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American diplomat James Jeffrey: Trump's model will continue in Iraq and Syria DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

American diplomat James Jeffrey: Trump's model will continue in Iraq and Syria

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American diplomat James Jeffrey: Trump's model will continue in Iraq and Syria Empty American diplomat James Jeffrey: Trump's model will continue in Iraq and Syria

Post by claud39 Sat Jan 16, 2021 1:11 pm

American diplomat James Jeffrey: Trump's model will continue in Iraq and Syria


American diplomat James Jeffrey: Trump's model will continue in Iraq and Syria 145362

Baghdad today - 

Baghdad James F. Jeffrey, the special envoy for the International Coalition to Defeat ISIS, continues the approach of outgoing US President Donald Trump in defining the US goals in Syria, Iraq and the .Middle East Jeffrey, head of the Middle East Program at the Wilson Center, said in an article published in Foreign Affairs magazine, "Despite the difficulty of predicting Trump's real policy views, the Trump administration has taken a different path in dealing with the Middle East and US interests. Clear, by keeping US goals limited, responding to looming regional threats, and working primarily through " .partners on the ground

He added, "Trump avoided the slides his predecessors faced while still pushing American interests, despite all (partisan rancor in discussions about foreign policy today), this new paradigm must - and is likely to continue - defining American policy. It provides the best option for containing challenges in the Middle East and prioritizing geopolitical challenges elsewhere, "he said.

"In many ways, Trump's priorities in the Middle East differed slightly from those of his predecessors: eliminating weapons of mass destruction, supporting US partners, combating terrorism, and facilitating the export of hydrocarbons. But in other respects, it is his administration - in which it served as an envoy to all of Syria." And the coalition to confront ISIS has achieved a remarkable shift in the model of the United States' approach to the region. Both American presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have pursued transformative campaigns in the Middle East based on the mistaken belief that the United States, through its political and military penetration of countries there, can address the underlying causes of terrorism. Islamic and permanent regional instability. "

He noted, "The Trump administration has largely ignored the domestic behavior of important partners, including Egypt, Turkey, and even Saudi Arabia, despite the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and the administration has also made clear that it will publicly support Israel when it comes to Palestinian issues, and nullify the old American and international policies on operations." Transferring weapons, the Golan Heights, Jerusalem and Western Sahara. "

Trump has combined his sanctions campaign with an attempt to counter Iran's regional expansion -" .especially in Syria and Iraq," the US diplomatic officer said By late 2017, the Trump administration had developed its own policy toward Syria, once again based" on the principles of confronting regional threats while working with allies and partners: pushing Iran ".out, defeating ISIS permanently, and resolving civil conflict in the country

Unsurprisingly, he said, US policy put Washington at odds with Moscow, which saw Syria as the main venue for diplomatic and military re-engagement in the Middle East. In line with its goal of confronting regional threats from its peers, the United States has repeatedly responded to military activity. Russian and mercenaries in northeastern Syria and Turkey helped repel the joint SyrianRussian incursions in the northwest of the country, but Turkey's opposition to the United States' local Syrian Kurdish partner in the northeast, the Syrian Democratic Forces - linked to the PKK or the PKK - complicated that relationship ".

He continued, "This tension led to a brief military and diplomatic incident in October 2019, and although Washington and Ankara succeeded in resolving the crisis, it made clear the difficulty of working through partners - whether they were from the Syrian Democratic Forces or the Turks - whose agendas may exceed what is possible." To be backed by Washington. 

"In Iraq, the United States tried to isolate its military effort against ISIS from the larger conflict against Iran, however, the escalation against the American forces began, and Trump responded in the end, and Iran responded with a ballistic missile attack on an American base, but it failed to inflict heavy losses." According to the text of his article.

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