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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/4/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/4/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/4/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/4/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Mar 04, 2021 10:48 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK  Intel Begins:  1:09:16


Welcome everybody to the Big Call – it’s Tuesday March 2nd and welcome from all over the globe – thank you for listening to us tonight –we hope to have a really good call – hope everybody is doing well – we are beginning to see signs of Spring around the country and we hope you are welcoming some warmer weather wherever  you are –

Let’s talk a little bit about the intel we’re getting or --- in some cases – not getting – because what’s happening and what we’re seeing today is that some of the intel faucets are being turned off to where sometimes there is only a drip coming out of the faucet  and of course that is a good sign and a bad sign

The bad sign is that you might not get as much information as we have had or looking forward to having like we had on Thursdays call which was full of intel –

We do have some tonight to bring to you  - the good news portion of that is that when things get tight – when people become tight lipped or zip lipped – and not allowed to share – under a NDA  or a GAG order  - they have just literally been told not to communicate – that’s a very good sign that things are close –

That is probably the best indicator that we are right there – almost ready to start -  so that is something we have to learn to work with or work around – not see it as a problem but an opportunity – and the opportunity has presented itself with information from slightly different sources sometimes but what it tells us is even though we know the redemption center schedules were to come out today with new schedules -  we knew something about the old schedules –

We know that they are prepared to do exchanges and redemption of zim in a process that would go from – let’s say – the end of the week Thurs/Friday – possibly tomorrow but Thursday / Friday through the 14th of March – and what’s interesting about that is that is lining up with what we’re hearing about the takeover of the media sources (TV Radio and so on) and the possible insertion of Emergency Broadcasting System  / Emergency Alert System –

So… that is excellent timing for those to kick in as cover for our exchanges – They may just be super imposed if you will on the same timeline –

When it comes to the timeline – if we started – let’s say 4th or 5th  and through the 14th tier 5 is supposed to kick in on the 15th which would be the public  with lower rates – so the rate change would take place between the 14th and 15th and it’s quite possible that the public would go at that time through the 22nd maybe even all the way to the end of the month – we don’t know yet -  but I’m encouraged because I believe we could very well hit that timeline that I mentioned about tier 4B going –

In the case of tier 4A – the groups and so on – some that are based out West – that timeline looks like it might coincide with our notification – their notifications may coincide with ours which for all intents and purposes our shotgun start –

Now le’ts go back to tier 3 – a lot of the tier 3 people are bond holders which became bond sellers have been locked into essentially a tier 3 – they do not have their bonds any more – they have been traded – sold and now they are waiting for liquidity – well when these bond holders did their thing – some out of Miami – some out of Reno – Zurich -  when most of these transactions took place – they were given in some case a little walking around money in terms a debit card – but it wasn’t a whole lot – not a whole lot at all – in terms of total value of those bonds –

So they have been waiting – many of these people that we know have been waiting for at least 6 weeks and some longer in some cases – to gain access to their accounts -  but when they set those up-  just recently – some have had to set up a brand new account – even though they may have already had one with Wells Fargo – they set up a brand new account with Wells and they also did what they needed to do to scan finger prints -  thumb print – for their biometric finger print reader – they also did what they deeded to qualify for a titanium account access card  - that is my title for it – this is NOT a debit card – not a credit card – it is a card used to access your master account / mother lode account

We will also get these titanium cards – and they are made of titanium - titanium account access cards to access our mother lode account at Wells Fargo Bank or a Wealth Management Center – these are not at this point – to be utilized at home or on a home computer

The idea is now that we are under the QFS that uses Blockchain technology in conjunction with CIPS the funds transfer are no longer considered Bank Wires but considered ledger to ledger transfers – under the QF System – and these happen very very quickly - in fact in less than a minute – and you can literally see that the funds are in that account -  across the globe -  Inside the United States should be able to transact in 25-35 seconds –

No longer since last Wednesday are any wires going through our Central Bank which was the old Federal Reserve – the Federal Reserve as you know from last Thursday’s call has been taken down and there are several stories as to how long – an hour? Some say 2 hours – others said from 6 pm – 10 pm is what I heard – so it does not really matter – it’s just that those systems was absorbed by integrated into the US Treasury –

We told you that well over a year ago – that would take place -  it did last Wednesday – and as you know the IRS has also been integrated into the US Treasury – and we can expect some very positive things to happen

Let’s go back to our timeline for a minute – we’ve got at this point – if it holds – we have tier 5 starting on the 15th  of March – the 15th of March is also an important date for NESARA – we believe it could be one of these 2 things or possibly a combination of the two –

We believe there could be an announcement pointing to debt forgiveness or it could be the start of debt forgiveness – on the 15th of March – for us – meaning the announcement about that  the information  olet’s call it – would be disseminated about NESARA could happen starting the 4th or 5th of this month and go all the way through the 14th  and that could be 10-11 days of disclosure – if you will – of what has really been going on   here and around the globe

So we will have to see what form it takes – but it could be highly educational for us to stay tuned to these broadcasts - and see what actually is transmitted to us –

So we have the QF System – fully integrated – started to be activated last Wednesday and I believe we had all but 7 countries currencies aligned for trading on the   QFS as part of the  Forex – and is part of using our USN as a currency to be pegged to  ok – globally – pegged to the new USN – and we also heard and saw evidence of our new USTN currency – which is United States Treasury Note – noticed no Federal reserve  mentioned – on the money -  of this new money –

The USTN has been seen coming out of ATM’s in Germany - Switzerland – and Hong Kong – they have our currency – our new currency  before we do – but it will come soon enough

In addition to that we heard the new platform – for  the internet – is under the auspices of the United States Space Force in a new system with 3 satellites called the starlink system – StarLink Internet System  using these 3 orbital satellites and that way the Dark Web and some of the other bad aspects of the internet would no longer be part of it – that was supposedly activated last night and today was still being worked through on it connectivity

So when does it switch over?  Has it switched over?  I do not know – but that is something that is also good because that is a satellite system will leap frog us over 5G and into 6G for cell phone service – so we will see how that comes about and manifests –

I have heard that is a much safer way to receive cell phone information satellite streaming and so on – because of using it from satellite as opposed to using the cell towers – was supposed to have been early March –

Beyond that the timing – I’ve got 2sets of information that give  us some idea of our timing – we have Wealth Managers  one at a lead bank -  that was suggesting that this thing could be release tonight – in which case – if all things worked like they should – we should get notified tomorrow -  and we could get notified  and set appointments and maybe start Thursday – that is one set of information coming from a top tier bank wealth manager

Now another piece of information came from another source – military  - that talked about tier 4B  - the internet group – getting notified on Thursday and starting exchanges on Friday – so we sort of have a wed/thur/Fri  approach in play right now and we believe based on these 2 separate sets of information and it may very well be that in the case of the groups that are based out west – we know their paymasters have seen liquidity in their master accounts ready to downstream to the participants of those groups – and maybe in some cases some of those paymasters have already down streamed to the accounts but have not informed the participants  in those groups  that the money is already  there –

So they are looking for notification I am talking about tier 4A as well as bond holders – current bond sellers – are looking for notifications in the form of emails tomorrow or Thursday and we in tier 4B are also looking to be notified through the Wells Fargo servers as well as certain of us that might get the toll free numbers and be able to disseminate those as well –

We know that the toll free numbers - the plan is to release up to 1.4 million emails across the country in 2 batches and possibly in 2 separate time releases – one released and then another 1 or 2 hrs later

So there are a lot of new things we can look forward to – one being working with our master account and when you do get your titanium access card and you have  your fingerprint scanned in the system  -  you realize that the screen you are looking at you are the only one – if you want it that way -  that needs to see what is on it – Even your wealth manager – those people in the bank are not really entitled to see that unless you give permission –

I think we are going to see banking take on a whole new light moving forward with QFS and with the role the bank will play with us and it is exciting -  - it is going to be different  more than anything we have known – so be prepared for that change

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/4/21 Empty Re: The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 3/4/21

Post by Ponee Sun Mar 07, 2021 8:29 pm



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