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Post by Ponee Wed Jan 27, 2021 9:12 pm

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources, Bruce's sources, and MarkZ's sources saying that the preparation for the shotgun start has still been going strong today Tue 26 Jan; he said there were orders from DoD early this morning at 1 AM EST to push things forward and then again at 4pm EST and then at at about 8pm EST a green light for release was given to start some time over the next day or so;

He has the same info MarkZ has that yesterday and today Mon-Tue 25-26 Jan group leaders, paymasters, attorneys and others were traveling to be back in position in their banking centers for the shotgun release to start at any time now; his info is that many key people are in place for the start as of this evening Tue 26 Jan; as MarkZ said, these people needed to be in place to handle the shotgun start of liquidity release and the start of exchanges; he agreed with MarkZ's statement that the way they are ramping up and getting everyone in position is an indication of how close the shotgun start is this week; he agrees THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS!
He is confirming that redemption centers are fully staffed, and as MarkZ's redemption center contacts said, this is the first week that redemption centers have planned for being fully staffed in anticipation of the start; he is confirming Texas Snake's banker who had indicated that we need to be ready from today Tue 26 Jan onward this week for start of exchanges--THESE ARE VERY GOOD SIGNS!

He has the same info that MarkZ has from his govt sources that they are looking for a revaluation (RV) of the Dollar now, this being in keeping with the US Comptroller of Currency Office which is expecting the US Dollar to revalue (RV) tomorrow Wed 27 Jan and for the digital gold-backed, asset-backed USN dollar to be fully functional for exchanges from tomorrow onward and thereafter for the public after T4B exchanges are completed in February.

He confirmed Mr. Fleming's sources that today Tue 26 Jan T3-4A paymasters were given pre-advice letters of liquidity, committing the issuing banks to issue the liquidity to be downstreamed into end-recipient accounts starting at a certain time this week.


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