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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript and VIDEO -- March 15  2021 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and VIDEO -- March 15 2021

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript and VIDEO -- March 15  2021 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and VIDEO -- March 15 2021

Post by Ponee Mon Mar 15, 2021 9:07 pm

MZ: There is a lot of static in the financial world outside of bonds and Iraq about the 21st…. although Iraqi folks don’t believe it will take that long. There was a lot of great articles coming out of Iraq this weekend….They fully expect their new value in the 2021 budget which starts April 1st…which means they got to get busy. 

MZ: The biggest news right now is out of Iraq…..we saw at least 2 articles saying there is a change of value and referencing the 2021 budget which goes into effect April 1st. …..solid movement in the HCL agreements with Kurdistan and Iraq….this should pass…I am told….by Wednesday…. 

MZ: We are watching Iraq because its one of the easiest symptoms to read….i believe they have been ready but waiting for the rest of us to be ready to do the Global Currency Reset.
MZ: The stimulus payments are now hitting some folks in the US……I was told by some folks in the beltway that the stimulus was a key part of it for people to have transition money for a couple of weeks. ….people can still get gas and groceries as they do the reset. Hope this is accurate. 

MZ: I believe we are in a “moment to moment “ scenario right now. It’s exciting to watch. 

MZ: With CMKX and settlements I was told if this did now happen by April 1st- they would again have to refigure the fines and penalties…..i am not worried and think we will be over the top by then 

Member:  iraq has to revalue by april 1st

Member: Texas Snake said in essence - hang on to your saddle this week - going to be some kind of a ride!!! i cant wait!!

Member:  Texas Snake says “saddle up!” From his banker.
Member: and according to Judy on Recaps April 1st is supposed to be the announcement of the GCR. 

MZ: That is the rumored time they may announce it to the world….we will know before that. 

Member:  Remember Kuwait RV? 3-21 looks very promising...

Member:  the Persian Gulf War ended Feb 28 and the Kuwaiti Dinar revaluation took place within a month …publically announced on March 24, 1991

Member:  Did you see Judy's rates from Fleming????????  Wow

MZ: I do not read the boards……..just remember there may be misinformation put our there……and I don’t believe we will know the exact rate until we are at the banks……

ISAAC MAR 14 Have an amazing Sunday , waiting for great news this coming week

MZ: A lot of folks are worried about Iraq possible coming out at a 1 to 1 rate…..I am told that with our contract rate that it will not affect us or our values ….but there is a high probability that they will come out at 1 to 1 …don’t let that put you into a panic. 

MZ: For those that think that can hang on to their currency and trade it in at a later date hoping for a higher rate…….we will only have about 30 days in which we can exchange our larger notes….don’t wait to long or you could be stuck with wallpaper. 

Member:  I'm confused about the QFS, it's just a system correct? We will still need our banks?

Member: you will be able to transfer direct from qfs to your bank.. in whatever currency you use

Member:  i saw on the news that Three Gorges Dam is within a very few feet of it top most limit. I pray it doesn't break but if it does hope it goes after our RV!!!


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