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The Iraq Stock Exchange is distinguished activity in 2020 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Iraq Stock Exchange is distinguished activity in 2020

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The Iraq Stock Exchange is distinguished activity in 2020 Empty The Iraq Stock Exchange is distinguished activity in 2020

Post by claud39 Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:37 am

The Iraq Stock Exchange is distinguished activity in 2020


The Iraq Stock Exchange is distinguished activity in 2020 26272

Samir Nasiri *

In February 2021, the Iraq Stock Exchange issued its annual report for the year 2021, which is considered the first annual report issued by an Iraqi economic institution on its activities in the year of crises, economic shocks, recession and economic depression that spread to the countries of the world due to the drop in global oil prices and the spread of Covid 19 and Iraq was one of the countries that suffered And it still suffers from the repercussions and impacts of these crises on its economy despite the efforts made by its economic institutions to bypass them.

 It is noticeable that the annual report includes the activities of the market and its overall and monthly indicators for trading and the decisions of the Securities Commission for the first and second half of the year in addition to holding workshops for financial and information disclosure and workshops. Community training and training of colleges and institutes students and participation in seminar discussions. The report indicated a detail of the training programs established and agreements with the Egyptian Stock Exchange and market activities in Arab and international federations.

The report also focused on spreading the culture of investing in securities through print and visual media, as well as the important and fundamental aspect that the report made clear in the market plan for 2021 in the field of activating and stimulating investment and moving to a new development stage by benefiting from its rich experience of previous years. 

It is to enhance the path of financial inclusion and launch the online trading system for investors online in 2021 to enable young people and age groups that use technologies efficiently to trade on shares of Iraqi joint-stock companies from trading according to the trading instructions. Through an analytical reading of the report, we note that the market will come in 2020.

He has made distinguished efforts in order to achieve his goal as an economic market aiming to regulate and monitor securities between buyers and sellers in accordance with special rules and instructions subject to his law. Although it was greatly affected by the general economic situation and the complex accumulations of the economy, which led to a decrease in the rate of growth in the gross domestic product and an increase in the unemployment rate to the limits (30% - 40%) and the poverty rate to 31% and the annual base inflation rate to more than 2% of what it had Its impact, previously and currently, on the decline in share prices of the banking sector and other sectors in the trading market at rates ranging between (50% - 85%). However, the results of market activity in 2020 and its plan for 2021, the new administration of the Securities Commission and the distinguished efforts to manage the promising market and fruitful coordination with all sectors Economic will send hope to move to the desired stage of recovery.

  * An economic and banking advisor

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