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Post by Ponee Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:24 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins  1:09:09

Welcome everybody to the Big Call we are live and it’s Tuesday January 12th - Glad everybody could come and join us tonight – we’ve been looking at the possibility of going to a broadcast on Newsmax but I just found out a little bit ago but it looks like that broadcast was not going to be a new speech from the President but rather a replay from one he did from Alamo Texas – down by the border wall –

Now we are in a position – talking about intel that – I don’t know how to describe it – but it is as if we’re in a state of calm before the storm – because you know there is a lot going on – politically – a lot of things being said that are true – there are a lot of things being said that we are waiting to come out - - but the bottom line is – for us – those bond pay outs from bond holders that have traded their bonds into willing buyers – they are waiting – still to be paid – not that they have not done their transaction – they have – for the most part – but they are waiting to have access to those funds – they are waiting on an email from the bond paymasters to let them know that their funds are in the account and they can have access to them

This has been going on for at least 2-3 weeks now - there were some other things - what has slowed us down from my understanding – is the genealogy – and what do I mean by that – here’s what it is –

This is true of bond holders - recipients now – they are going to be the recipients of those bonds and it refers to us – the zim holders – they know who we are – They may not know everyone that has been gifted but they know some of the people that have been gifted – What is interesting is – they have been checking because they do not want any of these bonds … and remember the Zim is going to be worth quite a bit – as we know – They are checking our own situation and our first incumbent Generation 1 then going up to our parents to see who they were – what they did – if they were involved in any way in communism – in anything that might be considered a nefarious type activity – and then going above that generation to what would be our grandparents – to check to see what they might have been involved in - They are checking 3 generations - us – parents – grandparents – They do not want anyone with a nefarious background being able to exchange – or redeem the zim – or be paid out on these bonds that people have transacted – So that has taken us up until 2 nights ago at midnight in our genealogies were complete – So now that has happened they’ve got a lot of things cleared out – they’ve got a lot of the bankers cleared out - the military has moved into place - in about 400 cities - could be considered hot spots – We’re waiting – we’re in position – from the perspective of the redemption centers – they are pretty much set on “go” – they have had additional meetings – security meetings – even as late as last night – There are things happening to prepare us for our ability to start – there may be one additional thing from the President that we’re looking for but I am not sure what it is – have not been told or given any specific clue about that – I put that up to my own imagination - I really think that we’re in a position right now where something could happen very soon – but I do not know exactly when – we think the redemption center staff is supposed to be in and at their desk ready to go at 9 am in the morning – so is that for any particular reason? Is it possible for numbers to be sent out – we hope so but we do not know that – that is not something that we know Some things have to play out – regarding President Trump – I know there is more to come from our President – I know that there are things that are planned and will manifest in the next week or so -  The story is not over – let me put it that way – This story is not over yet – we are waiting – we are ready – most of us are really ready - we are on our tenth year of the Big Call – Many people are listening in groups – many people are getting the call and simultaneously transcribing it in another language that they understand better than English - I can see this in my mind’s eye this thing happening all over the globe – Some people transcribe our call – and it’s getting out there all over the globe - and we thank people for listening here in our second week of our tenth year – I wish I would have had a little more to give you but that is really about all there is that I can remember and is pertinent to us - I do hear things about readiness – preparedness – about the military – what to expect – We do have the Insurrection Act getting put into activation – Sunday Morning - there are really high – high meetings – that have gone on over the weekend - I think we are as prepared as we can be but there are always things that we don’t know and may be happening behind the scenes – I am excited about where we are -


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