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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel (?) 3/9/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel (?) 3/9/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel (?) 3/9/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Mar 11, 2021 9:27 pm

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday March the 9th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for tuning everyone all over the globe – we appreciate you

Now it’s time to talk a little bit about where the intel puts us today – you remember we had - uh – it was a little bit lean on Thursday as I remember - Tuesday was pretty good but Thursday was a little bit lean and we know that some of the faucets have been turned off – and there is very little dripping out in the way of intel –

However, I think what we have tonight is going to make up for that – it will be effective for us ok – One thing I want to bring up so I don’t forget it – is regarding the process of the redemption center protocols – where we go in – we sit in front of two or three people and we pony up our currency and it gets counted and verified through the DeLarue machine and so on and so forth –

Remember we talked months ago now – about a video that was about a 4-6 minute video that we would see – then it got 15 mins – then it got cut down – and so on - well I asked about that just yesterday and it appears that what they are going to do - they are NOT going to air that video when we get there – it’s sort of orientation video – it’s going to tell us a lot of things that if you’ve been a listener of the Big Call for a long time you probably already know – there might be a few things that you/we don’t know –

My understanding is they are going to make that video available to us upon request – you can get it either on a memory stick or CD or DVD – I’m not sure which but probably on the DVD - so if that is more convenient for you to use –

But that way it’s primarily for people coming In and they have no advance knowledge of anything – they just know they have currency – it’s worth more – they’re going to exchange it blah blah blah – ok

You are in the advance class – as Sue would say – you’re in the Master Class – because you have been listening – some of you have never missed a call in 10 years – and by the way – if we get to the 15th of March – if we get there – which I hope we don’t – before we get notified and start our exchanges – tonight being the 9th - If we got to the 15th I would be reaching and coming into my 17th year of these currencies -- cough cough – starting my 17th year of owning these currencies - not about knowing about them but “owning” them – So – when We’ve been in this long enough we are ready to go –

So when it comes to other information other things have been going on – I know for example Wells Fargo has been having more and more conference calls for their wealth managers and the people involved in all of this – they did one Saturday- it was a long one – the one on Sunday afternoon was 3 hours –

There is at least some info that can be gleaned from the Saturday call – if not from the Sunday call as well – and one thing that I find very interesting – and caught my attention - remember we have talked about structured payouts - where we could go 25 or 50 years or maybe more – well my most recent understanding – and realize this is “recent” news – the significance of it is that - the point of it is – the structured payout that we have talked about – can actually go from 15 years --- are you sitting down????? All the way up to 300 years –

The reason they stated that was because of the advances in science and technology and medicine – So they may have received a heads up on some of the MB technology that we have briefly spoken about in the past - that is interesting – they also want to know – do you have successor trustees – and officiaries in your trust work that can take you beyond your life into 200 – 300 – years – if you have projects that has that type of longevity – which a lot of us do – so the question is- do you have anyone that can take over as trustee once you get started here that can make sure you have the longevity of the funding for your projects =

Something to think about – make sure that you have … and it might not be your kids – or your grandkids - it could be – but might not be - you will want to see what that is because this is quite a responsibility that you are passing on to somebody in a successor trustee capability –

So this is why you would want to get with your trust attorney pretty quick – they want you to have something in place theoretically when you leave you should have a very bare bones trust in place – if not your actual final trust paperwork ready to go - Obviously I am not an attorney – I don’t play one on the radio so make sure you look into getting the right trust attorney for yourself to put these various structures together – that you might require

For people that have an exorbitant amount of currency - and there is no way to tell what that is right now – you do have ridiculous high capability – in my opinion for an annual percentage rate of return in your structured payout - - far more than we knew – I am not even going to say what that interest rate is on the phone – here on the call – but it is substantial –

Beyond that let’s talk about where we are in the process – where we are with Iraq – You know that by now that Iraq could have done their thing many times over by now- but they – and the CBI – Central Bank of Iraq – is the governing body that controls the rate of the Dinar –

However – even though Iraq is considered a sovereign nation now – they are still subject to the Treasury of the United States to more or less give them the go ahead as to when to release the new rate

Now we have heard from Fallujah – one of our contacts is from there – and he is saying – that tomorrow morning Iraq time - Wednesday morning – is when they expect to release and out this rate out – that would be not too far from right now – it would be later tonight because they do have an 8 hour advantage over the East Coast -

Now I would say that will occur if the Treasury has gone ahead or will go ahead and give them that ability to put out the rate – We understood that today we find that Iraq has a I think the term “deadline’ and I hate the tern deadline - because we just blow through deadlines in this thing and have forever – There’s a theoretical deadline let’s call it for Iraq to do this on Sunday the 14th - which happens to be our Daylight Savings time as you know – so I find that interesting

Could we be there tomorrow Wednesday … or Saturday – those are the 2 days that the official news goes into their official record copy gazette – at least in the terms of the printed version – they have a digital version as well that information can go in at any time – but the printed version is release on Sat and Wednesdays = You know that Saturday is their first business day – of the week in the middle east – I find that interesting – so will they make it?? Will they do it?? Tonight?? Which is in the morning in Iraq – Let’s see - Let’s see what happens –

We’re understanding that they are supposed t Doesn’t mean that we’re going to see it here necessarily – till we’re ready to go -- ok – but we do know that the rates are going to be fantastic – I think even a little better than we thought - we don’t really talk about rates per say – specifically on the call I try not to do that – so we do not really go there –

I have been told though that anyone who has the Iranian Rial at least for a short period of time – that could be on par with the Iraqi Dinar – which is interesting – I wasn’t thinking it was going to be that close but obviously the next door neighbors trading partners and the theory is they are going to be on par – maybe exactly the same = or with a dollar of each other – in value - for those that might have the rial

Let’s see – what else? So that is the part about Iraq – In talking about what’s happening with the bonds – and the sellers of bonds that are supposedly being hydrated – let’s start with tier 1 tier 2 and tier 3 – My understanding is that all tier 1 – 2- and 3 participants have been paid at least their 1% of their total – which means they have liquidity to that extent – tiers 1 – 2- and 3

Tier 1 as I remember is primarily governments – around the world - we understand we have a total of 47,000 government and military that have been paid – already - does not mean they have everything - but they at least have the 1%

The reason they get 1% - and you say that is not much - but it is –it’s a lot depending on what you have – but that’s why they don’t want to overheat the economy too fast with too much liquidity coming to the market at the same time – that is why the slow roll out –

So tiers 1- 2 and 3 are complete - tier 4A – the groups we talked about out west – and tier 4B is us the internet group - basically I’m saying we’re next – ok – we’re next –

So—what has to happen before we get started with our exchanges is that the bonds need to be paid out to the bond sellers – they need to see their 1 – 1 ½ % and some cases - they have started receiving that – now the bonds that are paying out were supposed to be paid out last night - Sunday night - they were supposed to pay out yesterday – there was a slight pause due to some system check possibly with QFS – making sure the SWIFT was not involved in the transfer of any funds anymore – ok – but the pause lasted about an hour and then it resumed –

Now from this point on the bonds that were being paid out of Miami included Railroad bonds - German Bonds – some infrastructure bonds – some insurance bonds even Mexico bonds – all of these and maybe the Peruvian bonds - lots of these bonds are being acted on and paid out supposedly tonight / overnight or tomorrow morning – we’ll see how that shakes out – there’s been a little delay in that

Those at least need to be initiated if not completed before we start

The timing for us to go – we’re hearing that the Emergency Broadcasting System is being tested now globally – we have already passed our testing for EBS and the United States - but the same system globally is being tested now – started around 5 pm this evening Eastern – around the globe - and you say why? Why is that needed? Because the information that we’re looking to have brought out here on our EBS needs to be shared globally – that’s why it’s being tested now – in other countries –

We’re hearing that something major – and I hate the idea of announcements – because they never seem to happen - I know – but something major is stated to happen tomorrow between10:15 and 10:30 am – Eastern –

I do not know what it is – I have some ideas as what it might be – but see if it’s relevant ad relative to the EBS it could just be the start of something on EBS tomorrow morning – It could be – we don’t have what it is but it was brought out with the information about the testing of the global EBS –

Now when it comes to the timing of this ne of the major banks was saying that they expected this to go today – unfortunately that did not happen – and yet for us – on 4A or 4B - so we set that aside – the other major bank which happens to be the lead bank in this whole process is suggesting that it would be this week -- did not commit to a day – I have heard of a window that was given to me today that took us from tonight to all the way to Saturday – and this is from a really good source – and I think it is a pretty big window – to be honest it’s a very big window – But I think any one of us would take it - if that window stayed open and we got this done between now and Saturday –

With Iraq’s – theoretical - I am going to call it deadline of Sunday the 14th we should make that – especially if they reveal the rate tomorrow morning –

So – we have a lot to look forward to this week – I believe we are in really good shape for this to go now – and I don’t think we are being lied to – we know there have been some things that have NOT happened - - we know this has been a moving target – for YEARS - we know that the QFS has come on line – the USN – our new gold backed US Dollar - essentially - our US currency is being traded already globally - we know that the new internet system through the StarLink triple satellite orbiting system – is in place - and at least in theory has been synced as of last Sunday - so I think pretty much everything is lined up and ready to go

We know the Federal Reserve has been absorbed by the US Treasury – we knew that - we knew this all a year ago - and it finally took place a week ago / 2 weeks ago tomorrow

So that is primarily everything that I wanted to bring to you tonight – could this be our last call? It very well could be – but as I mentioned things change – new things come into play – that we don’t know about but its okay - we can deal – and we are going to be rewarded for our faithfulness - I want to thank everyone for listening - we are closing in on it -

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