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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/11/21 - "It's Happening" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/11/21 - "It's Happening"

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/11/21 - "It's Happening" Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/11/21 - "It's Happening"

Post by RamblerNash Fri Mar 12, 2021 10:24 pm

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – It’s Thursday March 11th and this is Spring Break call tonight – could be our last call – we believe - we will see – and you’re listening to the Big Call all over the globe – We appreciate your tuning in

Let’s move into the intel realm – I stated at the very beginning of the call that it appeared that this would be probably our last official Big Call - it “appears” – I want to give you a number of reasons why I believe that is – and I am going to tell you overall sort of what I am getting from several sources and one particular – Banker – specifically – talking about everything going – when I hear something like – everything goes – it all goes -  everything is released -  what I come back to is – ok what are you referring to “specifically”? What is going to go?
What is released? What is happening? For example – I’m hearing Monday evening into Tuesday morning – and that’s primarily for our Tier 4 start – and notice I did not say Tier 4B – because Tier 4A regarding the groups that are based out west and Tier 4B have really been consolidated into Tier 4 – and as far as the banks are concerned they don’t designate a difference between them – They call us tier 4 - Alright – Internet group – groups based out west – and all that good stuff - all together

Let’s go through the list of things may be new and may have been seen to have been green lighted – to give us that “feeling” about Monday night into Tuesday -

Starting with – Iraq – Did Iraq do anything yesterday?  With their rate?  NO!! They have said they would put it out or make it known Saturday – this Saturday – don’t know but kinds know what the rate will be but that is all good  - you do realize even as sovereign as Iraq is now they are reliant – I am going to say – on the US Treasury – the New Treasury – of the Restored Republic – giving them the go ahead to release the rate – and that is speaking from our US Treasury to The Central Bank of Iraq the CBI -

Once that occurs – which should be Saturday – probably Saturday morning but we don’t know specifically that would be a “done deal” – So Iraq is sort of on deck – that is what’s happening there

The other thing is the Quantum Financial System - we have talked a little bit about for a long time – will be fully integrated – from the information I have – fully integrated Sunday night – this Sunday –

What also is going to happen is at that time – that would allow for the USN our actual United States new Currency USN – to be traded on the Forex – and between banks and so on – they are internationally starting at 8 PM Sunday night -  when the Markets open in China – and in the other countries in the Far East – so that is going to occur with the new  USN – fully integrated QFS – and a Forex that allows all of the currencies around the globe to be pegged to the USN – the gold backed dollar – That is BIG – Big news

Now when that occurs that is part of the very first fruits of NESARA – alright – let’s keep going…..

The other information – let’s talk about a little side note is that the USTN – The new USTN is what they call the new currency of the United States – our new currency should have written on the bills United States Treasury Note – nothing to do with the Federal Reserve - United States Treasury Note – is our new money – and that’s going to be available and brought into our banks and certainly into the redemption centers on Monday – so that is something that is occurring with our new money the USTN –

Now they are going to u se the 100 dollar bill – the 50 dollar and the new 20 dollar at the redemption centers and they want to very kindly request to us that if we do wish to get some cash that we take no more than $5000 new USTN dollars – primarily 100’s and 50’s as they would like to get that circulated into the system –

So we may accommodate them with that -  and honestly if you are not use to using cash at all  you don’t need to have any of it -  but some of us still use cash – and we might request some – at the time of our exchanges and zim redemption – so keep that in mind – That is a Monday event –

Alright – what else is happening that would point to a Monday/Tuesday start for us?  The stimulus package that is to be completed tomorrow at one point 9 trillion dollars – that is part of what we are calling NESARA –and we will get from what my understanding is $1400 per person – of course a certain age  18 or older to get that – and some families may get more - some may get up to – I heard today – up to  $5000 – If  you received the others as a check it is my understanding that is how you will receive it this time – by a physical check –

If you received it last time by direct deposit that’s probably how you will receive it this time as well - direct deposits are supposed to start for this package on Monday – and the physical mailing of the checks is supposed to go out into the mail Sunday for deliver starting on Monday -  they are coming out of Atlanta – and you can figure out when they may get to  you – 2-3-4 days –

That is nice but it is chump change compared to what we are talking about on this call – let’s see what else we can think of that has to do with that - we are getting word that the notifications to the bond sellers - those funds – that 1% of the bond holders money is supposed to be released Monday night/Tuesday morning -

That is another indication of what is happening for us coming up – everything seems to be pointing to that  - now – we’re going to keep going –

The prosperity packages are to start to be delivered after sunset tonight – now not all of them or that many of them but I believe there were over 300 prosperity packages that were going out starting after sunset tonight – This is also something that will be important for people that are signed on to those prosperity packages for quite some time

Beyond that our notifications are probably going to be coming in that same time frame of Monday afternoon / Tuesday morning – at this point that is what I have - so far – it’s a possibility of notification is coming out slightly earlier – ONLY a possibility – but Monday afternoon / evening into Tuesday morning for email notification from Wells Fargo servers as well as 800 number notification that I am supposed to receive that I will send out as indicated and any paper work that I would receive regarding that -  and I will send out accordingly

So that is why everything looks like that is our time frame – let’s keep going …… there is a little bit more –

We are supposed to have 15 days to do our tier 4 exchanges and zim redemption - but we are to be completed with that by the last day of this month  the 31st of March so that by April 1st the public or tier 5 will be able to receive Forex rates – which would be the standard rates for these currencies that would appear on the Forex and on the bank screens from the Forex

That will be significantly less that what we will receive as tier 4 for that 15 day period – now for us to get 15 days in – more than likelh our start date will probably be Tuesday the 16th this coming Tuesday – That would allow for that period of time to elapse for the public to start on the 1st of April

So we have NESARA sot of being worked in pretty much Monday with the new USTN currency at the bank – the gold backed currency that we have and the whole world is going to be backed by either gold or precious metals – precious gem stones – or oil or any number of assets above ground and below ground assets that will give them a value for their currency – there is a heck of a lot more gold out there than we ever thought and if you ever heard the people that said - :all the gold in the world – that was ever mined  – would fill up a basketball court and go  12-15 feet high in gold blocks – that is a lie and way way below what the true amount of gold it is – just so you know

We are looking  …. And by the way ….. you realize that Sunday 2 am is the beginning of Day light savings time – so ha ha don’t be early or late for Church –

Now – I think we have – without getting into ways(?) we’re going to be in very good shape on this thing – Those that have the longevity in their project – we’ve talked about the structured payout going form 15 y ears all the way to  300 years – for you to get type of interest rate and rate on the zim for that you have to have the longevity  - sustainability and the multi-generational aspect to your projects – now will you live that long? Some will some won’t - so what?

What happens is we have a technology that is coming that could really allow us to go the distance – and get back to the days of Methuselah and Noah – if you will – it is very possible – now before you write me off – this is why the banks and redemption centers have a structured payout term that could go as long as 300 years – because they said it their language due to a new advancing in medicine and technology – ya think????

I think so and I think we are about to learn a whole lot in the next few years about that – and it’s coming –so lets be aware of that –

In the meantime – you should have  (and remember what Bruce is NOT)  - what you have is a need for trustees – successor trustees – beneficiaries – successor beneficiaries – that will take  you down for a long period of time  so that there is a lineage to what it is you have attempted to do with your projects – so if you have a 150 yr project or you have projected it would last 100 years or 200 yrs – you need to create a hierarchy that can take that and oversee that project and handle the funding for it  for a long - long time – so keep that in mind

You should have your own trust attorney – an attorney to help with structures for your project –  however it is designed by your attorney you get with them and make sure you have plans for longevity 

Beyond that  right now – I think that is the bulk of what I have received since the last call and I think everybody is going to be amazed at the experience from a financial point of view and just from a point of view from learning how the new system with our banks we have had in the past is going to radically change as they become facilitators for the Quantum Financial System and I am sure there will be some education we will get on that transition that is taking place for  us  and the banking world and what will happen to the banks and their day to day operation

I think with everything we have happening this weekend – starting as early as tomorrow with the passing of the1.9 trillion  to Saturday with Iraq doing their thing with the Dinar – to Sunday night at 9 or the markets to be opened and trading the USN with all these other currencies that are pegged to it down to notifications – prosperity packages going out  - everything -  we’re in the midst of it – We are in it -  we are in it to win it – and I’m looking forward to the completion of this -  - and this is probably our final Big Call – and so I look forward to being in touch with you by email in the very near future -

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