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Post by Ponee Thu Feb 18, 2021 12:36 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay Link  Intel Begins:  1:02:30

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday February 16th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in again – we welcome you and appreciate you being back with us tonight –

Well here we go – it’s Tuesday – another week - I’ve got a little bit of information for you but it’s been a little bit light out there today – and for the last few days – really – we’ve got some information that’s saying that we have at least a 2 day series of testing – that amounts to stress tests for the banks - - yesterday we had a stress test on the banks in the United States through the QF System – and today and tonight and overnight we believe that stress test extended globally to all of the banks around the world to totally stress test the QF System –

We know that the 
system has been activated in some aspects for a while sometime but has not yet fully come on line and become fully activated yet – Our theory is that these stress tests banks are going through are to see how the system will handle the influx of big sums of money from these exchanges globally – so far the system performed beautifully - we will see how they do today and tonight and overnight –

What’s amazing is that it looks like that once that QF 
System is completely been active and activated globally – that would give us the go ahead to begin with what it is we’re waiting for

We had thought that we would get announcements today – we did NOT – but we know that with these tests being completed it probably pushes us off until at least tomorrow – it could be this week but we don’t know for sure – We are not getting that tyoe of information –

We know that certain exhanges of currency for dinar dong and Afghani had been taking place for days now – several days and a lot of this is in conjunction with the contract between Iraq and the United States for people returning to Iraq - they are going to use those people to rebuild that country and so this is something that we’re aware of – we know that these are ongoing – continuing for at least a week - we’ve been doing this for a couple weeks or more - and its all good –

Now as far as the 
bond people - we are hearing that the bond people are expecting to be paid tomorrow – by that I mean they are expecting to be notified so that they have liquidity – access to their funds - and it wont be the whole thing - but a percentage from ½ percent to 1 ½ percent – that is what is anticipated as early as soon as sometime tomorrow –

Now did the weather slow us down? I think it is quite possible – look – we had over 4 million people in Texas without electricity – that had to affect not only the individual but people working – redemption centers – banks - could have been under a black out situation – and we know this is happened and happening tomorrow as well –

So did the weather have an effect – 
some people say NO I think it did – however – the stress test going on with our banks - the QF System when fully operational I think will be able to handle this influx that these tests are testing to see what it is capable of

We’ve got so many things trusts that have moved into position - St Germaine / Rodriguez so the 
system itself is loaded up so to speak and ready to be not only fully tested – fully implemented I believe or activated and hopefully right away – I don’t have an exact time for that to happen but I believe that will occur after these tests are completed which should be tonight or overnight - and morning - So that is going on right now –

Additionally there was a 
conference call yesterday between Chase bank and 3 affiliate banks in Iraq – a 2 ½ hour call - Sunday – there was a final conference call so to speak with banks globally - not only here in the US – but around the globe I think that was in advance of the testing – that was going to be done –

So in other words the point is could we have gone before these series of test were completed – I don’t think so - I think that is why we are waiting for that to occur

Could there be other factors that might have us continuing our waiting game - we have heard some things I cannot confirm this is going to make or break us – as far as our timing on the release but we have heard that the 19th which is Friday – is when several supreme court cases will be not only heard cause the 
evidence has already been presented – I believe but they will be discussed and hopefully will be a verdict or multiple decisions will be arrived at –

Is this something we have to wait for? I’ve heard from once source that it might be – before we can go – but we will see these are very important cases that deal with election issues in a number of states across the country –

This is something we need to be aware of – whether it’s going to get better in the next couple of days and the testing with the QF 
System - could be done - I think we are positioning our selves for release hopefully before next week but we don’t really have it laid out - we heard that today was a back wall for this to go – anytime I hear that I just sort of – I don’t roll my eyes but I think we’ve heard that and they get moved so they are not that meaningful for us any more

There are certain times when I’m sure people need to feel that this is going to go and certain parties between the Treasury and the DOD – Chinese Elders – everybody is always meeting on when 
the proper time would be to go - and this is again a situation where we get the green light here for the groups to start paying out and then we haven’t had any evidence that the groups have actually paid to their recipients - or the recipients of these groups out west are seeing anything – yet

So this has gone on all last week – all of last week this was the situation – and every day from Wednesday on - Tuesday on – they were pushed to “another day” – another day – to another day –

So it is hard to pin this down – and you know that by now – you know that the intel can 
be good one minute and an hour later something changes - or something else comes up - we know that – we’ve experienced that – I have experienced that for 10 years on the Big Call – and 6 y ears before that time – just knowing certain things needed to be completed

So hopefully we are almost there with the idea that the stress testing being completed tomorrow and then we can get moving forward - I know everybody around the globe is anticipating this and so I’m anticipating along with you – Thank you everyone for listening -


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