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MarkZ says the "RV" will be between now and the first week of March (Watch Him Be Wrong Again) 2/16/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says the "RV" will be between now and the first week of March (Watch Him Be Wrong Again) 2/16/21

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MarkZ says the "RV" will be between now and the first week of March (Watch Him Be Wrong Again) 2/16/21 Empty MarkZ says the "RV" will be between now and the first week of March (Watch Him Be Wrong Again) 2/16/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Feb 16, 2021 9:58 pm

Member:  Mark how close are we to the RV in your opinion???? Just make a guess

MZ: I think between now and the first week of March. I am leaning towards the month of February if you want to know my gut feeling. Just my guess….


Member:  Charlie said all codes put in. Just need to pull trigger. I don’t believe that.

Member:  Ward also saying all funds in place.. it just needs to start!!!!

MZ: I hear we are all prepared…dollars are in place and the QFS is just waiting for that switch to flip. They are still asking all of the group leaders and paymasters to stay in place….so to me this is exceptionally positive news.

MZ: Paymasters and group leaders…everybody I know that needs to be in a seat-is in their seat for this thing to go.  I have heard of funds traunching(?) going on where things are positioned….but, nobody yet has spendable cash. I am still told it’s a shotgun and it will all happen at the same time.   That is positive news.

MZ: I don’t have the same contacts as Mr. Ward but hearing similar things. Everything is positioned and waiting for that switch to flip.

MZ: Still more news from Iraq about the lifting or raising the value of the dinar so they can remove the 3 zeros…this was published in 3 different publications in Iraq over the weekend

Member:  Frank was excited about Iraq!

Member: So first the impeachment trial was holding up the RV…now the weather is……what is holding it up next?

MZ: Well, the news out of Iraq is phenomenal…the news from our paymasters and group leaders is stellar…I don’t think anything is holding it up now. I think we would already be sitting in our vacation homes if it were not for the political upheaval.

MZ: Update from MattK: (CMKX) Still no update from the Debt of Justice in Nev. On the town hall this month. There is news that Biden is getting rid of all the US state attorneys – including Nevada by the end of the month. the same attorneys  who are taking care of the CMKX stuff for us are being removed. I have already reached out to homeland security, the DOj and my contacts to find out what is going on.

MZ: He will wait to join us on the show when he has solid information to tell us. With removing the lawyers handling this for us there is a lot of flux due to politics on the CMKX side of this…..just like on the RV side of this. Unfortunately this reset is political. .

Member: What are the fines and penalties now for CMKX?

MZ: I hear they are between $6-$8 dollars per share…closer to $8.

Member:  Do we seriously think the RV will happen with the Swamp not drained? They'll steal all our money.

Member: IMO  RV wont happen until after supreme courts rulings then Mr. C says martial law and perp walks for the major players. So we are not close yet

Member:  No QFS says Mr. C til he gives the codes to the new republic treasury which unlocks the gold 4 backing currencies. No Rv til then as well as perp walks 4 the criminals, a requirement of golden dragon

Member:  So what has happened with the alleged military control of the government? It sure doesn't look/feel like it!

Member: I agree….guess that was just another tall tale……I sure did want to believe that one…..guess we all did.

Member:  So do you think we will have to wait until early Spring for an RV/GCR? Somebody stated that nothing will happen until the Republic is back and in control.

Member: Myanmar Military kicked out Central Bank Governor and reclaiming their banking system

Member: Many countries are announcing they are now gold-backed. The latest is Russia I hear.

Member:  Ok , If Russia gold backed and India was Talking . sounds like things are good.

Member:  All Fiat $$ collapse, all Debt under Fiat goes away

Member:  I’m a bit confused on the taxation of the monetary exchange. I’m being told to set 45% of my exchange for federal taxes

Member: We may not have to pay any taxes on this exchange…but it is sure better to keep the funds separate just in case there are taxes…….just to be on the safe side.

Member:  Today is Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the Start of Lent.

Member:  News just said they canceled Mardi Gras

Member:  News said people are decorating their homes for Mardi Gras......even if no parade

MZ:over 100 billion of your tax dollars stolen now.. https://www.theblaze.com/news/more-than-100-billion-stolen-from-coronavirus-aid

Member:  Parler re-establishing registered users first, will start accepting new users next week

MZ: https://www.theblaze.com/news/parler-is-back-online-with-new-interim-ceo

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