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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript and Video -- March 8 2021 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- March 8 2021

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript and Video -- March 8 2021 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- March 8 2021

Post by Ponee Mon Mar 08, 2021 8:55 pm

Member:  Another week to hope!

MZ: All my paymasters are still in position…Bond folks are still in position with hopes that they will start seeing dollars this week. Hopefully I will have a much better idea of things by tomorrow morning. 

MZ: This weekend a lot of folks got pre-maturely excited with the news coming out of Venezuela….they are basically telling us they are going the wrong way on the revaluation of the Bolivar…..but to expect some rally big news on the next two weeks on their currency.

MZ: A lot of chatter in Iraq over the weekend as they have met all of their obligations and are ready to adjust their value.

MZ; it feels like Groundhog Day but last week in Iraq they did pass some key pieces of legislation with their white papers and the budget….. 
ISAAC LAST POST MAR 5 Hello hope all good. Waiting confirmation for 9 to 16 start.Keep the faith

Member:  If Iraq is following in Kuwaits footsteps they should RV March 21st

Member:  I wonder if the rates still on the bank screens fluctuating??

Member: Have you heard anything from Texas Snake?

MZ: He is hearing the same things I am hearing….that we are right on the cusp of this happening….it is just painful because nobody knows the exact timing……he is just posting less…

Member: What makes people think the dong rate will be between .47 and $2.27?

MZ: Most people get that based on a reinstatement of currency. If they reinstate their currency it would be about $2.21 or so…..just re-establishing the value to where it was before they devalued it. 

MZ: The .47 cents showed on a lot of bank screens all over the world a few years ago when it seemed that we were very close before…..….

Member: Have we ever been quite this close before?

MZ: I don’t think we have ever been this close before. With the combination of GDP to dept ratios, the bond markets, the failing world economically…..

Member: Does the market need to crash before we see the RV?

MZ: not necessarily…..a crash of course would force the issue….but we have been seeing corrections in our markets already. Bond markets are approaching 2% and I was told when they hit 3% then there would be an implosion and a reset. So do we have to see one….no…but will we see a crash because they keep dragging their feet…. there is a good chance. 

Member:  I hear the market crash will happen after we exchange

MZ: The market crash should happen after we exchange…a lot of things that hold value now in the markets are not going to hold value….there will be a lot or repositioning of what makes sense and what doesn’t….We will have real assets and a lot of the falsely traded etf’s will have no value 

MZ: It’s getting closer….all you have to do is look at the debt to GDP ratio…..if you have ever studied economics….almost all the great economists hypothesize that when you reach a 90 to 1 it becomes untenable and you cannot and the economy cannot handle that debt any longer….basically bankruptcy. We are at about 150 to 1 debt to GDP..……We have to reset it…..no other way to go. 

Member:  We were also told when Deutsche Bank hit a certain level it would all happen..a couple of years ago

Member:  Went to WF bank last week..my bank manager looked up VND for me and told me unavailable and cannot even order it.

Member:  Well, I like to say this, based on the past and how it has all been happening never hold your breath on any of this happening soon. Think of it as it's never going to happen and if it finally does then good you can plan and make things in your life good.

Member:  I know that RV is going to happen and it has to be this year, the economy can no longer support such a delay of whoever is holding it.

Member:  After so many years we just need to see one article that shows us this is real. We have been lied to for so long it is hard to believe anything.

Member:  Tired of Watching>>>>>>Want some action not talk!!!!!!!!

Member:  This Movie has run to long and needs to end.

Member:  “Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer." Mark Twain

Member: Do you think Trump is really in control or is that a farce?

MZ: I don’t think Trump is in control…I think the military is……I think Trump may be in a key role in the future….


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