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Soft personal loans

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Soft personal loans Empty Soft personal loans

Post by claud39 Sun Feb 14, 2021 10:26 am

Soft personal loans

February 14, 2021

Soft personal loans News-161328541982066

In light of the successes achieved by the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq for large, medium and small projects in support of projects. To meet the requests for easy personal loans, and to support workers in state institutions, the public sector and security institutions, and based on the approval of the Board of Directors of this bank in its decision No. 9 of 2021. It was decided to include this group of residents their salaries at banks with this initiative, by granting them easy personal loans from the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq (1) trillion dinars, and according to the mechanism listed below: -
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[*]The amount of a single loan does not exceed (15,000,000) dinars (fifteen million dinars) without interest, with a one-time deduction of an administrative commission of (4%) from the loan amount distributed at a rate of (2%) for the benefit of the Central Bank of Iraq and (2%) for the benefit of the bank and the repayment period It does not exceed (5) years without a sponsor.

[*]The bank requests a special advance in the name of (soft personal loans) not exceeding the amount of (500,000,000) dinars (five hundred million dinars) attached with it a list of the names of loan applicants and the entities in which they work and the banks whose salaries are domiciled.

[*]The bank provides full detailed statements of the beneficiaries within a month from the date of feeding its account opened with this bank, in addition to sending it in the form of an excel file to the email of this department (fin.oprations@cbi.iq).

[*]Based on the unified instructions for the Central Bank of Iraq initiative numbered 6/5/2553 on 29/12/2020, a fine equivalent to (1%) will be imposed on the entire amount of financing, and an interest of (5%) annually for the period during which it was not used The amount withdrawn. The interest is calculated from the date of feeding the current account of the bank opened with the central bank.


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