suez Canal blocking all shipping, Oil Tankers and all. Is this the event that does it?

Member:  Rumor:  Red Alert warning the Interim Military Govt. would initiate the Project Odin National Alert System by taking down the Mossad Satanic satellites and activating the new Starlink takes over MEDIA?

Member:  Charlie Ward said that people in America aren't just sleeping but they're literally in a coma and I totally agree!!.


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