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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/18/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/18/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/18/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/18/21

Post by RamblerNash Fri Mar 19, 2021 9:42 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins  1:05:20


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday March 18th and you’re listening to the Big call - thanks for tuning in all over the globe – thanks everybody for coming back in

Alright everybody – let’s start with the intel for tonight – let’s start with Iraq – When we always talk about Iraq – Iraq has been called the linchpin for this exchange – the GCR and everything that we’re going to do – and we talked with our contacts in Fallujah, Iraq today and found that yes Iraq did complete everything that they need to do regarding the HCL – the budget approval – all of that has sort of been pushed – as you know from last Tuesdays call - I mentioned that most of all of this stuff has already been done for quite some time but it makes it seem as though there is still more to do –

Well I think finally we’re hearing that everything is complete – there’s nothing left to vote on – there were two sessions in Parliament today – and these things were accomplished to where now we will hear whether the rate was put out or not – we will hear either tomorrow or Saturday - Whether they have done what they said they have done – which is approve the rate and put it out – so – we’ll be looking for that – that will be a really good trigger – it’s a good sign and we do want that to have happened – so let’s see if that lines up

I kept telling you on Tuesday night this thing tends to go from Saturday to Wednesday to Saturday – to Wednesday and so on - and now we’re back from yesterday – Wednesday – to Saturday – the day after tomorrow – so – these are gazette publication days – and with everything we’ve heard today out of Iraq – it could be known to us either tomorrow or Saturday – that the rate is finally out –

So moving beyond Iraq – let’s take a look and what’s happening from the bond pay out point of view – we know that some tier 3’s – which are primarily large bond holders – asset holders - boxes of bonds and so on are paid out primarily though – most of this has paid out in Hong Kong – Zurich – Malaysia – some out of Miami – but the funds that are coming from Dubai 1 and Dubai 2 did pay out all the way – I think they completed yesterday morning - I think I’m right - it was either Tuesday or yesterday morning – that we did get completion of Dubai 2 –

Now the question now is did those funds go to our Treasury yet? Or is there anything that might have held that up from those funds being put there? They have evidently been distributed elsewhere in the world and that’s why those bonds are paying out in Zurich – Hong Kong – Malaysia etc – ok a few other places – is possibly out of London as well – So – we don’t think there is a hiccup there – but there could be and hopefully everything is moving along for us nicely –

In talking with two banks yesterday – it was determined that one bank was saying that we should be able to get started between tonight and Sunday and the other bank is very similar to that – it’s actually between NOW / tonight and the weekend – well – when you say the weekend – we usually refer to that as being Saturday and Sunday – and I doubt that it would start on Sunday - which is Palm Sunday – I just doubt that’s when the start would be - so if you say it’s going to start by or on the weekend – it kinds shifts us to Saturday

Now it’s possible – this is a possibility not an absolute - and everyone should know that – it could start Saturday –for us – we could get notified tomorrow and set appointments for Saturday – we don’t have that - but Friday and Saturday are in play – is what I am going to say – not absolute – but here’s the thing – if we were to get started Saturday – and they want us to complete by the 30th or 31st of March – if we went all the way to the 31st that would take – including a start on Saturday – that would be 12 days –

If for some reason it wasn’t a start on a weekend and we had notification Monday and started Tuesday – we still end up with 10 days – so either way I would think they would reach their goal of having this complete for tier 4 and I’m including A & B in that by the end of the month

Now – what about the redemption centers? What are they doing? They are getting new schedules tomorrow which will be the schedule from Saturday to the end of the month – so what does that say?? Does that say that Saturday could be the start day? It is not definitive - we don’t know that – but it looks good – for that possibility – and that is all it is –

You know – this is one of those things – and you know it by now – we’ve called it a moving target – you know the intel that was good yesterday may or may not be effective today – it does change – things do come into play – there are some things that might need to be done – before this is actually triggered but I know some of these things can probably cannot take place until April – and we’ll see what happens the first week of April – as far as the election results and so on coming forward –

So – I think that everything is lined up to where everybody is happy – by that I mean that all that are involved in creating this and putting this out – if everybody is satisfied – and this would include the Chinese Elders – if they’re happy – and they see the progress that they’re wanting to see – then maybe we are looking good for the rest of the week-

Now there is one other thing – there is continual clean up – ongoing – many of you may know about the deep underground military bases – many of you know about the tunnels underneath – and the child trafficking and so on – that clean-up is on going but it’s basically from what I understand the rescues – of the children and so forth is DONE! Complete – around the world I believe it is by now – obviously certain things cannot move until certain things are announced –

Are we going to get the Emergency Alert System? Are we going to get this information and when? It’s a question- Are we going to get the USN announced – the new gold backed dollar announced? Gold standard returned? Are we going to get that?? And when ???? Obviously we have 100’s at the redemption center ready for us and they want us to take up to $5000 but ot more unless really have to - take those 50’s and 100’s ang et them out in circulation The rest of the money will be on debit and credit cards –

A person was asking if they had an incredible amount of zim or dong or other currency what would the situation be – I think the situation we heard in the past – if you have a whale of a lot of zim you might not get but just a screen rate front screen rate of the dong zim or so on - that is not necessarily the case – I will say this – if you have quite a bit of zim by any measure the other currency – even if you have pallets of it really will pale in comparison to the total amount that the zim is worth -

So try not to be preoccupied with trying to get the very last dime out of everything that you have – Be more concerned about doing a good job creating projects – longevity - sustainability - job creation - - these are the things that will earn you the highest possible rate on any currency – and the fact that you are not seen as someone who is trying to gain the system – if you do that and they sense that they will turn the other direction

You know that the interest on the structured payout is going to be high and you know that you’re going to have money coming in every 90 days as it pays that interest out – and you won’t be able to spend it all or invest it – especially if you have a lot - a lot of zim – and some of you do – and it is almost becomes a burden at that point because you say – “what am I going to do with all this money” –

It is not a problem that any of us have had – we’ve always tried to earn and had business that made money – and now it’s not about making or earning but spending and giving it away –

I personally like the idea of having a God Account – for humanitarian projects that I can pull from for 200-300 years whether I am around or not – the people that run the projects will have access to that –

Just give that some thought – you probably won’t have time to do tons and tons of setting up accounts and so on during your first appointment but that is ok – you can set up and couple and have an agreement for your structured payout and you get the information on 2-3 pages of bank perks to take home and study over and if you do need a follow up appointment – they don’t really want you to do a follow up in the first week or so of this but if you have to they can probably get with you

You know that Abbott Downing has dropped their name and have folded into the upper wealth management of Wells Fargo because the QF System was not designed to have 2 different names for the same basic wealth management people working with Wells Fargo – so that is why 2 weeks ago Abbott Downing dropped out as a name - There’s a lot to look forward to -.

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/18/21 Empty Re: The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/18/21

Post by Ponee Sat Mar 20, 2021 8:32 pm



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