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The Big Call w/ Buffoon Bruce - Intel Highlights 1/26/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Buffoon Bruce - Intel Highlights 1/26/21

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The Big Call w/ Buffoon Bruce - Intel Highlights 1/26/21 Empty The Big Call w/ Buffoon Bruce - Intel Highlights 1/26/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jan 28, 2021 9:11 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight - it is Tuesday Jan 26th  and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks everybody for tuning in again – So let’s talk a little bit about where we are from an intel point of view – This being Tuesday – you think yeah a lot of stuff between last Thursday and Tuesday – 5 days in between and there are some things that have come in – I would not say this has been an absolute crazy amount of intel come in the last couple of days – but – what we do have I think is very good –

Let’s talk first about Iraq – because Iraq is a player in this as you can tell – Iraq finally did their third reading of the budget last Saturday – but we don’t believe that the budget has been put out – yet – they have held it back – the thinking is – to come out either today – which does not make any sense to me – but tomorrow does –

Wednesday and Saturday are the two days that Iraq prints out their official record called the Gazette – and so it’s quite possible – if the timing is right for it – that they put that out tomorrow -

You see – the problem is if they passed their budget and the budget is printed – or even if it’s available on line – on the digital version – of the gazette – the people will see it and be able to see the rate of the Dinar relative to the budget for 2021 – ok – so it’s sort of a dead giveaway - what makes it interesting is – they have held it back – obviously withholding  it from us – we have a team over there that was helping them go through the final aspects of the re-evaluation of their currency – there are several theories of how it will come out  -

I am not as concerned about that – I do know that the rates are supposed to be high – and higher than we thought - which is pretty good for us but – I am really not that concerned about it - but we do know that step in this process is important and that step is something we would look forward to having out hopefully tomorrow -  that does occur – it would sort of make sense on the face of it would occur – tomorrow - We will tie in some other things in the next minute or so that would also lend credence to that possibility –

The other thing we find about Iraq finally evidently agreed on (I don’t remember the name of it) it’s been so far back – it’s a matter of the sharing of revenue between lower Iraq Baghdad – and the Kurdistan Region – which is north part of Iraq -  and they have evidently settled on a percentage of revenue that would go to Kurdistan –

My understanding in the old days it was supposed to be around 17% my later understanding today is it might be closer to 12 ½ % - but whatever it is – and I don’t know that for sure – evidently Kurdistan is happy with it – That’s what really matters – is there appears to be a win / win situation between  (1:13:33) Kurdistan and lower provinces of Iraq -  so that is good - They’ve got some agreement and are moving forward from there

So Iraq is important and should be in a good position with the budget having been read three times it can be put into law and then of course it can be revealed in the gazette maybe tomorrow – which is a printable day -  We will see if that comes out –

So going beyond that – and we looked to where we are – we know that the redemption center staff had about a 5+ hour video conference meeting today  - Can you imagine everything that could be covered in over 5 hours on a video conference?? I don’t know if this was just one bank or all the major tier 1 banks – I don’t know that -  how staffed it was – but I know it was a long process and that took place today –

And we know that there is a ???  what is it called?  (Gag order?) When everything is quiet – there is sort of a lock jaw – there is sort of a situation where they are not allowed to speak – well that is the situation both in Iraq – wait let me check that -- in Miami and also in Reno – they have that Gag Order – that is what I was looking for  - there is what would be considered a standard gag order in effect in Miami and Reno up until later tonight or early tomorrow morning –

Somewhere between tonight and tomorrow morning why would a gag order come out? Why would a standard gag order in those 2 areas come out now? It should indicate something – it should indicate freedom of movement –

Now we do know there are people that have been waiting – I’ve talked about it before – we know people that have sold bonds – very valuable bonds – and had willing buyers – in these table top meetings – we know they have agreed upon the total pricing that they would receive for it – and we also know that those funds have not been made available to the sellers – yet – But that looks like finally is about to change – we understand tomorrow – by 11 am these former owners now sellers – of these bonds should be in a position to receive confirming emails which would tell them that they have those funds available and accessible in their accounts –

Now once those emails are signed and sent back then a confirming email will come to say – ok you have the amount that was pre agreed upon available in your account and you are good to go – That is supposed to happen tomorrow –

Now if we are running parallel with that - I am talking tier 4B us – the internet group – and possibly tier 4A which are the groups based out west - If we are running on a parallel track the theory is the banks do not even distinguish between 4A and 4B – they just call us tier 4 – where we tend to make a slight distinction

If tier 4 is to go together as a shotgun start – is it not possible that we also go on a parallel track with the bond sellers that when they get access to funds theoretically - tomorrow – unless it changes – should we not at least get numbers to set appointments possibly tomorrow –

I know all of this is conditional language – I know it is an “if” statement – basically – but to me that is making sense – based on what we know – what the redemption centers have gone through today – what we know of certain people helping at redemption centers - the whole thing has to work together – it has to work together in some form or fashion that makes some 

I am not going to get political - but -- and here’s the but - this election process is not over - yet – and what’s interesting is you find certain things like the blackout at the white House at between 3 and 6 in the morning Sat or Sunday morning – you learn about blackout on the east coast  today between 11 am and 3:34 this afternoon from Boston all the way to Washington DC – I have a theory about it but not going to share it with you on the call –

You know – there are things happening behind the scenes – just so you know – I don’t know how many of you are following it – or try to spend some time learning and finding out what you can – but I am very encouraged – by sometimes what we don’t know – we’ve talked about and I’ve given a couple ideas on the Emergency Broadcasting System – EBS – and when it was to be utilized – we were wrong about it coming out on inauguration day – ad we were wrong about thinking it might happen last Monday – so there is no way to predict it –

There are 2 individuals that are in charge of it – that have their finger on the pulse of when to release the EBS – I know who they are and I don’t feel it is wise to put that out – that will be utilized when appropriate – you’ll know exactly when that is because we do not know the full plan – I think if we are able to stay in faith confidently – waiting - patience is being tested – and we are still in the fire – if you will – to be tested

Alright – 2 other things right now –

One – regarding your redemption center experience – this is primarily for zim holders – it may apply to other currency holders – besides the zim – remember we talked about the bank – and the role of the bank -

If you keep at least 10% of your funds in your mother lode account with the bank  you did your exchange with – if you allow them to utilize 10% of your funds to make loans from that money – to make normal bank loans -  my understanding – remember I am just the messenger – the banks  will offer you a 10% APR – Annual Percentage Rate against your account –

I understand it’s not just the 10% - I am talking the mother lode – you know I plan to take interest payments that the banks make based on my mother lode account every quarter – every 3 months – that is the plan I like the most - I see how much is coming – I know that ahead of time – for the next 3 months and I know that I have that amount I can put into projects – give away – use for ministry – all those things that we intend to do as philanthropist to humanitarians –

So obviously a 10% return per year is 2 ½ % per quarter and you can calculate how much that would be – and then you set your sites on and feed it into people’s lives -  We’ll see what happens in the next couple of days – as far as we know everything is set and ready to go  - we’re not going to know “exactly” until it happens -  we also will not get an advance notice on the EBS it’s just going to happen – and we’re going to find out about it

Thanks for listening – all over the globe.

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