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With a cheap dinar, political amateurs want in the name of economic reform ... lethality to people, the economy and the state ?! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

With a cheap dinar, political amateurs want in the name of economic reform ... lethality to people, the economy and the state ?!

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With a cheap dinar, political amateurs want in the name of economic reform ... lethality to people, the economy and the state ?! Empty With a cheap dinar, political amateurs want in the name of economic reform ... lethality to people, the economy and the state ?!

Post by claud39 Tue Feb 16, 2021 6:16 pm

[rtl]With a cheap dinar, political amateurs want in the name of economic reform ... lethality to people, the economy and the state ?![/rtl]

[rtl]Sunday 14th February 2021 - 09:30[/rtl]
[ltr]a. Dr.. Jawad Kazem Lafta Al Kaabi[/ltr]
University Professor
[rtl]  The state sometimes resorts to a policy of reducing the value of its national currency against foreign currencies to ensure price competition for its national products in foreign markets, and to limit imports when its national products lose price competition in front of foreign products in domestic markets. This policy will be successful if its conditions are met: the first is the existence of a sufficient surplus of a local product that is exported and does not reduce its supply in the market and thus its high prices (in Iraq there is no such product, let alone talking about a surplus of it), and the second is the existence of a local alternative to the imported product in case of interruption. Its supply or increase in its prices (in Iraq there is no such alternative, especially since the talk is mainly about food and medicine). If either or both of these conditions are lost, the policy of devaluation of the national currency will have disastrous effects, and here are nine of them.

Firstly. The "genius man!" ... who humiliated, impoverished and killed his people:

   In his biography of his minister, Ali Allawi, the Minister of Finance, claims that he is "the fourth man of genius" in the world, and on the basis of this conviction he went to his friend, the Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Mekhaif, carrying a bag of few oil dollars, and in his imagination a plan to save food, medicine and clothing for his people, met with an unconditional response from Girlfriend: 

1. Allawi sells his few oil dollars to frightening many dinars.

2. Schaif prints many paper dinars, for Allawi’s few oil dollars.

3. Allawi pays the salaries of the citizens of his people’s government with terrifying dinars.

4. Citizen rushes with his paper dinars towards the merchant to buy his needs, but finds them too expensive.

5. Allawi forgot that all the items of the citizen's need are imported, and this fraud exposed him.

6. Allawi's plan fell into the trap of his genius: There is no local product to export with a cheap dinar.

7. The merchant runs scary with his paper dinars to buy dollars to import the citizen's needs.

8. The feared merchant refers to the banks of the power parties to buy the dollar and finds it expensive.

9. The merchant raises the prices of the citizen's imported needs in order to buy the precious dollar.

10. The citizen returned to his home carrying in his pocket the diminishing vocabulary of his humiliation, hunger, impoverishment and killing.

11. A citizen finds his household in a state of need, brokenness, anger, and preparation for what is to come.

12. The citizen and his family considered the situation that they were a victim, and on the throne of the parties ’banks sits their torturers.

... It is said that people went out wandering on her face to search for the reason for their humiliation and slow killing, and she stumbled upon Allawi with a frightening company, dressed in a "tango" dance on the circuit ... the banks of power!

Secondly. She says, "I presume, and I have conviction, and I work in secrecy ... so I am charming and desirable": 

   “A statement by the Ministry of Finance stated that it is fully aware that there are a number of supportive measures that must be taken to increase the positive effects of adjusting the exchange rate, but it has not been able to do so publicly due to the sensitivity of the issue” (Voice of Iraq, 11/1/2021). We are trying to translate the language of the statement into the language of reality:

1) Positive effects: The ministry wrongly assumes that there are positive effects of lowering the exchange rate of the dinar, as it undermines its internal and external purchasing power, discourages exporting the local product due to its unavailability, increases the prices of imported goods, and leads to impoverishment of people!

2) Increase the positive effects: The ministry is convinced that there are potentials to increase the positive effects that are imagined, but it did not indicate its sources, mechanisms for its use and who will benefit from it: the citizen or the national economy!

3) Measures supporting the positive effects: The ministry assumes that it has measures to increase the positive effects, but it refuses to announce it and will use it secretly! 

4) Re-reading the statement after translating it: I am assured with high confidence that the ministry’s statement is directed to Parliament on the eve of discussing the draft financial budget for its passage, by presenting many of its charms hidden from the rays of the sun!
... the lustful and the musty ... always get what you want and want to do!

Third. Slackening and forgetting ... a weapon for those who do not have a specialized profession in managing the national economy:

   The prominent Iraqi economist, Dr. Sabri Ismail Zayer, the resigned Prime Minister described the resigning government as "smart" in his management of the national economy, and I borrowed from him this description in my analysis of the blatant systematic imbalance in the management of the development of the oil industry in the ministerial curriculum of that government for the years 2018-2022. Likewise, I will call the description of "absentee" to the Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, in his attempt to justify the reduction of the exchange rate of the dinar, as he says in his statement attached to the draft budget law 2021 (p. 9): "The best solution at the present time is the price of (1450) dinars per dollar. As it serves various economic sectors, where the economic competitiveness has been seriously affected by the exaggeration of the exchange rate depreciation, which has also affected the flow of foreign investments outside the oil sector. "Allawi" assumes that the low exchange rate of the dinar is the reason for the "troubles" of our national economy: 

1) "Economic competitiveness": From the beginning of the eighties until this day of Allawi, the external and internal wars, misery and corruption of the administration consumed this ability, and the dinar is not only innocent of this economic crime, but also a victim of it. O "Almtagabi", you must understand one of the axioms of economics: when there is no large commodity production (industrial and agricultural) in the country, the competitiveness of its economy will be non-existent! 

2) “The influx of foreign investments”: Foreign investments do not come to a country that has itself expelled its national capital, and there is no certainty of its economic and political future, and it is governed by a group of savvy and unrepentant, and its flow is not encouraged by lowering the exchange rate of the dinar as long as these reasons exist (and this is a second economic obvious)!

3) The cheap dinar: In conditions of lack of commodity production, and the accompanying widespread unemployment and low wages for work, a cheap dinar will make imported goods very expensive that the majority of our people cannot reach, and vice versa (this is a third economic axiom)!

... I appeal to Parliament and those aspiring to win in the upcoming elections: Stop al-Muttabbi at his limit, by releasing him from his current non-specialized profession as Minister of Finance!

Fourthly. Good news ... Bliss is coming ... with physical derivatives:

   The Minister of Industry joined the group of amateurs and aspirants with the blessings of financial engineering derivatives of its owner, the Minister of Finance, and that using them in conjunction with “physical derivatives” (with a Bachelor's degree in Physics) would be beneficial in developing the national industry, and developing his following strategic plan (“Al-Akhbar”, 1/17/2021):

1) "Competition": "The change in the exchange rate of the dollar provided an opportunity for the Iraqi producer to be a real competitor." First, you have to produce this product, and secondly, you have to check whether it can win the competition, and thirdly, you have to decide the external or internal markets in which you will compete, and fourthly, you have to read the shepherd’s story and the jar of fat!

2) "Economic feasibility": "There are foreign and regional companies that express their desire to enter and cooperate in the Iraqi market because of this increase in market prices, which leads to a kind of economic feasibility in establishing these factories inside Iraq." First, you confused me about what you want from your use of the derivative of changing the dollar exchange rate: Do you want the economic viability of your factories or the factories of the countries of your region? And secondly, if you bring the factories of the countries of your region will ignite the fires in the competition that your national product has gained as a result of your use of this financial derivative, and thirdly you have to read the story of Al-Badawi and Gro Hyenas!  
3) Privatization: The Financial Engineering Derivatives Paper and the 2021 Budget include the use of the derivative to privatize the oil industry and public sector corporations. Tell us, a specialist in the science of physical derivatives, first when will you use this derivative before or after developing your national factories using the derivative of changing the exchange rate of the dollar? And secondly, who are the buyers of oil wealth and these factories? And third, where will the workers in these factories go? Fourth, you should read the story of the privatization of Russian factories in the 1990s (if you wish, I will provide you with them)!

... The Minister of Industry writes in his biography to his minister: "He holds international certificates in the field of strategic planning for companies and risk and crisis management." Oh God, save Iraq and its people from the derivatives of the strategic plans of the physicist, the shepherd of sheep and his jar of oil, the Bedouin and his hyena, and the Russian and privatize it!

Fifth. Extend your feet on the labor of your cover ... Otherwise, he will grab him and flee with him ... "The fisherman":

   (113) deputies demanded, in a document signed by them, to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar to (1300) instead of (1450) dinars, which was adopted in the 2021 budget (“Voice of Iraq,” 1/27/2021). I address the leaders of the parliamentary political blocs, and I invite them to extend their (political ambition) to the extent of their current (electoral balance) coverage, because the fisherman (the Minister of Finance) has set tight traps for you in which you will fall, and he will flee with his spoils and remain with ... your disappointment you mourn your misfortune. 

   Your voters will be harmed by the trap of devaluation of the dinar (the high prices of imported food and medicine), and there is no national product that can be exported with a cheap dinar to win competition in foreign markets, and I never expect this product to see the light during the budget year or after it in any amount that justifies the devaluation of the national currency. As for the hunter's gains from this trap, ask him about it under the dome of Parliament, although I have never been a voter for you, but as a national scientific researcher, I think that you dropping the hunter in his trap will be a political victory for you, for sound economic logic, and for the interests of your poor voters who are my family:

•When the decision to reduce the value of the dinar without a rational economic justification is harmful to the citizen and does not benefit the national economy, then the decision-maker will be complicit with others to reap illegal gains from this decision! 

•The decision to reduce the value of the dinar will not make the capital assets of public sector companies, which the fisherman intends to privatize, attractive to the foreign investor. Perhaps he wants it cheap in dollars for himself and his internal investor partners, to break it up into scrap and sell it to foreign markets!

•Perhaps neither one nor the other, all there is to it is that the fisherman is a man who lacks economic adulthood ... he does not want for himself anything of the expensive or cheap dinar ... he only wants to tamper with it!  

... in the next elections, if you do not stop now the potential corruption and / or the apparent tampering of the public, it will be difficult for your current constituents at that time to understand, absorb and accept your justification for your defeat in front of one Hunter ... and you (329), or at least the (113) brave Of you ... multiplied by the number of your voters!

Sixthly. The misery of knowledge ... that justifies starving and dying people:
   Economics uses a policy of devaluation of the national currency to adjust the country's trade balance if it is disrupted in favor of imports: encouraging exports if there is a surplus of the domestic product, and limiting imports if they have a local alternative, and all this through price competition mechanisms.

   In the decision to reduce the value of the dinar, there is no local product that can be exported, and there is no local alternative to the imported foreign product, and thus the result of this decision will be starvation and death of people, either by the high prices of the importer or by its interruption, and this importer is mainly food and medicine for people. The Minister of Finance wanted to save his government from financial bankruptcy by starving and killing his people in the name of economics, and in the name of this "murderous science!" Some want to justify the policies of starvation and murder, by standing in the way of legitimate demands (including the demands of a third of the members of Parliament) to reverse this irresponsible policy: 

•Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar: “It is difficult to restore the exchange rate to its previous state ... and that the financial markets will stabilize after the budget is passed ... and the formal adoption of the new exchange rate will remove concerns and revitalize the markets” (“Voice of Iraq,” 1/28/2021) . 

•Advisor to the Prime Minister Mazhar Saleh: “The talk about the existence of fears of a jump in the exchange rate of the dollar after approving the budget ... exaggerations that do not exist” (the same source).

•Opinion of an academic economist: “If a retreat from the new dollar price, the dinar will lose confidence on the part of dealers” (social media).

   A young businessman wrote on one of the social media: “We were played by Teb Al-Minister .. We were destroyed by this decision. Personally, I am a self-employed person in the poultry sector. I will not be able to work because of the rise of the dollar. Local alternative. "

... Dr. Bashr, is the result of the surgery? "The operation succeeded ... but the patient is of your life ... proving the validity of Minister Ali Allawi's theory and his companions, among the theorists of the pseudoscience of economics!"

Seventh. The story of "Dinars, Constitution and Parliament" ... in the devaluation marathon:

1) The dinar: It was an economic flag for our country, and the bird was slaughtered as our people said, and its weight was equal to the weight of (3.6) "an American president!" As we have seen, until "Sakham" came to Iraq and put his image on it, so that if we wanted to buy a "American president!" One we have to weigh a whole lot of bunches. In the governments of the quota system, our knowledge has risen somewhat and gained the trust of the poor, until the enthusiast of the ropes of financial engineering came to break his pride and the furrow of his value! 

2) The Constitution: It was civil and the rule was under the law, until al-Sakham came and turned it into an internal system for a single paramilitary party. After the deadly constitution was gone, the country got a balanced constitution in its diversity, and sovereignty in it belongs to the people and the law, until the "Mukhtar of the Age and Judge" came to ...

3) Parliament: It was relatively democratic, and representation in it was limited to the elites and political families, until al-Sukhum came and turned it into a circus shouting in a hurry and originating, "My smack ... In the parliament of the governments of the contested, the contestants occupied their eternal places in it, and only others were allowed to sit under its dome, and the "eggs of the balance" were hatched, and the sword of the mayor of the era and its judge was kept on the necks of its inhabitants to prevent them from ... dressing the dress of our constitution or casting the poles of the economic science of our country! 

4) Value: I found myself broke on New Year's Eve 1975 to arrange her dinner, and I remembered keeping one red sheet (5) dinars when I left Iraq to study. I went with her, anxious to go to the food market with hard foreign currencies in Moscow, to discover that it was highly acceptable and valuable, and arranged a luxurious dinner. I want to ask you money freak: Have you ever been proud and enjoyed this ... value?

Happy thrills of our great poet Maarouf Al-Rusafi, and my excuse for my political absurdity with the vocabulary of your poem, it is our tiredness from the futility of the long, distorted running towards the meanings of "science, constitution, and the nation's assembly" after you:    

"A dinar, a constitution, and the parliament ... all for the correct number is reduced!"

Viii. The consultant recovered the consulting profession ... and entered the line of commercial marketing:

   Instead of occupying the country, the people and himself with preparing for early elections within a few months of the formation of his government, Al-Kazemi dismissed this popular demand steeped in the blood of Iraq's youth, and occupied everyone with a balance that was not acceptable to reason or sound economic logic. This budget faced a storm of scientific and political criticism, and more than a third of the people's representatives demanded to cut its expenditures in half, and in the midst of this heated debate, his economic advisor, the appearance of Muhammad Salih, raises to the people:

•Do not be afraid of the decision to reduce the value of the dinar, as its exchange rate will stabilize after it is officially approved in the budget (“Voice of Iraq,” 1/28/2021). People, Al-Kazemi, are not afraid of the rise or fall of the price of the dinar in the market ... the people impoverished them by this decision and stopped and destroyed their businesses!

•Do not be afraid of the decision to impose taxes on salaries, as it is a temporary measure (Al-Akhbar, 2/2/2021). People, Al-Kazemi, are not afraid of this decision ... People are afraid of the history of the behavior of your finance minister, which is full of deliberate and permanent bankruptcy of his private business!

   I have no explanation for the counselor's misleading behavior to people except to say:

•He sold himself to Satan (the ruler) motivated by purely opportunistic or disruptive behavior, and his career history is a testament to his service to all pre-2003 and post-2003 governments!
•Perhaps the advisor knows that this unreasonable budget will break the back of Al-Kazemi and his government politically, whether through elections or another way ... and he wants his share of it!

... What misery a preacher fatwas permissible ... theft, impoverishment, and destruction of food and business ?!

IX. Dinar of the poor ... who will support it?

   The decision to reduce the dinar led to the impoverishment of the poor, bankruptcy and the suspension of small and medium businesses, due to the increase in the prices of food, medicine and imported production requirements by more than 30%. This decision faced strong political opposition from (113) representatives, the Virtue Bloc and the Fatah bloc, and the latter threatened not to vote for all of its representatives on the 2021 budget "unless several articles were added to it, including making the dollar exchange rate in the budget (1119) dinars against the dollar." (“The Voice of Iraq,” 10/2/2021).

   However, the decision-makers (the prime minister, the minister of finance, and the governor of the Central Bank) are still insisting on their unfair decision for the right of the poor citizen and productive business owners in the real economy. The Parliamentary Finance Committee supported the decision-makers, when its member Jamal Cougar (the Kurdistan Islamic Union Party bloc) challenged those who objected to the impoverishment of people by saying: “The price of the dollar will remain as it is now (1450 dinars) until another budget comes ... because the change Suddenly, it will confuse the market and cause people to worry about the central bank’s decisions ”(ibid.).

   Supporters of reducing the value of the dinar of the poor want to "sew" the dress of the budget with scissors to "cut" the citizen's dress, the economy dress, and the state's dress. Except who does Nasser support the dinar of the poor and the economy ... and wear him a solid robe of wellness?

... the great companion Abu Dhar al-Ghafari said: “I am astonished at the one who does not find food in his day, how he does not go out to people wielding his sword!” Imam of the poor, Ali bin Abi Talib, commenting on the words of his companion Al-Ghafari: “There is no good in us if we do not take it ... and there is no good in you. If you don't hear it! "

Dr.. Jawad Al Kaabi
February 14, 2021 

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