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Post by Ponee Wed Mar 17, 2021 11:37 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins 1:00:45


Hello everybody and welcome to the Big Call – it is Tuesday March 16th and you are listening to the Big Call - We are delighted to have you with us – we are looking forward to having a good time together tonight

Well, Let’s see if we can get a little bit of this to make sense to everybody – ok – I think we’ve got some intel – I know we said Thursday night that things were getting quiet – I understand from people that also report on line that things are relatively quiet – and I think we have a pretty good idea that is there for a reason - that things have slowed down and seem quiet because we are just about there – at least that is what we hope.

Now – to begin with - you know we talk about the two days that Iraq can posts their rate or their budget on their official document – which is the gazette – and Iraq tends to go from Wednesday to Saturday – to Wednesday to Saturday and so on as official publication dates – they can publish on line on any given day – however – when it comes to the printed gazette we are looking for that to happen on a Wednesday or Saturday so we did blow right through last Saturday and came right up to today being Tuesday in anticipation that tomorrow would / will be the day that their rate – their budget gets published in the gazette –

Now, if you listen to people that have nothing to talk about in Iraq they will say there is more to be done – there is this law - that law - this document or that document as far as Iraq goes – the truth of the matter is most of it has been done for many months – they have fine-tuned the budget – Kurdistan is happy – all of that was settled

There is none of this over waiting for Iraq – that’s not true – Iraq is waiting on us – they are waiting on a go ahead from our Treasury to their Central Bank – The CBI – to release everything –

Please understand it’s not the tail wagging the dog – that is one point of clarification –

The other thing is we did get good solid information from one of our top banking sources that the accounts – referred to as D-1 and D-2 standing for Dubai 1 and 2 – started to release funds yesterday at 6 am eastern –

D-1 was released at 6 am and supposed to complete in 24 hours – D-1 completed at 4 am this morning so that was 22 hours – to fully fund and pay out –

Dubai – 2 started this morning half hour later at 4:30 am eastern and should complete also within 24 hours or by 2:00 – 2:30 tomorrow morning –

Those are the largest accounts that are funding our Treasury and possibly other Treasuries with the money for us in tier 4 – ok – so that is something that is well under way and should complete early morning tomorrow –

There is another fund also out of Zurich that is also part of this entire tranche of funds and that is continuing to pay out and we thing that is more related to bond sellers receiving their funds

So far, the bond sellers that have been told that they were to receive liquidity and in this case 1% of their total bond have yet to see that – they are still waiting – sort of like we are – and I think in a very real sense they should be emailed that they have the liquidity in their accounts – I would say about the same time we get notified to begin our exchanges or set our appointments to do our exchanges –

It’s that close of a shotgun start I think with even bond sellers receiving their funds and the rest of tier 3 and tier 4 which we’re included in that of course - getting started with notifications from emails – from the Wells Fargo servers – and also from the toll free numbers that I am supposed to receive and will post on our web site - so that is all underway with D-1 and D-2 funding

Beyond what that brings to us we are hearing that we should be looking for notifications based on another source – and this is a source that is very high up and very strong bank source – suggesting that tomorrow afternoon would be a great time for us to be notified –

Now if we do get notified tomorrow and the 2:00 – 2:30 range it’s also interesting to note that we may be setting up appointments that afternoon – (tomorrow – Wednesday) in preparation for exchanges on Thursday – we don’t know for sure how soon we would start the exchange but I think if we did receive notifications tomorrow – Thursday is definitely in play for us –

Thursday is the 18th and the plan would be for us to go basically for 10-12 days through the end of the month which is doable - might even we could get started on the 18th and might get as many as 14 or 15 days in

Now, this is the overall plan was for – and I believe still is for the stimulus checks and direct deposits to come out so that everyone receives some funds and remember the 14oo per person was what we’re expecting and some were expecting it today but were told by people that know – it’s not going to be today for you - but tomorrow –

That is interesting to me because – if those payments come out from the stimulus bill - whether direct deposits or physical checks - but if they start tomorrow that does give a perfect cover for us to receive notification s and set appointments and then start exchanges either tomorrow or Thursday – and I think that is exactly what was designed to do and hopefully that is what it will do –

Now we did not get any absolute NESARA notification yesterday (15th) However, I believe that we are seeing with these stimulus checks the first fruits of NESARA – it’s going to be interesting to see how this thing unfolds and how quickly we do get everything that we think is in NESARA and how soon that comes out to us – That is something we are sort of going to have to keep an eye after and when we see certain things talk about debt relief – from mortgages - return of our tax money – student debt – these things will be included in the NESARA - as I understand it –

We think – or at least we’ve known that the tax date has been moved from April 15th to June 15th - just like it was last year – I don’t know if there is anything super significant about that – just something we are to be aware of –

In terms of what we’re getting or seeing about the exchanges there has been some information put out about structured payouts- and the fact that we’re going to have structured payouts – which could go as long as 300 years – we need to understand that the banks are going to take completely different role with us than they have ever before

We’re basically putting our money through the bank – directly going into the Quantum Financial System - and that QFS is designed to keep our funds safe through what is backed – backing our USN - with the gold in the US Treasury and it’s going to be a situation where we are going to be utilizing the bank but not in the same way that we use to = the banks are going to become “facilitators for us - giving us help when we need and ask for it – and that is different from what it used to be – in fact – neighborhood type banking for those that were not a part of this currency re-evaluation or part of the zim redemption

Neighborhood banks are going to take a more active role in day to day banking for – let’s say “normal” or everyday people – In our situation we’re going to be in a little different situation –

One thing I wanted to mention is – we got this from one of the banks we talk to - remember us talking about not having to pay “fees” in the future? If we have $25,000 (which will be a no brainer for us after this goes)in one of our accounts – there will be no fees – of any kind - that’s a real positive note to hear a banker tell us that

I tell you – we are just keying in on the fact that this is going – also we heard things about the banks wanting to tell us what to do to control us with / our money – our structured pay outs- etc - all of that is balderdash –

The banks are in a position – they know - Number 1 – everybody understand this – this is our money – really it is God’s money - but we are stewards of it – this is our money - not the banks – ok – the banks have no strings tied to any structured payout that we have – there’s no control thing – of controlling what we do with the money etc etc –

Now – do the banks want us to do the right thing with the money? Yes – the decision is up to you – if you have an excessive amount of currency and you exceed what most people would say is a lot or enough it is up to YOU if you want to make donations – if you want to gift from your funds - we know that there are projects that are global projects under GESARA – that will be looking for funds in the future and we know that Charlie Ward has been selected as someone who will help to oversee a number of projects under GESARA

There may be an opportunity to work directly with Charlie Ward or his staff to fund certain projects overseas - we are also going to be doing projects overseas – we’ve talked about such as rebuild Bahamas – work with Haiti – working with other countries – Central and South America – there’s quite a bit that we have intended as well -

I want you folks to realize this is YOUR money – you have the final say on where it goes and how it’s to be used – we know – we’ve talked about the concept of using the zim redemption funds for humanitarian purposes/projects - I told you my intention – and the currencies for other purposes – but the plan was to use it that way – because it is such a tremendous amount and can go so far –

Where they are keeping it relatively quiet and a lot of people have said they haven’t been able to get much intel anymore and sources are drying up we do know that the conference call that took place at the redemption centers was extended and went a little later than normal –

We do expect those that have - those that are bond sellers from these various bonds – to be told – hopefully tomorrow - that is what they have been told - tomorrow – they will have access to funds – and I think if that happens that acts as a trigger for us to be notified – so I would look for them to receive access to funds about the same time that we would get notifications by email and then the toll free numbers would be able to be put out –

So – ideally - that is a Wednesday/Thursday start for us and stimulus checks and direct deposits are indeed a cover for us and it coming together – I would look for Iraq to do their thing tomorrow – hopefully would give them the go ahead list that rate – Thanks everybody for tuning in.

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Post by Ponee Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:23 pm


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