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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights - Big Bold Lies 1/19/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights - Big Bold Lies 1/19/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights - Big Bold Lies 1/19/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights - Big Bold Lies 1/19/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:48 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call - it is Tuesday Jan 19th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks everybody for tuning in again –

Ok so let’s see where we are right now – I believe last Thursday we may have talked about Iraq – I don’t normally focus on too much but I’ll say this much – We were under the impression that Iraq had read their budget – and you know that sometimes when they pass a law – and the budget would be sort of a law - the Parliament would pass - every year – they read it - 3 times – after – they are usually separated by  a day –  then they read it the next day - a day – and then read it the next day

This was to have been done a week ago tomorrow   which would have been last Wednesday – right - so they did that – our understanding is they did read the budget 3 times and then it did appear in their gazette  to their official government record –

We did not get confirmed whether that made it into the “official” record or it may have made it into the official record and just held back so we did not see it - because if we had seen it  - it would release the actual value of the Iraqi Dinar – and that is something they held back from us for quite a while – even though they are operating on different rates on Q-cards – for Iraqi citizens and dual citizens – and so on –

So bottom line is – it looks like the budget was passed – it looks like they have a new rate - was supposed to go up on Sunday night to be traded internationally – I cannot tell you absolutely that happened – but it was supposed to –

The other thing we heard in the last couple of days was that China no longer is accepting fiat currency – especially the USD – because our dollar – our new dollar – USN – our asset backed dollar – is supposed to be traded or to have been traded on the forex between banks as of last Sunday night at about 9 PM – by that time –

China does not want  anybody’s fiat currency - they only want to work with asset backed currencies – so the understanding I had was that was to happen last Sunday night – before the markets opened in China at approximately 9 Easter time – would have been 9 am Monday morning in china –

So that’s occurring now and my  understanding is we have 209 countries that have made changes to their governments structures so they are compliant with GESARA – because our continuous understanding is that we are embarking on NESARA in the United States and GESARA globally - 

If you have done much reading and research on that there’s quite a bit to that – and we really don’t want to go into too much depth tonight but it is really a good study - to find out what this law includes – not only for NESARA here in the United States but GESARA globally – we’re embarking on that and we’re looking really for something major to occur as early as 8 o’clock tomorrow morning -  regarding – we think – at least based on some information I received from 3-4 different sources that tomorrow at 8 eastern could very well be going to an EBS – Emergency Broadcasting System

This would be something that would be a part of Martial law and also related to the Insurrection Act we believe the President has already signed and enacted – a week from last Saturday –

So there are things that are happening which could dramatically change – if those come true – could dramatically change what happens tomorrow at noon – so we will see how that manifests – especially if President Trump supposedly does his send off – final send off speech at 8 eastern – tomorrow morning – we will see if that leads us into an EBS scenario which is supposed to go for up to 72 hours or 3 days - with a lot of video testimony and different things that you’re going to want to  sit and watch – it is going to be every 8 hours and repeat itself - so 3 times a day for 3 days – that would be 9 complete – 8 hour segments –

So let’s see it that manifests - and along with that – we’ve already been through our 10 days of darkness – and you probably didn’t realize it – but those were referring to President Trump’s inability to use twitter and communicate with the American people -

Now let’s go beyond that and say – where are we NOW?  With what we know? Today we

Re drilling an important day for  us – because we hear that when I talk about everything out west -  the groups that are based out west – our understanding is - that paymasters for those groups were all notified today to get to Reno right away – by mid afternoon tomorrow – at the latest –

We can think of only one reason why they needed to be summoned to Reno was to be there for the beginning of the groups being paid out – which we are still waiting for that – along those same lines – people that had bonds and boxes of bonds whether they were yellow dragon or railroad bonds – etc – all of those – even though they have been sold to the willing buyer  - the funds for those have not been placed – let me put it this way -- they may have been placed in the seller’s account – but seller has not been able to access those funds yet –

That – today when President Trump made his farewell 20 minute speech - one minute into that farewell speech – the first time it was played – money was moving for the bond people – moving to their accounts -

Now prior to that – let’s go back to Friday – this past Friday – we understood that 2 things had happened – there were 12 tranches of 60 zero were sent out to our Treasury  - I do not know which accounts they came from – this time – but those funds were received by the treasury and then subsequently  the next day or so were to be sent out for us – for our tier 4B exchanging and redemption of zim -

So those funds have been sent out and I believe received already by those larger banks – so everything is sitting and ready for it /us – it would appear –

The other thing is – remember how we talked about 525,000 emails on the Wells Fargo server – that would be going out for tier 4B – well they have subsequently added more emails to that list – and they have been doing testing - but the total number now – after they have vetted out – disqualified some – we are up to about 1.4 million emails -  and that makes a lot more sense in the terms of tier 4B - some of these emails may be to bond holders as well - and may be why the number has gone up so much - over doubled from the 527,000

So the testing that was to start Friday night at midnight was to conclude by noon Saturday – 12 hours of testing – and this was sending emails out as a test to see if email was authentic and what would be called a bounce back message – this would be a “dummy” email that was designed to just ping the address and bounce back –

One hour into that test – the test was supposed to test so many every hour on the hour for 12 hours – starting at midnight so at 1 am – one hour after the start – there was a problem – they figured out what it was and remedied it – and that was to resume testing at midnight Saturday night – that test was supposed to go through and complete everything by 8PM Sunday night and it ended up completing at 1:10 in the morning on Monday –

So the testing was ongoing – I’m sure they ran into some snags – and get it all done but was completed and my understanding is everything is hunky dory and ready to go –That was as of yesterday morning at 1:10 am

So we’ve got this additional movement that we’ve talked about – with the funds – we’ve got the paymasters being summoned to Reno – we have the bond holders that have been told they are to receive their access to their funds – meaning get to the funds that has been put into their accounts as early as tomorrow or hopefully no later than Thursday –

So there is a two day window there – which we may parallel  because they’re going to receive an email notification – veri - sign on computer and send back and then get a confirming email that will tell them you have the funds – everything is good to go and you can begin to access the percentage of those funds - 

We’re sort of running parallel to that – we could be getting our notification and then we process that by setting appointment and we get some access to our funds when we go in for our appointment and exchange currency and or redeem our zim

I think they are trying to do this as something we would call a shotgun start – so we’re parallel with that group of former bond holders / bond sale recipients – and the groups out west – those groups may also parallel what we’re doing as well as with tier 4A and 4B – So we’re just going to have to see how that shakes out -

Now bank contacts we have with one of the major banks and with people we get to talk to occasionally  are over redemption centers – what we’re hearing from that individual who is getting information from a corporate person – is saying stay tuned for anything for us -  talking about us – 4B – to go between now and Saturday –

I don’t like the idea of Saturday or Friday – but we have to be willing to say it could take until those days – we have to really see what may happen tomorrow – what might happen Thursday – Friday or Saturday – but this is what I’m being told that everything is good to go and it seems like they finally have everything ready and there is activity now where there wasn’t before –

When bond holders get access – when bond sellers get access to their funds tomorrow it looks good for us if they get access on Thursday - it still looks good for us – and it says we are just right there – in the heart of everything again – and it’s a very important time and let me tell you if you are up at 8am on the east coast let’s see if the EBS gets activated after the President speaks - that is what I am being told by 3-4 different sources – so we’ll see

I think that is pretty much everything I wanted to bring to you tonight -

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