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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript  -- Feb 10 2021 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript -- Feb 10 2021

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript  -- Feb 10 2021 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript -- Feb 10 2021

Post by Ponee Wed Feb 10, 2021 9:38 pm

MZ: We are supposed to have Texas Snake on today- about halfway through this stream.

MZ:  I have been unable to reach 3 contacts in Iraq today so do not know what to tell you about over there. Hopefully someone will contact me so we can find out if they got their change of value there or not. There was a lot of anticipation for the 10th. And definently anticipation for the month of February as they have changed how they handle trading in the middle east…..we expected a new value since yesterday and do not know what to tell you guys abut Iraq.

MZ:  If I get any kind of confirmation I will send out a tweet 

Member:  IRAQ: New Electronic Banking Service Launched In IRAQ !

MZ: On the domestic side they are still asking all the paymasters and contacts I have to stay in place. They are anticipating something soon. 

MZ: This is an older article from December…but everything you would want to know about the QFS…..I had not seen it before and I thought it was a good deep dive into the new system

MZ: QFS  https://www.fosterswiss.com/en/2020/12/02/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-new-financial-system-qfs-quantum-financial-system/

Member:   My banker is telling me that the QFS system is real and there have been high level discussions of the new system.
Member:  Charlie W. says QFS is up and running on its own right now. Old SWIFT is down.

Member:  Digital Dinar on the AMF Buna platform is supposed to go live today

ISAAC FEB 09 Hello, hope all good , just waiting for confirmation but news still very positive.As soon as I have something I will be back.

Member:  Is anything ever going to happen? Money, military, someone on tv going to jail? Will we see anything?

Member:  OOOOHH It is happening .....ju$t not on TV !!!!....YET!!!!

Member:  people have been in position for the last two years that I have been watching. Nothing has come close to happening.

Member:  we are still looking for February 12th to 15th for something HUGE

Member:  The Chinese wants this to go this year before the Chinese New Year , according to Judy.. The Chinese New Year starts on Feb. 12th

Member: Are you still looking for any moment for the RV?

MZ: Yes I am….we have had tremendous amounts of disclosure….I think they need to just pull the trigger and start trying (arresting) people….

Member:  It's time to move forward with arresting the media

Member:  Oh Mark....YESTERDAY...Trident missile test of Camp CANAVERAL...straight off the coast shot S.E. Ongoing tests till the 14th Hazard warning issued till the 21st???

Member:  Flynn said no insurrection act signed military not in control

Member:  Remember disinformation is necessary

Member:  Insurrection Act does not need to be signed by a President. The military is simply following the constitution that they took an oath to defend

MZ: You bring up an excellent point !

Member:  Frank said we can just go to bank we don't need 800…and Iraq dinar will be 1 to 1 in-country 

Member:  Frank26 saying no 800 numbers and yes absolutely it will be taxed…capital gains tax…..

Member:  I hear this should be a non taxable event

Member:  Exchanges are not taxable events, if you exchange foreign currency at the airport are you taxed? No.

Member:  There will be no taxes on the RV. I have heard that straight up.

Member:  What I understand is 800# is for those that want to get contract rate. if you are going to exchange for street value just go to your bank and do it.

Texas Snake joins the stream about minute 30:00……please listen to the replay for entire chat and Q&A…..

MZ: People are excited that you are joining us today….tell us some good news….I hit a brick wall trying to reach people in Iraq today and most of my paymaster folks and group leaders are being told to stay in place. And that things are imminent and close. 

TS: I visit back and forth with one particular banker who has been on the edge of seeing this thing go for the last 10 days or so …HE always says it will most likely start on a Tuesday or Wednesday…and then maybe a Sat or Sun…..Fridays and Mondays would be unlikely to do any exchanges because of all the banking business that goes on commercially. . 

TS: He had anticipated we would see something starting yesterday, and then it didn’t materialize. They say its because of the unrest going on with this impeachment situation in the capitol…. All I can guess is they will use something up there as a cover for us to start. 

MZ:  That makes sense….

Member:  When the uprising and civil unrest begins the Dinar will revalue. We are close with the impeachment starting

TS: We are going to see this thing happen…It’s impossible not to with the fiat currency system worldwide in the shape it’s in….we cannot continue under this system. This QFS that’s coming will be a whole lot more valuable . 

MZ: People want to know if you are hearing if redemption centers are staffed and if you are hearing positive things?

TS:  The banker I am dealing with is in charge of Texas and 4 other states ….He has everyone in all the locations he is involved with trained and capable of doing exchanging. They have all the procedures in place and are keeping a minimal staff in these locations.  All the other people need to be able to be in these locations –on call…within 45 minutes to an hour of the announcement that people can start calling to make appointments
TS: I would like to stress that with the NDA’s …even though none of us have been able to look at it and study it…I believe you should have a master account (in your trust name –if you have one) and if you have 4 currencies…you should have 4 sub-accounts –one for each currency. Segregate the currencies….put dinar in one, dong in another ect…..  

TS: The purpose for this is with the NDA you do not want to be exposed to anything that can clawback funds.

Its also good for accounting purposes. 

MZ: I know with the QFS we are not supposed to worry about all of this….but I can’t help but not trust many bankers. 

TS: There will be a period of time to get used to the new system compared to what we are working with today.  I am going to at fist deposit into non-interest bearing accounts because I do not know what the transition will be from fiat currency to asset backed currency. IMO all the old will be phased in….but in the meantime I do not want banks playing with it or using it. They cannot touch it in a non-interest bearing account. 

MZ: Non-discretionary means they cannot do anything with your funds without your approval. 

Member:  Imagine how far we are ahead of all this than the general public

Member:  over 300 million people have NO IDEA ABOUT THIS

Member: Exchange centers or banks?

TS: The exchange centers I know are manned by banks….either WF, BOA, Chase ect….Each of these banks have arrangements with their own trust departments as well as broker/dealers. Abbot Downing is Wells Fargo’s money managers. 

MZ: My contacts who have helped set up 3 redemption centers is with Wells Fargo. 

Member: When do you think we will see the new rainbow currency…the actual new bills? 

TS: I am certain when we have the reset…that  we will exchange it into the new currency. I have been in the bank vaults and seen pallet after pallet of new currency still all wrapped up in saran wrap..the new currency is there- it has been printed.  

MZ: So when this happens all our currencies will be deposited into the new QFS as digital currency

TS: That is what I have been told …that will be the new program. 

MZ: When this all happens I warn people that there will be a tranision period we will be going through…so plan accordingly 

TS: And you all will treated by bankers different then you are probably treated now…..you will be a rare and valuable asset.  The bankers will want to make sure you are happy and satisfied. 

MZ: We are hoping it will be like Mr. Drysdale and the Clampetts.

MZ: Do you have any idea where other people will be able to exchange around the world?

TS: I think HSBC will be one of the main International banks…Also Bank of London is involved. Im not really familiar with all the other countries. 

MZ: In Australia I am told its HSBC- the Melbourne location.  Also Scotia Bank and Royal Bank in Canada. HSBC in S. Africa. Only 2 main cities for exchanges…..

TS: There will be regional banks at many locations that will correspond and be connected to those major banks for people to exchange into. 

TS: Salty has put together a community call for every other Wed. Tonight it will be hosted by Blondie and Bob Locke will be on it….The will be the numbers posted in all the telegraph rooms by then.


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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Transcript  -- Feb 10 2021 Empty Re: COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript -- Feb 10 2021

Post by Ponee Thu Feb 11, 2021 8:41 pm



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