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Post by Ponee Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:12 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 1:04:15


Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Thursday February 25th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in tonight – this could be an amazing call we expect tonight –looking forward to imparting a lot of good information to you in the intel segment – we welcome you and appreciate you being back with us tonight – We look forward to having a good call tonight

I want to be done by 10:30 so I am going to just rock and roll – There is a lot of stuff that has been happening behind the scenes for the most part – yesterday and today and I am going to try to create for you – sort of a time-line of events that happened – and the significance of them

No 1 - we knew Iraq was going to put out their rate - their budget – they were going to have it available at somewhere in the 3:00 to 3:30 AM time today Eastern time – and our understanding is that the trading platform for these currencies – the Forex – is in the new QF System –

5 Sided Clear Acrylic Box - Custom Size

5 Sided Clear Acrylic Box - Custom Size


Now at 2 am Eastern time today – the trading of approximately 22 or 23 currencies that – going up in value – were available this morning to be traded on the System – so that occurred early this morning

Let’s go back though to yesterday – and talk about what occurred yesterday at 10 am - on Wednesday and that was the shutting down of our Federal Reserve System – and the Fed Res went down and that was not allowing any bank wires to go through the Fed Reserve anymore – that was the plan to disable that system under the old SWIFT system which was that payment system that’s been used forever as you know -
Now that was taken down but it was absorbed – if you will - absorbed by our new US Treasury - The Treasury for the Restored Republic – it was absorbed or integrated – it was supposed to have been integrated in 72 hours or less and it was actually absorbed by 6 pm last night (Wed PM)

So from 6 am until 10 pm Eastern Standard time that was accomplished – which is wonderful – so now - we are no longer on the same central bank system globally – That’s big –

The other thing is with the integration of that –as part of the Quantum Financial System - and which the banks tend to refer to as the “Block Chain System” – because it does use blockchain technology – it allows for banking to take place as all the testing was done as point to point without going through a central bank - like the federal Reserve – That’s really big

This allows us to do bank wires as ledger to ledger transfers now – in less than one minute Globally! And no longer are we supposed to be subject to – remember the days of waiting 2-3 days for a bank wire to clear – or come into your account? Up to 10-11 days for international wires to clear – in some cases and that allows the central banks to hold on to the money and trade it internationally while you are waiting to be paid – let’s say – and so that is changing –

The idea of paying bank fees to send money that is gone – there are a lot of things that are going to be changing here – alright let’s keep going – We’ve got that new Quantum Financial System that is going to really help us – to get to work with our projects

On that same vein – there are 111 trillion dollars currently held by our new Treasury – that are taxpayers money - now we know people have been following NESARA and GESARA - people that know what has happened by using your birth certificate to convert you as channeled property to be traded as a commodity – those days are over and we should be getting new birth certificates – don’t know exactly when on that -

What’s interesting is all of that – that 111 trillion dollars – a little over 4 trillion of it is designated per state – to the states that have indicated they want to be part of the new Republic –

Right now we have Texas that has already declared their sovereignty as a Nation State – remember the ads for Texas tourism? That said Texas is a whole other country – do you remember those? Well guess what? It’s true – it is a whole other country now- it is it’s own sovereign nation state - they were only one vote in the legislature about a week ago apart from that happening - and removing themselves from the Union

Now – what’s interesting is there are 37 states so far that have indicated that they would like to be part of that movement if you will - a part of the new Republic - the Restored and New Republic –

That is what we are going back to - back to the old Constitution and that is the trend – it’s happening and each of those states would be receiving a little over 4 trillion dollars each to use towards infrastructure - roads – bridges – over passes etc – railroads stuff like that -

That is why I was told months ago to not include those in our projects because we got that – that is something the government will handle and they are by paying the states a portion of that money to use for those projects

Now under NESARA – which we are sort of in the midst of starting now – should kick off on the first of March – That is Monday!!

We are getting word that President Trump will speak at the CPAC Convention which starts late tonight and goes through Sunday – He is going to be a Keynote Speaker – at 5 PM Eastern Sunday – and I would not be surprised if he did mention something about Texas becoming their own sovereign Nation State –

Now – what else might he mention? I don’t know - but I hope that he gives us some indicator of NESARA which we really - realize to do what we are doing right now – trading the USN – the number of countries’ currencies that are actually pegged to our new USN currency – all but 7 countries – globally have attached themselves in the new QFS in the trading platform – for trading currencies with us under the USN – and they’re pegged to it -

Now that is taking place – that actually occurred today at 4:30 pm – the total integration activation of the QF System – so this is hot off the presses - 4 pm makes sense because the markets close at 4 Eastern – A half hour is usually what trading after the bell takes place - and so 4:30 that’s when it was completely activated -fully activated –

It’s really a beautiful thing to see where we are now because I have been told this weekend – Friday – Saturday – Sunday – is going to be an AMAZING Revelatory weekend – Things are really popping – Groups – based out west – are to be notified of the funds to be in their accounts for their liquidity –

Bond Holders are supposed to be notified that they have access to funds - sometime this weekend – We could get notified - Initially I was told we would be notified Monday and start Tuesday – that may still hold up - however – recent news indicates we might get notified and that means with email notification and 800 numbers could be sooner than that –

So this is a really important time for us to get everything moving forward or your readiness – for yourself – your projects and everything else – this looks like we are almost “there” for “GO” time

The thing we are looking for with NESARA is the debt forgiveness and that will be explained obviously in its entirety - supposed to take place starting the 15th of March - that is also the designated date when tier 5 “John Q Public” is going to be notified

So things are looking good for us in Tier 4A and tier 4B – we know the redemption center staff is readied – with regular schedules for tomorrow – and we are at the point where everything is connected now – and I think everything can move forward - So I think that is everything I wanted to bring tonight -


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