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MarkZ: "Iraq is changing the value of their currency and forces the rest of the world to catch up" 3/10/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Iraq is changing the value of their currency and forces the rest of the world to catch up" 3/10/21

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MarkZ: "Iraq is changing the value of their currency and forces the rest of the world to catch up" 3/10/21 Empty MarkZ: "Iraq is changing the value of their currency and forces the rest of the world to catch up" 3/10/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Mar 10, 2021 10:10 pm

MZ:  Happy Wednesday…..The news out of Iraq guys…….wow, they are really pushing for it….they are going to drag this thing through kicking and screaming….The rest of the world cannot afford not to go when they go…..hell or high water- Iraq is changing the value of their currency and forces the rest of the world to catch up.

Member: I heard rumors about the RV and that today is the day….

MZ: There is a tremendous amount of jockeying on the historic bond side as they rush to be prepared. The stragglers are suddenly scrambling to get in line…and to get where they need to be as quickly as possible.

MZ: Whales and paymasters are still in position.   CMKX and PP’s are waiting for the reset to occur…..

ISAAC MAR 9 Just finished 2 calls and still very positive , I will received a call Thursday to know when to be in Zurich , and the other ready for liquidity next Tuesday.

Isaac con….. Keep the faith. We are very close but not liquidity anywhere yet. I will have one more call tomorrow

MZ: do things look fantastic…do they look like they are pushing forward?  Yes….

MZ: The biggest news right now is what is coming out of Iraq. Reads Mountain Goat Update:

Mnt Goat  ...March is going to be a very significant month for everyone everywhere. This week I took the time to call my contact person in the CBI. I am told the IMF just completed a week-long high-level meeting with to finalize the project to delete the zeros and just how they plan to roll it out...Why would they do this now?  Also, in this meeting they talked rates for the in-country revaluation and then the later reinstatement. The rates are rising as oil is rising to over $70+ a barrel. I was reminded by my contact that they will soon be no longer dependent on the currency auctions. This was fantastic news as I know what this means. They have not yet used the Buna system but are fully functional and tied into it... 

Member:  Frank's video conf yesterday was very telling

Member:  Frank said rate would be 1 to 1 for several months

Member:  Listen to Frank26 on all of the conversions and timing

Member:  At this point I will go exchange 1-1

Member:  Iraqi CB is working hard get the old money out, and delete the zeros.

Member: I am worried about the 1 to 1 in-country rate taking 8 months or more to go international.

MZ: In-country rates in Iraq will force the issue. IMO it will force the gold treaty internationally. Iraq has done what they need to do….I was told months ago that Iraq could goes to a 1 to 1 rate and float up if the Gold Treaty was not yet in affect…….it should not affect our rates.

MZ: Our dinar is being purchased and used for the “Oil for Dinar” program….

MZ: They want to change it in-country to suck up as many of the 3 zero notes as they can….get them off the streets. Could it go as long as 8 months to see that…..it makes sense to me.

MZ:It should not affect 4b……but Tier 5- the general public will get the street rate …what ever that will be.

MZ: I have said this before…..the sheer amount of Iraqi dinar held in foreign treasuries around the world is immense ….and so I believe they need it to go at the same time….Iraq holds a tremendous amount of Vietnamese dong …Vietnam holds a tremendous amount of Iraqi dinar…..they need them to go at the same time. I think Iraq is forcing this issue by pushing for it quickly. And by Iraq pushing it forward it will force them to reset the rest……

MZ:  I am still told we will have a limited amount of time to exchange these notes……about 30 days to exchange those big 3 zero notes…..

MZ: Even if they do a 1 to 1 in-country….I still think at the bare minimum they will reinstate the currency internationally ….with inflation I think that could be in the $4 range for dinar

MZ: The rates for all currencies…we will not know for sure until we are at our exchange.

Member: But when?

MZ: Based on all the chatter that is there…..I still think it is in the month of March….before April 1st.

Member:  By April 1st makes sense because that is the beginning of the Middle East's Fiscal Year.

Member: I believe Kuwait RV’d their currency the last week in March as well……

MZ: In case you missed it here is the link to last night’s stream with Jarod Rand on MedBeds and more..

MZ:  Medbeds with MarkZ and Jared Rand:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG0xhISRTuo

Member:  Didn’t hear video last night, when do they expect medbeds to come out??

MZ: at least 6 months……so take care of yourself until they are ready

Member:  Simon Parkes said med beds will be out this month for the victims and rescuers and first responders. Public gets them in June, starting in UK. Triaged cases

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