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Mnt Goat News Brief - (Guru Portion Only) 2/18/21

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Mnt Goat News Brief - (Guru Portion Only) 2/18/21 Empty Mnt Goat News Brief - (Guru Portion Only) 2/18/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:06 pm

More news….

Did you watch my latest video set on FB entitled - It’s time to “Ditch Mitch” – A Politicial Time Bomb for Liberty and Freedom. Oh…don’t you worry there is much more to come as these corrupt politicians are exposed more and more.

The news about the reinstatement has not changed much since my last newsletter on Feb 16th. I will surface some sad, but expected, garbage intel from the TNT sources and others. They claim that the snow storm in Texas and surrounding states prevented the RV this week. Really? Why didn’t the RV happen prior? Will it happen next week? Of course, it won’t as it was never scheduled to happen. These gurus consistently say they have creditable sources but I have to tell you that they do not. I know exactly who their sources are and they are idiots, just like the ones who are dumb enough to listen to them. Again, I urge everyone to listen to me that there is not going to be any secret about when this revaluation/reinstatement happens. We are is close contact with Iraq these days that they can not hide anything from us no matter what games they might try to play, if they tried any games at all.

So, the process of getting to the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar has NOT changed and we follow the process. In the meantime, please let’s stop all this ridiculous lying just to get people to come to your sites or conference calls. Yes, big $$$ involved in all these lies and these are the scams of this investment. We must keep challenging lies with TRUTH.

More news….


- Advisor to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed that the government will benefit from the high oil prices in strengthening “the country's financial leverage,” while the Parliamentary Finance Committee stated that it will continue discussing the budget even with the imposition of a health ban.

Saleh said in an interview with the official newspaper and its independent affiliate, today, Wednesday, that “the break-even point in the budget requires that the average price of an annual barrel of oil exported abroad be at least $ 75- $ 80 a barrel,” indicating that “at that time the gap will be closed. The deficit completely. The sources of borrowing to meet the budget deficit are mostly automatically canceled.

More news….


The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that there is a tendency to cancel the currency auction, while indicating that the Central Bank’s reserves will not be affected in the 2021 general budget.

A government source revealed, on Wednesday, that the auction sales of the Central Bank of Iraq had decreased to more than 7 billion and a quarter of a billion dollars since the new exchange rate was approved.

More news….


February 17, 2021 Walter

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Crude oil prices continued to rise today, Wednesday. The global Brent crude index reached $ 64.24 a barrel at 2:33 pm Baghdad time {GMT + 3}. While the price of a barrel of oil from Basra Light crude exceeded $ 64. As for the Basra heavy price, it was at 61.4 dollars for the first time in more than 13 months.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets (  ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


A member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Representative Hussein Al-Oqabi, revealed today, Tuesday (February 16, 2021), that there is a parliamentary majority in support of the dollar’s exchange rate remaining at 1450 dinars Al-Aqabi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), We continue to press for the return of the dollar’s exchange rate to its previous position, or to seek to reach a middle settlement, especially since there are parliamentary parties who are adherent and convinced of the new exchange rate at 1450 dinars per dollar.

He pointed out that the current efforts by a parliamentary grouping pay for the exchange rate to be at 1250-1300 dinars per dollar, but the matter has difficulties Al-Uqabi added, the parliamentary majority adheres to the new dollar exchange rate, with government conviction in this direction, but we still have some time, but we are exerting pressure to reconsider the exchange rate or push to find compromises because the current price has caused an increase in prices in the Iraqi market by a percentage." 30% He added, "There is indeed a parliamentary struggle between two parties about the matter between those who stick to the exchange ".rate and those who want to restore it to its previous position.

He pointed out, "Other MPs have sought to find an equation that contributes to alleviating harm to large segments of Iraqis and pushing for convictions that contribute to changing the exchange rate by an amount that reduces the burden on the shoulders of the ".poor and simple people It is noteworthy that the social and economic repercussions are increasing since the dollar’s exchange rate rose against the dinar, after it was quickly reflected on the prices of goods and services in the country, with continuing fears of uncontrolled price increases in the Iraqi market, while a parliamentary proposal has emerged calling for the investment in the encouraging global development with higher .prices.

Oil to adjust the current exchange rate Representatives in Parliament hold the government and the Finance Minister in particular to stand behind the decision to reduce the .value of the dinar against the dollar A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Sherwan Mirza, confirmed that "the new dollar exchange rate has not been manipulated by the budget, given that the country's financial policy has been drawn to the price that was mentioned in the bill He confirmed in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that Parliamentary finance worked according to the powers granted to it in amending and replacing some items in the budget and the exchange rate from the government's authority, and we do not think it intends to change it.

In turn, a member of the Parliamentary Economic Committee, Mazen Al-Faili, affirmed that "the surplus from the difference in the price of a barrel of oil can contribute to maximizing revenues and filling the current financial deficit He explained in a televised interview that "the price of a barrel that was fixed in the budget reached $ 45 and the current price on the global market for Iraqi oil has reached $ 60, and this encourages going to a plan to reduce the exchange rate He added, "Representatives have proposed going for an exchange rate of 1300 dinars against the dollar, as a compromise. The ".proposal is before the government now and reduces its powers and can be fixed in the budget.



The economic and banking advisor, Samir Al-Nasiri, confirmed, on Tuesday, that hard currency in Iraq is still subject to leakage outside the country and called on the government and its specialized economic institutions to take measures, mechanisms, and economic, financial and monetary policies.

Al-Nusiri said in an interview with "Al-Eqtisad News", that the foreign currency will not return due to unplanned and uncontrolled imports of consumer and unnecessary goods and goods from poor origins and outside the Iraqi standard specifications, while putting forward a set of proposals that would preserve the hard currency that Iraq needs in His current crisis he is going through.

He added that Iraq since 2003 until now has not stimulated and activated the productive sectors such as industry, agriculture, energy and tourism, and the local product, which is the basis for determining imports, has not been supported, indicating that import is a complement to local production and not a substitute for it, but after the opening of borders and markets and the entry of poor imported materials at prices. Low compared to the local product due to the lack of security of raw materials and government support, which led to the exit of hard currency, mainly through imports of the private sector.

Al-Nusiri stated that the best solution to preserve hard currency is for the government to support local production and activate the laws to protect the local product and protect the consumer, which are laws that have been on the shelves for years and have not been activated, stressing the importance of providing raw materials and electricity to the factories, structuring government factories and engaging the private sector. In its management.

He continued that Iraq without local products that match the importer cannot maintain its hard currency as required, pointing to the need for the government to address the structural imbalance in the economy, activate the productive sectors, and address the deficit in non-oil revenue and the deficit in the balance of payments and the trade balance.

"We are a country that does not have a clear economic approach, and the private sector has not been involved in making economic decisions, which requires and must be supported by the government," Al-Nusairi said.



The government warned of the "dangers" of not adhering to the reform plans contained in the "white paper", noting that the paper  works to  create the appropriate conditions for the country's economy to recover and grow.

The paper is divided into two parts, the first in "Governance of the reform program, including the structures and processes responsible for overseeing, follow-up and evaluation of the implementation of the plan, and linking the program with the executive body of the state to ensure the availability of the necessary powers."

As for the second section, it "included transferring the components of the white paper to the reform program, which includes a group of projects, the number of which reached 64, each of which includes a set of objectives that lead the process of their implementation in an integrated manner to the completion of each project, and the projects are integrated with each other to complete the reform program as a whole."

The white paper enjoys the full support of the international community, which is embodied in the establishment of a special committee for support called "The Economic Contact Group for Iraq IECG ", whose mission is to provide support for the economic reform process in Iraq within the framework of the White Paper.

This group includes the seven industrialized countries, the G7, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, in addition to the European Union.

This group was established following the prime minister's visit to Britain, and one of the primary tasks of this group is to coordinate the appointment of international specialists and advisors to assist the Iraqi government in the basic areas of reform, and whenever there is a need for technical and administrative assistance.

According to the paper, international support provides important opportunities to benefit from advanced international expertise in various areas of implementing the reform plan, as well as providing the appropriate conditions to facilitate support for international institutions to deal with the various complications that may accompany the implementation process.

The paper recommends "the existence of representation of the Economic Contact Group for Iraq and the World Bank in the Supreme Committee for Reform by representatives who do not have the right to vote, and in a manner that is closely coordinated by the continuation of international support for the plan."

The paper also recommended the formation of a high-level committee of economists and statesmen, to provide advice to the implementation team on the strategy that affects the trends of the Iraqi economy.

The paper stated that the committee may meet quarterly, or when needed, to evaluate the pathways for implementing the reform plan, and to suggest remedies and amendments that may be required by the plan. The number of members of the committee does not exceed 10 persons from different countries and experiences of different proven success. "

Over a period of 4 years, the paper aims to complete 64 projects and reduce the budget deficit to 3% from 20%, in addition to liquidating the losing government companies and reducing financial support for public companies by 30%.

It also aims to reduce the salary bill from 25% to 12.5%, reviewing the salary scale for employees, as well as ending reliance on imported gas and investing associated gas instead of burning it and implementing gas licensing mobile contracts.

The paper seeks to reform the collection of electricity wages by re-activating the privatization of taxation companies, and their inclusion in uncovered areas, in addition to other goals.



Iran announced today, Wednesday, that it will continue its nuclear program, setting several conditions for other parties.

"The Biden administration is still continuing the policy of maximum pressure that was followed by the Trump administration," Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a press conference followed by the "National News Center".

Pointing out that IRAN WILL CONTINUE TO ENHANCE ITS NUCLEAR PROGRAM IF THE REST OF THE PARTIES DO NOT ABIDE BY THEIR OBLIGATIONS. Zarif added that "the steps we have taken can be undone," noting that "the policy of maximum pressure on us will not work.

(Mnt Goat – the FACVT is that Iran has been continuing to enhance its nuclear program all along regardless of any treaty. That’s the point that the treaty is not and has not been working. Do you know why? It is NOT verifiable and Trump had pointed this out many times, but the news media does not want to back up the TRUTH about Iran. Why? Because the Obama deep state narrative is in favor of spreading the Islamic ideology.)



The Federal Integrity Commission revealed that the RESTORATION AND PREVENTION OF THE WASTE OF MORE THAN A TRILLION AND A QUARTER OF A TRILLION DINARS CAME DURING ITS ANNOUNCEMENT OF ITS ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR 2020, indicating that the public funds that were recovered or that judicial rulings were issued to return them and that prevented and stopped the waste of the Commission based on its procedures, which were actually returned to THE GENERAL TREASURY ACCOUNT TOTALED (702,593,974,949) BILLION DINARS, and (481,934,358) million US dollars.

The commission clarified that it has worked on (13482) criminal cases in which the number of accused reached (8891) accused, and (12007) charges were charged, among them (63) ministers and of their degree, they were charged (92) charges, and (449) accused of special ranks. General managers and those of their rank were charged (701) charges, pointing to the issuance of (639) convictions (854), including (4) convictions against (4) ministers and those of their rank, and (37) judgments against (29) relatives Special grades, general directors, and their grade.

She indicated that she examined (28057) communications, news and criminal cases during the same period, of which (7,386) cases were completed through judicial procedures.



A government source revealed, on Wednesday, that THE AUCTION SALES OF THE CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ HAD DECREASED TO MORE THAN 7 BILLION and a quarter of a billion dollars since the new exchange rate was approved.

The source said, according to the official news agency, that “the auction sales of the Iraqi Central Bank have decreased to more than 7 billion and a quarter billion dollars since the approval of the new exchange rate, compared to the same period last year.” He added, “Corruption outlets decreased after the new exchange rate was approved, and the decision also contributed to preserving hard currency, after sales in the past represented corruption for the owners of exchange and remittances.”



In February 2021, the Iraq Stock Exchange issued its annual report for the year 2021, which is considered the first annual report issued by an Iraqi economic institution on its activities in the year of crises, economic shocks, recession and economic depression that spread to the countries of the world due to the drop in global oil prices and the spread of Covid 19 and Iraq was one of the countries that suffered and it still suffers from the repercussions and impacts of these crises on its economy despite the efforts made by its economic institutions to bypass them.

It is noticeable that the annual report includes the activities of the market and its overall and monthly indicators for trading and the decisions of the Securities Commission for the first and second half of the year in addition to holding workshops for financial and information disclosure and workshops. Community training and training of colleges and institutes students and participation in seminar discussions.

The report indicated a detail of the training programs established and agreements with the Egyptian Stock Exchange and market activities in Arab and international federations.

The report also focused on spreading the culture of investing in securities through print and visual media, as well as the important and fundamental aspect that the report made clear in the market plan for 2021 in the field of activating and stimulating investment and moving to a new development stage by benefiting from its rich experience of previous years.

It is to enhance the path of financial inclusion and launch the online trading system for investors online in 2021 to enable young people and age groups that use technologies efficiently to trade on shares of Iraqi joint-stock companies from trading according to the trading instructions. Through an analytical reading of the report, we note that the market will come in 2020.

He has made distinguished efforts to achieve his goal as an economic market aiming to regulate and monitor securities between buyers and sellers. 


Articles End

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