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Post by RamblerNash Tue Mar 02, 2021 9:45 pm

More news….

Well, well here we are in March and still no 2021 budget and still no RV. Todays news is all about the budget and the refusal of the Kurdistan region to accept solutions presented to them. What do they want? They want a budget the recognizes and supports the people in the regions of article 140. They also want the oil and gas law. Do you see how important these two laws are? Do you get it now? Eventually this had to come to a head. Over the past years the Kurds negotiated and for he sake of compromise and promised made to them they would go along with the budget. But now they have had enough of promises and want ACTION. As we know they are also VERY upset over the devaluation of the dinar that took place in December. This move nearly destroyed their economy in Kurdistan. So yes, they have lots to be angry about. They want the full 17% plus the extra % under article 140. Under the law would guarantee them this but where is the law?

More news….


SULAIMANI — An expected trip to Baghdad by a Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) negotiating delegation was scrapped on Wednesday (February 24) because neither side appeared willing to compromise about their budget demands.

More news….


On Thursday, a member of Parliament, Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, stressed the necessity of reviewing the exchange rate of the dollar, especially with the continuing high oil prices.

Al-Sudani wrote in a tweet on Twitter today (February 25, 2021), that "with the continued rise in oil prices and the increase in revenues, which reduces the budget deficit."

He added, "In the absence of a real will to promote national agriculture and industry, it has become imperative TO RECONSIDER THE EXCHANGE RATE OF THE DOLLAR AND RAISE THE VALUE OF THE IRAQI DINAR, especially since the affected are the poor and middle-income class.

More news….


February 25, 2021 Walter

People – Baghdad 

On Friday, the US Department of Defense Central Command announced the destruction of targets of “pro-Iranian groups” near the Iraqi border, in response to the recent missile attacks in Erbil and Baghdad.

More news….



Setting a new exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar is part of the economic reform program adopted by the GOI , which aims to address the immediate financial crisis and placing the Iraqi economy on a sustainable path.

More news….


The Central Bank announced, on Saturday, that the Iraqi cash reserve exceeded 55 billion dollars. The official news agency quoted the bank as saying that "the cash reserve has now exceeded 55 billion dollars," adding that "THE DECREASE IN BANK PURCHASES FROM THE OUTLETS (corruption outlets) has led to an increase in the cash reserve." He explained, "The increase in monetary reserves is also the result of high oil prices."

More news….

I can see we still have some nasty liberals who wish to desecrate our movement of trying to legitimately fix this country. They must continue to spread their nonsense. So, here is yet another one that came forward this week with nasty comments. Yes, they must be on some type of pills or crack since they simply do not get it or make any sense in their attitudes and accusations. I guess when you have been swallowing the BLUE pill for so long it begins to show. No facts even for a starting point for open dialogue. How can you begin to argue with stupidity? So here is the comments made below. She wanted a response so she is going to get one. 

Comment By: Patricia A. Smith CEO of “Minding My Own Business”

She says and I quote- “So, it’s ok to do a golden image at CPAC of Donald Trump? Is God pleased with that ?? Come on !! God will not be mocked! Speak on that Mountain Goat! But you probably won’t say anything about that!”

Mnt Goat reply follows below:

So, you want me to reply to your response to CPAC and those who gather at an annual convention? Let me guess you attended a liberal community college. Is this right? You also probably attended a class in political science. Am I close? Yes, I can see the brainwashing just in the few comments you made. So let me clarify for what its worth.

The gatherers at CPAC only ask that our US constitution is followed. Is there something wrong with that?

We only ask that the politicians work for the people and not lining their own pockets. Is there something wrong with that?

We only ask for true world peace. Not a pretense of peace thru war. Is there something wrong with that?

We ask for a nation with fare paying jobs and a strong lower and middle class. Is there something wrong with that?

We ask for multi-national companies to pay their debt to society for the privilege of operating on our country. Is there something wrong with this? 

We ask for an honest justice system. Is there something wrong with that?

Most of all we ask for a fair and honest election process. We want democracy and protection from the government for our free market, capitalistic economic system not a destruction of it. Is there something wrong with that?

Yes, we want all these things. There are those who want to expose the corrupt and the deep state and what they are going to this country. You should too no matter what party you are affiliated with.

We are all Americans. We all belong to the same country. Don’t you see it too? Why can’t you see it? Your comments suggest disunity and a challenge to me to reply so I am replying but will you listen? Will you join the movement? Will you be a patriot or a dumbed down socialist pariot?

Yes, so I guess its more important to hate Trump. Yes, hate Trump (just a man) more than you love your own country?

So, Patricia believes that the 2021 CPAC convention is a room filled with follows of this movement to “Make America Great Again” and we worshiping Trump? She alludes to a golden statue and so I can only image this is a biblical reference to the Israelites in the desert under Moses who decided to give up hope in God and instead worship their gold. Remember where this gold came from? Did you read that far in your bible? It came from the gold they took with them out of Egypt. They melted it down and make the statues to worship. This is what the democrats/republican liberals are doing. They worship money, greed and hatred more than the God that gives them the very life itself.  

So, this is what you think the CPAC convention is all about? Are you that self-righteous on your view of God that you think this could even be true? It is so hard even to address such nonsense since you are so far left and liberal that no matter what I say any further will make any impact on you. 

Yes, Patricia maybe you started the perfect company and you should just “mind your own business”. You should do this since you can’t seem to mind anyone else’s. Yes, liberals and socialites forget even what they themselves really stand for. They have gone so far left their programs and agenda is anti-American and even anti-life itself.

Their hatred is so vented on a man named Trump that they can’t see the forest from the trees. But this is not really the truth and you know it too. There is another underlying agenda behind all this fuss about a man. It is really about a man who stepped forward to answer God’s call and try to fix the country. It is what he stands for that you really hate so much. You socialites will sit back and watch even your own country go down the tubes just for some kind of vengeance on someone you do not really even know. Someone whom you were brainwashed to hate. Maybe if you came to CPAC sometime and sat and listened you might find that the speakers only speak of hope and desire for a better country.

I guess the liberal propaganda machine is working overtime. Yes, they are very successful and these comments you made are yet another sign of the problems facing America today.

May God Bless You Patricia, and I hope somewhere, but not in America though, that you get what you desire. But when you do don’t come running back to your homeland crying how bad it is. We are patriots and God centered people. You can always change and its never too late. 

More news….


Oil prices rose towards a dollar on Monday, driven by optimism in the global economy thanks to progress in a massive U.S. stimulus package and hopes for improved oil demand. Brent crude futures were up 92 cents, or 1.43 percent, to $65.43 a barrel by 0454 GMT. West Texas Intermediate futures jumped 90 cents, or 1.46 percent, to $62.41 a barrel.

More news….


March 1, 2021

Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Supervising the Governmental Program, Muhammad Karim, on Monday, suggested passing the budget bill during the current week, WHETHER OR NOT IT WAS AGREED WITH THE Kurdistan REGION, indicating that the increase in calculating the price of a barrel of oil to $ 45 came as a result of high oil prices.

Karim said in a statement to "the information", that "the need to approve the budget has become very necessary at this stage for several reasons, including economic and security, and that the delay in the lack of a consensus between the region and the center so far does not mean that we will wait more until the relief."

He added that "all expectations and data that happen on reality indicate that the current budget will be paid to Parliament during the next two days, whether or not it was agreed." It is likely that "the budget will be passed during the current week or the beginning of next week as a maximum."

MP Mansour Al-Baiji was surprised, today, that the budget law was not included in the agenda of today's session despite the completion of the law by the Finance Committee after making the necessary amendments to the law and it is ready to vote.

(Mnt Goat -Literally minutes later out pops this article….so which is correct?

I tend to go with the one below since we all know the budget needs the oil from Kurdistan to operate.)


March 1, 2021 Walter

Baghdad – Mawazine News

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Sherwan Mirza, ruled out the presentation of the draft law in the Iraqi parliament for a vote without the participation of the Kurds, indicating: “and in the event that happens, the project will not have enough votes to pass it anyhow.”

Mirza said in a television interview, “The opportunity to reach an agreement between Erbil and Baghdad is still there, and we are optimistic about it, as the atmosphere is positive and good.” He pointed out that what is delaying reaching an agreement “is not only related to the Kurds only, but also to other parties.”

(Mnt Goat – NO! The budget is not already passed and they are not deceiving anyone just to hold it up because they are waiting for the US approval of the RV. How ridiculous this nonsense it once again. Everything does not evolve around the RV. Again just more guru talk and we know the idiot who spreads this crap)


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets (  ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


February 24, 2021 Walter

SULAIMANI — An expected trip to Baghdad by a Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) negotiating delegation was scrapped on Wednesday (February 24) because neither side appeared willing to compromise about their budget demands.

NRT reporter Omed Muhammed said that he surveyed the lawmakers who sit on the Council of Representatives’ Finance Committee and they said that everything is settled in the draft 2021 Federal Budget Law, expect where it concerns the Kurdistan Region.

On Tuesday night, a spokesperson for Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi said in a statement that the Kurdistan Region’s share is the main obstacle preventing passage of the bill.

A final vote on the legislation has been pushed back three times already because of the failure of Baghdad and Erbil to come to an agreement.

Over the weekend, MPs said that there would likely be a vote on Thursday, but it could be pushed back again.

KRG Spokesperson Jotiar Adil said in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon that the KRG remains confident that an agreement can be reached.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Spokesperson Mahmoud Muhammed said that a delegation from his party would go to Baghdad to meet with officials from the Shia and Sunni parties in an effort to break the deadlock.




The deputy for Al-Fateh Muhammad Al-Shabaki told / Al-Maouma / that "the Finance Committee presented to the Kurdish delegation several offers and solutions to come up with a consensual formula regarding the region's share in the budget and the payment of its oil imports."

He added that "the Kurds reject all solutions and Egyptians take their full shares in the budget without handing over oil imports or even 250 thousand barrels and imports outlets."

"The Kurds put the council in a very critical situation, and the budget is long overdue and is dependent on consensual solutions with the Kurds," Al-Shabaki explained, noting that "the coming hours are the hours of deciding on the budget."



Today, Thursday, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Repin Salam, confirmed that the regional government will knock on all doors in an attempt to reach an agreement with Baghdad regarding its share in the budget.

In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Salam said, “The region will knock on all legitimate doors, including the mediation of friendly countries and the United States, and this was what was in the last call that the regional government head, Masrour Barzani, brought together with former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.”

He added that “the region is ready for mediation to be played by the United States, the United Nations mission, or any other country as long as the dispute with Baghdad is political and not technical, because opposition to voting on the region’s share in the budget is purely political, especially since the region adhered to all the conditions of the federal government.”

And local media had indicated that the region had requested mediation by the United States with the federal government in an attempt to reach an agreement to fix Kurdistan’s share in the budget.

The Kurdistan Regional Government confirmed on Wednesday (February 24, 2021), the continuation of negotiations with the federal government in Baghdad, in the presence of a readiness, which it described as “the best”, to solve the issue of the 2021 budget, during the Council of Ministers held its regular weekly meeting headed by the Prime Minister, Masrour Barzani and in the presence of the Vice President of the Council Minister Qubad Talabani.



The US ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Toller, discussed with the presidents of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani, and the regional government, Masrour Barzani, several files, most notably the recent missile attack that targeted Erbil.

A statement by the US embassy in Baghdad, which Mawazine News received / a copy of, stated that “the US ambassador, Matthew Toller, visited Erbil on February 24 and met with the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, and the Minister of Interior of the Kurdistan Region, Reber Ahmed .

The statement added, “The meetings included a range of issues, including US support for the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi federal government in the aftermath of the February 15 missile attacks in Erbil, as well as regional relations, support for the implementation of the Sinjar Agreement, and the safe, dignified and voluntary return of the displaced to the country.” Their homes. ”

He continued, “The meetings also discussed the budget negotiations of the Kurdistan Regional Government with the Government of Iraq, as well as relations between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party.”

The US ambassador, Matthew Toller, stressed, according to the statement, “the importance of unifying the Kurdistan region of Iraq and its government as the best way to serve its people, economic recovery, provide security and a strong investment climate for business.”

Toller stressed “the importance of freedom of expression and the press,” noting that “the United States remains committed to working with the Kurdistan region of Iraq and civil society on this issue and ensuring the consolidation of relations with the Biden administration.”

The statement continued, “Ambassador Tueller also visited the Director of Erbil International Airport, Ahmed Hoshyar Muhammad Amin, and the Commander of Erbil Air Base, Colonel Scott Dessormo.”

He emphasized, ”

Ambassador Toller concluded, according to the statement, “his visit by meeting Baz Raouf Karim, Director of Car Group, during which the two discussed the importance of diversifying and modernizing the energy infrastructure in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the energy market.”



Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Muhammad al-Shabaki, announced, on Thursday, a parliamentary-government movement to amend the exchange rate of the dollar to 1,300 dinars, CONFIRMING THAT THERE IS A PARLIAMENTARY REFUSAL TO PASS A BUDGET BILL IN 2021 WITHOUT MODIFYING THE EXCHANGE RATE OF THE DOLLAR AGAINST THE IRAQI DINAR.

Al-Shabaki said in a press statement yesterday (February 25, 2021) that "there are political forces and deputies from different political blocs, working to adjust the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, in the 2021 budget, and these forces and MPs refuse to pass the budget without this amendment."

He added, "There is a parliamentary proposal that the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar be (13000) Iraqi dinars for every $ 100, but the validity of the amendment remains in the hands of the Iraqi government, and THERE ARE CONTACTS BETWEEN PARLIAMENTARY AND GOVERNMENTAL PARTIES TO DISCUSS THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH AN AMENDMENT, before voting on the budget."

A member of Parliament, Inaam Al-Khuzaie, had earlier submitted a proposal to RESTORE THE OLD EXCHANGE RATE OF 1,200 DINARS against the dollar without affecting the value of money added to the budget as a result of changing the new exchange rate.

A member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee, MP Mazen Al-Faili, announced that there is a trend within the House of Representatives to reduce the dollar exchange rate to 1300 dinars against the dollar in the 2021 budget, and added, “Signatures were collected by 113 deputies to reduce the dollar exchange rate to 130 thousand. Dinars in the budget.

(Mnt Goat – remember the parliament does not decide monetary policy, the CBI does. So here we go again…Does this sound like they are going to RV soon?)



(Mnt Goat – please, please read in particular what I put in upper case. It is everything I have been telling you. So now you have it from Iraq once again. This is their plan and we can see why they do not want all this debt from loans and beholding to the World Bank and the deep state cabal.)

The appearance of Al-Ghaithi:

THE WEST DEALS WITH STRATEGY, AND IT IS A MISTAKE NOT TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO WITH US through gathering information, analyzing it, and deducing future goals and plans for them so that we can confront them through tight, easy and reluctant planning that depends on loyalty to God and trust in Him and relying on His success, glory be to Him.


1)Many observers are confused about the real reasons and motives behind the Al-Kazemi government’s feet to sell dollars at a high price to the people for reasons. Let us think out loud and say is it :

A. TO WITHDRAW CASH FROM THE PEOPLE, WHICH EXCEEDS THE FINANCIAL POTENTIAL OF THE STATE, AS IT IS KNOWN THAT THE MONETARY PROPERTIES IN CIRCULATION in the market or in the possession of people are higher than what the state owns, and this in itself poses a threat to the state’s financial sovereignty and loss of its balance and threatens the failure of the financial system.

(Mnt Goat – They are telling us in this paragraph the need to shrink the money supply by “TO WITHDRAW CASH FROM THE PEOPLE”, then why are they doing this? I quote – “WHICH EXCEEDS THE FINANCIAL POTENTIAL OF THE STATE, AS IT IS KNOWN THAT THE MONETARY PROPERTIES IN CIRCULATION”. This is being done for what comes next, the global currency. If you shrink the money supply then each dinar is worth more, get it?)

B.Did the instructions come from America in this regard in order to control the people and the Shiites in particular like this and simply to facilitate their fight and implement all kinds of plans that they want to implement on them?

2)Is it that the FAMILIES CONTROLLING THE GLOBAL ECONOMY WANT INTERNAL CONTROL OVER THE IRAQI ECONOMY THROUGH THE WINDOW OF THE WORLD BANK, since it is arbitrary and now in implementing a loan to Iraq worth 5 billion and perhaps the intention is to exhaust Iraq economically, and this in itself is a harbinger of affairs and has serious repercussions as :

A.Iraq owes the World Bank large sums and benefits will be imposed on it in the next stage. Iraq cannot get out of this crisis, and it will be bargained for to implement their plans in Iraq.

B.Is the GOAL OF THESE FAMILIES IS TO CONTROL IRAQI MONEY, and that will not happen to them except after distorting the reputation of Iraq abroad and reducing its economic power to the bottom through its relationship with the WORLD BANK AND KEEPING IRAQ INDEBTED TO THEM FOR LONGEVITY, AND THIS WILL AFFECT THE CHOICES OF FUTURE GENERATIONS as they do not then allow Iraq to deal with other countries in financial matters in order to develop and boost its economy.

(Mnt Goat – this part of the article is telling us that Iraq realizes that the World Bank (the central banking system run by the cabal deep state) wants to keep them in debt such as they have done with so many other countries, including the USA. I quote – “GOAL OF THESE FAMILIES IS TO CONTROL IRAQI MONEY”. The new economic plan is to wipe out their debt and not have to suffer the long term consequences of debt upon their nation. I quote – “KEEPING IRAQ INDEBTED TO THEM FOR LONGEVITY, AND THIS WILL AFFECT THE CHOICES OF FUTURE GENERATIONS”.)

3)This stage represents the PREPARATION FOR THE NEXT STAGE, WHICH IS THE NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM. If the Iraqi financial system and economy are restricted and shackled, it will be soft at the hands of governments and governments, which are controlled by the royal families and they are already infiltrated.

(Mnt Goat – So here it is said so let there be no doubt the purpose of what the CBI has done to temporarily devalue the dinar to 1450. Getting these notes out of circulation is needed in “preparation for the next state, which is the new global economic system”. In other words global IQD currency, the reinstatement. Do you need anymore proof?)

4)If Iraq were to regain its strength and there was a possibility to strengthen the Iraqi dinar, it would be the first in the region and it would be a good supporter of the economy and vice versa, and IT WOULD OVERPOWER THE REGION’S CURRENCIES AND ECONOMIES AND IRAQ WOULD BE A GLOBAL POWER, and for this there would be no interest for the region’s countries to support the Iraqi dinar and save it from the system’s hegemony.

5)America and most of the dominant forces in Iraq deliberately keep Iraq under the terms of pressure to be safe in their future in the event of revolutions, especially as they are frequently repeated.

Finally, if you collect everything that has been said and put with it what will happen in TERMS OF A SHIFT IN THE DIGITAL CURRENCY, especially in the dollar and digital dealings in buying and selling, in addition to some of what we have previously mentioned about some manipulating the financial balance between Baghdad and the region, it is certain that the CLUES AND FEATURES OF THE NEXT PHASE WILL BE REVEALED TO YOU.

My brothers who have the word and fair people in Iraq and the region, the solution is simple. We know our patriotic men who defend our rights. Our salvation is by pushing them to power, and any negligence in this matter will lead to the completion of the tamer rings, which will lead not only to the families of our word, but to the shackling and families of our children and grandchildren as well.



(Mnt Goat – yet another excellent article. Everyone should read this and try to understand what they are trying to tell us. I have put some of my notes to help you)

It is time for Iraqis to learn from measures that have registered success in countries in economic crisis.  Washington Consensus: Markets drive more growth than the state.

The Iraqi "white paper" is fully consistent with the provisions of the Washington consensus REDUCING THE VALUE OF THE DINAR IS THE FIRST OF THE GOVERNMENT'S HARSH STEPS AGAINST LARGE SEGMENTS OF IRAQIS.

In 1989, economist John Williamson developed AN ECONOMIC DRAFT OF TEN ARTICLES, WHICH HE PRESENTED AS A TREATMENT DESCRIPTION FOR FAILED STATES that suffer major financial and economic problems in the Latin continent (failed states or fragile states is a political term referring to weak and ineffective governments that were unable to control the performance of Its successful or failed service and administrative duties to monopolize the authority of legitimate violence) during which it called the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to adopt this bylaw, and the recommendations presented at the time were as follows:

Policy of fiscal discipline and consideration of expenses

Redirecting public spending from indiscriminate subsidies to investment in infrastructure

Tax reform in the sense of moderately broadening the tax base

Giving markets the freedom to set prices so that they are higher than the rate of inflation

Liberalizing the trade sector with a focus on the principle of eliminating quantitative restrictions, such as licensing and concessions

Liberalization of foreign investment flows

Privatization of state institutions

Liberate and abolish regulations and laws that hinder market entry or restrict competition

THE CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE IS APPROPRIATE AND REFLECTS ECONOMIC STRENGTH (Mnt Goat you can see they have not yet implemented this one)

Observe the laws and rights of land ownership

In the 1990s, this list took a broad political turn, after it was approved by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the US Treasury Department based in Washington, DC, until these policies were overshadowed by the term Washington Consensus, referring to those institutions that adopt these policies that support the politics of international globalization.

And between a critic and objector to these policies, which were considered by some to be an INTERVENTIONIST POLICY DIRECTED IN FAVOR OF CERTAIN LIBERAL COUNTRIES IN MANIPULATING THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES OF THOSE COUNTRIES FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES, as these reform policies were applied in Latin countries and applied again in the second world countries, i.e. the socialist countries after their separation from the Union The Soviet Union, then added to the list ten other items called at the time - Post-Washington Consensus, the amended Washington consensus - during which the developing countries' economic conditions and the size of the responsibilities restricted to their economies were taken into account and constrained by the dependence of many social strata and classes on their central economies.

The principle of the regulation and its provisions in general - as economists see it - is based on the concept that markets lead to achieving growth more than the state itself, and to reduce the role of the state in managing the economy.

(Mnt Goat – this has the “economic hitman” written all over it. It describes their tactics very well. We all should know be now the economic hit men are in Iraq as they came out years ago and told us they DO NOT want Iraq as a sovereign wealthy country as they felt if would be a “threat” to the international plan. Remember this? This came out from the CIA. So now we see why Iraq is constantly fighting to progress. We see why they have not yet RV’s and gone international with their currency. They are being intentionally held back. It is not until these forces are dealt with will Iraq be able to  move ahead.)

White paper

In August 2020, the Iraqi government presented the economic reform report, which it called the "white paper", which included a set of recommendations, strategies and policies that it believes are capable of reforming the economic and financial system in Iraq, and through which the Iraqi government believes, as stated in the preamble of the paper, that it is inevitable. Other than implementing these reforms, there is no room for postponing those decisions and policies and continuing to depend on Iraq on recovering oil prices and its export quantities to finance its increasing expenditures.

(Mnt Goat – So they have the “wither paper” the blueprint of how to overcome the “economic hitman”. But can they actually implement it?)

With the study of the five frameworks and axes of the white paper and allowing ourselves to rearrange them in accordance with the terms of the ten Washington Consensus paper, we find that most of the themes and topics dealt with in the Iraqi White Paper came fully compatible with the terms of the Washington Consensus. Although its impact was not clearly observed in the last proposed budget for 2021, the privatization of public sectors IS ANOTHER GOAL THAT THE AL-KAZEMI GOVERNMENT SEEKS TO IMPLEMENT, WHILE THE MOVE TO CHANGE THE EXCHANGE RATE OF THE DOLLAR AND REDUCE THE VALUE OF THE DINAR WAS THE FIRST STEPS THAT THE GOVERNMENT IMPLEMENTED, the severity of which was reflected on large segments of the people. Iraqi.

Feasibility and effectiveness of these steps

We can at least agree with most liberals and believers in the free economy who believe in the principle of limiting state intervention in the economy, with the importance of implementing these paragraphs, but it is possible that the objections about the implementation and implementation mechanism are logical, acceptable and justified, especially with the nature of the fragile and complex situations of those countries whose environments were not Legal, economic and political are qualified to undertake comprehensive reforms of this magnitude, which could harm the interests and entry of many segments of their societies who are unable to defend their interests or even understand their rights and duties.

As for returning to the countries and institutions that sponsor these articles, which are considered advanced industrial capitalist countries such as the United States and Britain as an example, whose economic thinkers, their major economic institutions and their research centers have adopted these reform items!

We find that it took a contradictory behavior with the call of developing countries and socialist countries to adopt these difficult decisions in a time of financial and economic crises that they experienced in the years 2008 and 2020, as the United States and even the European Union countries and Britain abandoned measures to lift state support, and turned towards interventionist policies in the market, And increase spending and economic stimulus, and support the affected companies with grants and loans without interest or negative interest, and the adoption of spending policies, and a large increase in spending to take care of the vulnerable classes and large payments for unemployment!

Those international financial institutions and those who support them from among the major countries are trying to impose policies that pressure peoples' governments to implement harsh economic provisions and steps in difficult periods as is happening in Iraq today, contrary to the nature of the behavior of their decisions and economic policies in times of crisis, which calls for us to stop a little and reconsider adopting such The procedures in our countries and the return to hearing the opponents of those policies and procedures or to re-evaluate and discuss the objective reasons for the success or failure of such measures and economic policies on the reality of developing countries or countries that are in a state of economic transition from centralization to a market economy.


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