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MarkZ Chat - Member: So, where is the RV? 1/12/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Chat - Member: So, where is the RV? 1/12/21

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MarkZ Chat - Member: So, where is the RV? 1/12/21 Empty MarkZ Chat - Member: So, where is the RV? 1/12/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:36 pm

Member: So, where is the RV?

MZ: I am not in control as to when it occurs…..if I was-we would have had it some time ago. We are certainly close to a forced reset. The dollar is gaining strength over the last couple days…other fiat currencies have started crashing…..it will implode. Study history…..”Fiat currencies always go back to their intrinsic value of zero. – Voltaire”

MZ: We will see the reset…it will occur. . it is a “when” not an “if”

MZ: I am being told but almost everybody that is involved with the redemption process that they expect the reset on or before Jan.19th…..they don’t expect it to be done by then…but it will be started by then.

MZ: There are some group leaders right now doing a mad scramble to verify last minute updates for accounts, contacts ect…..this means their banking contacts are saying they need to have it for them now.

MZ: ON CMKX- I have one out of multiple sources telling me they are getting ready to update fines and penalties to reflect interest accrued on Wed. and Thurs. They do this every so often in anticipation of the release of funds.

ISAAC Jan 11 Waiting for news tomorrow. As soon as I talk I will post

Member:  Iraq raises their rate oil went from $42 to $56 a barrel

Member:  In regard to the Iraqi Dinar, their parliament has done the first two readings of the budget. I heard one more reading and then the new rates will be posted. Is this correct?

Member: If the RV starts can Biden stop it?

MZ: Not as I understand it…..I was told that once the process in initiated…there is no going back.

Member:  Simon Parks says US will go back to Gold Standard.

Member:  I think we will go back on the gold asset after the 20th.

Member:  Stock market will crash this week after Trump's EO yesterday

Member:  yes and market will tank after EO yesterday went into effect

Member:  What's happening with the removal of the IRS and going to VAT of 17%...On new Purchases...

Member: I have sources that say the Insurrection act was signed.

MZ: I would not be surprised……more and more of my military contacts are supporting that it was signed.

MZ:  Von Reitz says the insurrection act is live. It does make sense with all the troops in dc… Anna Von Reich posted on Facebook that it has been signed and she listed what that means

Member:  Gene Decoder said last night on B2T that only the Prez can publicly announce the Insurrection Act. It is extremely classified, and it won’t be found on the news, even if he’s already signed it.

Member:  Gene Decoder said that any military person talking about it will be severely court marshaled. The MSM fake news will NEVER report on it, will be last to know. They’ll know when we see it officially.

Member:  I would encourage everyone to do the following today: 6 min video of Dr. Jerome Corsi , then YT Simon Parkes channel and the 11th and 12th of Jan video. Both of those are about 30 min.

MZ: I am afraid that they may use even very reputable sources are unknowingly used to dispense misinformation sometimes because they need to keep us from knowing exactly what is going on….just keep that in mind…….they may use many of us as a diversion…..

Member:  Always Question intel from all sites. Question platform/persons brought on to global stage control support or Opposition

Member:  Corporate United States of America has been dissolved. New republic of United States of America.created. We have no President currently military in charge. New election in March 21.

Member: Robert David Steele has confirmed JFK Jr is alive.

Member:  Simon Parks also confirms JFK jr is alive.

MZ: I always thought that would be cool…even though I never really believed it…but I can tell you when Steele said that – I am leaning toward it could be correct……

Member:  Yes, JFK Jr has Never Died & Trump him have been playing this out for over 20 years 5D Chess as the rest play checkers.

Member:  Parler CEO says they are being blocked from the alternate servers they had originally lined up, and may be a longer blackout than expected

Member:  TRUMP 2 speak at 2pm U-Tube,,,,,,DON'T MISS IT.

Member:  Trump will be in South Texas and will be taken to a Undisclosed Location from there.... Just like George W. on 9/11.... Something will "Happen" today !!!!

Member:  I think tomorrow is going to be the start of big boom drops and lower lever arrest.

Member:  heard Trump speech at 2pm media & many other things will be shutdown.

Member:  President speaking at Alamo, Tx. Does that have any coded message there...remember the Alamo

Member:  "the movement" must start by shutting down fake news.

Member:  Waiting for the EBS to go off and give me those magic words "THIS IS NOT A TEST"

Member:  Supposedly when Trump used the words "GIANT VOICE" that refers to the military's notification and emergency alert system.

Member:  Just saw on Fox, House plans to impeach tomorrow. Maybe something will go down before?

Member:  I am hearing the phrases NESARA and Restored Republic, QFS, and Gold Standard a whole lot more across the boards where they were not said before.... It's coming..

Member:  NESARA. Election is 180 days, That puts us in March 2021.

Member: Would we get a reset before or after Nesara is implemented?

MZ: I hear it would happen at the very beginning of that 180 days.

Member: I hope we will see NESARA and the gold standard and the RV before March 4th

Member:  inauguration on April 1st according to JaunO’Savin

Dr. Rich joins the stream at the end of today’s stream……

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