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MarkZ says - It’s because the value is about ready to expand!! 3/18/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - It’s because the value is about ready to expand!! 3/18/21

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MarkZ says - It’s because the value is about ready to expand!! 3/18/21 Empty MarkZ says - It’s because the value is about ready to expand!! 3/18/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:36 pm

Member: Do you think this our week or weekend? I feel like it might be!

MZ: In Snakes room- He was told there would be elders in 6-7 major cities or banking centers around the world to oversee the rollout of the global currency reset….……I heard the same thing yesterday. That they are positioning Chinese members of the banking family to oversee it and they are dispatching them as we speak!! I thought this was great news……

MZ: They keep a contingent of Chinese Banking Elders in California in a compound there for the last 10 years….very beautiful….but now moving them to other banking centers in the world …imo…is big news.

MZ: Some very interesting stuff coming out of Iraq……they are getting ready to cut their salaries…..by 50-60% of the dinar they are getting with the new budget…….think about that…..how will they pay their bills and how could they be happy with that budget cut coming in 2 weeks if there wasn’t going to be a serious increase in the value of their currency? Would they not be screaming ?? Why are these people happy with this pay cut? It’s because the value is about ready to expand!!

MZ: Some interesting news coming out of Vietnam….The US is looking to force the upward value of the Vietnamese dong because it has created trade imbalances…..so they have found them guilty of lowering and manipulating their currency down …and it should have a much higher value.

MZ: Here is a link from our gov. about actions toward Vietnam …Its not an easy read. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/01/22/2021-01352/notice-of-determination-pursuant-to-section-301-vietnams-acts-policies-and-practices-related-to

MZ: The dong is one of my favorite currencies …If you look at risk versus reward..its my favorite out of all of them .

MZ: So we are seeing movement and it’s pretty exciting. The news is really good. If I hear any more news I will let you know during “Whiskey and Wisdom” tonight at 8 pm est…..

Member: Mark,. I will gladly pay you Tuesday for an RV today!

Member: Drake says the 21st is important still

Member: guru Jeff said today " on the 21st Iraq will have the ISX shutdown...just so you know that was the same official holiday Kuwait utilized for their Rv "

Member: Got a letter from my Texas bank stating they would be closed March 26 and over the week end to up date their banking system!

ISAAC MAR 17 Hello, hope all good!....Little disappointed because this week will not happen anything. I know it is very hard and stressful but keep the faith.

ISAAC CONT Any news I will post. Sorry but always the truth direct from buyers and banks

Member: What is the oil for dinar program?

Member: Dinars held by our treasury, will be exchanged for barrells of oil OVER a 30 Year term. The DInar notes will be destroyed at such time. IT will never return to Iraq.

Member: any news on 800 numbers?

MZ: We are not going to get them until they pull the trigger on the reset….but that will be exciting…..I am told we will have 10 days to set our appointments and 30 days to exchange……

Member: I'm part of G64 group... but never had any news about it. Wonder if the WF group is still real?

MZ: it is absolutely real and still alive….It is now called the Wells Fargo Private Group. Many other groups have been aggregated into it……but its still real and still alive.

Member: Do you believe its still happening this month?

MZ: I do……I will be very disappointed if it doesn’t …but for now I am very much expecting it this month.

Member: FYI- IRS moved filing date to May 17th.

Member: The White house was lit up Green last night!!

Member: Green means Go!

Member: or maybe it was green because of st. patty's day.

Member: Mark, Big Picture...Dozens of notable buildings around the world illuminated with green lights = GREEN CASTLE. I'm expecting a BIG event - DEFCON 1 type ---> Stock Market Crash

Member: Putin recalled his Ambassador to the US yesterday


Member: Rush was on two radio networks, Bongino is replacing him on Cumulus network, no permanent replacement announced for Rush's Premiere network stations yet

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