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MarkZ: "Paymasters are staying in position….nobody is leaving" (Are They Still Delivering Pizza And Setting Up Cots? LOL) 3/2/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Paymasters are staying in position….nobody is leaving" (Are They Still Delivering Pizza And Setting Up Cots? LOL) 3/2/21

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MarkZ: "Paymasters are staying in position….nobody is leaving" (Are They Still Delivering Pizza And Setting Up Cots? LOL) 3/2/21 Empty MarkZ: "Paymasters are staying in position….nobody is leaving" (Are They Still Delivering Pizza And Setting Up Cots? LOL) 3/2/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Mar 02, 2021 9:54 pm

Member:  Good morning everyone! Great day for an RV!!!

Member:  Today is Dr. Seuss Day

MZ: Paymasters are staying in position….nobody is leaving. As a matter of fact a few more of the “outliers” have traveled in this week per a conversation I had late last night….that some of the groups that had refused to come back ..now have  agreed to reappear in redemption areas. 

MZ: I have not seen any movement on historic bonds or prosperity packages yet though. 
MZ:  Lots of Chatter for “any moment” or something by the 21st………
Member: Kuwait’s RV was on a March 21st…….

Member:  Kuwait, revalued MONDAY the New York Times reported the event on March 25, 1991.

Member:  What date did Kuwait revalue its currency?March 25, 1991In February of 1991 Iraq was from Kuwait, and a month later, the banks revalued their currency to $3.47, the highest valued currency

Member:  Like Kuwait, it will be the day after the one everyone thinks !

MZ: They do like March for revaluations…….taking advantage of the international accounting calendar 

MZ: Iraq continues to meet in parliament and again, they say they will continue to meet daily until the budget is complete and they have a new value…..
Member:  On 2/26, Government of Iraq tweeted out: Setting a new exchange rate for Iraqi dinar against US dollar is part of economic reform program adopted

Member: Will paymasters actually stick around another week or longer?

MZ: Yes……I believe they will stick around until the beginning of April. But they are frustrated…way more frustrated then you are if you can believe it.  Most are there on their own dime….they do not get paid until its done….much like a realtor does not get paid until the house deal closes. They will stick around because they believe it is close. Many that had refused to come back earlier…..have now gone back…..if they are not there when it happens….they go to the end of the line…..so they are there….and believe its about to happen. 

Member: What is a paymaster?

MZ: Their job is to pay folks….like an esgrow agent…..Money is distributed to them…..then they distribute it to everyone in the group and their accounts…..They had to prove how honest they are to get this position.  Paymasters are used a lot in international deals as well….where they may have people in several countries but they are all part of a large business deal…..most often a paymaster is also an attorney. Paymasters are used in Tier 4a…..but not us….in tier 4b. 

Member:  Won’t say who said it but heard the Dong is NOT going in the same basket as the Dinar...it will go with the Asian basket

MZ:  I hope you are right but don’t believe you are…..Iraq holds a crazy amount of Vietnamese dong in its foreign currency reserves and Vietnam holds a crazy amount of dinar in theirs….it would create a global economic imbalance if they do not go at the same time. 

Member: What are tiers?

Member:  Tiers are aggregated groups of clients/ potential customers grouped and based on their asset originations and allocations and potential currency value levels

MZ: Tier 1 and 2 are large groups …sovereigns…..Tier 4a….already have paymasters aggregate their funds…they have turned in their currencies…...they have skrs……safe keeping receipts…..but do not yet have access to their dollars….we are tier 4b and our currencies are still in our hands. .
Member: Do you know the rates from the Chinese dragons…..are they still in the basket?
MZ: I touched on this yesterday…the oil for dinar plan…..the Chinese are offering to buy dinar for more money so they can purchase cheap oil from Iraq over time……..

Member:  Mark, these Chinese Dragons, are they called that because they keep DRAGON this out?

Member: if we cannot get an bankaccount now…..will we be able to get one after the RV

MZ: they will open all the accounts you need at your exchange apt….do not worry about that one bit. 

Member: So all paymasters are in place…banks have money… and we just hear crickets?

MZ: They have to be in place for the reset …for when they flip the switch…..and unfortunately they have to sit there…... if they tell you that you have 45 minutes to be at your appointment and you are not in place……you get moved to the back of the line…..

Member:   Kaiser Report from today. Watch it!

MZ: I did watch Simon Parkes from yesterday and he had some great points…one is circletel…I think that is killing the dinar community…..you have someone come out with something…..and the rest of the intel people parrot it……and its spread around as truth……most have good intentions…….but there is a lot of misinformation right now. 

MZ: Stay positive everyone….it will occur…….we will get it…….

CMKX: Nevada DOJ website to register for the CMKX Town Hall March 5 2021 10:00 AM PST. https://www.justice.gov/usao-nv/victim-witness-assistance/us-v-john-edwards-et-al-cmkm

Dr. Rich joins the stream toward the end of the call…..please listen to the replay for all his information….

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