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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 1/7/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 1/7/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 1/7/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 1/7/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jan 07, 2021 9:38 pm

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – Happy New Year to everyone - It is Tuesday January 5th and you’re listening to the Big Call - Tonight could be a little bit different cause we’re expecting the possibility of tuning into the broadcast where the president could be explaining something different – something new  - something we could be interested in listening to - that is supposed to be brought to me not too far from the top of the hour – so we’ll see where that goes – we will interrupt our call at that time – otherwise we will just continue on – unless and until that happens -

Ok folks it’s that all important time where we talk about where we stand in this process – what is the latest intel? What am I hearing? What am I getting? This is really something because we were in the position to receive our notifications according to one source a few days ago – we’re talking about Tuesday – which is tonight – Wednesday in that era to get started for us –

Now – we have heard that and yet we know that certain bonds for example the Railroad Bonds - were to payout today – and some of the other bonds – they’ve all basically been completed ok – the transactions to buy / sell on all of these various – and there are a bunch of different types of bonds – yellow dragon – etc all of these different colored dragon bonds etc –

It’s just amazing how many different types there are – and these have all been traded with buyers and sellers and now it is a matter of those funds being paid out – by that I mean – they are in the accounts for the people that are the “owners”  ok – those owners accounts are hydrated in some cases they’re being seen in other cases they’re not fully seen yet  - but my understanding was that tomorrow (Wed) that hydration of those bonds – the liquidity of those bonds – is to be made available to the bond holders –

In other words they are being paid and given access to funds – It’s one thing to have money in an account and having pending notification or another date by it – it is NOT available – we want to know when the funds are to be “available”

My understanding is that tomorrow is a major day – it could be overnight tonight – or sometime tomorrow – that these bond payments are supposed to go out – to the point where they are accessible – and receivable – they are going to pay out tomorrow though out tomorrow night – so that’s interesting for us – who are kinda on the side lines – waiting to step up and get started ourselves –

Other information that we’ve had alongside that bond information talking about us in tier 4B receiving notifications and one particular transmission had us receiving notification on Thursday - a couple days away – so that goes in line and corresponds with another banks interpretation of our timing as a couple of days after the bonds are paid out - two days later would be Friday 

We could get notified Thursday and start Friday – and if I remember right Friday is the 8th of January – is there something to that? Does the 8th show up – for example – the Far East in China – 12 hours earlier than us here - yes – so I think there may be something to that – however it would not surprise me if we were notified Thursday morning and got started and appointments set - and started on that day – so we’re just going to have to wait it out and see – and you know as well as I do that after this call tonight and tomorrow I will get more information –

So – we will either have it I think – on Thursday – or beyond meaning Friday – or we won’t and we will have a call – and we will talk about it – okay – when I do get the numbers and we do receive those 527,000 plus or minus – emails – from Wells Fargo – with the toll free numbers – then we’ll know

In the meantime – while we wait – which is hopefully not more than a couple more days 2-3 – this is a great opportunity to fine tune your presentation – to get things down on paper – instead of back end of napkin kind of notes - this is the time to get some things down – in bullet point outline form –

We know that the value of the zim currency is going to increase if we do a good job – a really stellar job presenting the projects – it will affect the rates that we get – so if you are serious about projects and want to do the best you can for humanity you want to put your very best foot forward – and get all of the availability you can get for your funds so you can then put those across the globe in our project

I know we thought it was going to be here months ago – I know that – there is something to the fact that it has drawn out – it has slowed down for several reasons - one if which is the bond holders need to be paid and get access to their funds  - it’s sort of a shotgun approach  but I have a feeling that if we go this week it should be Thursday or Friday – and things are looking like that’s where it is right now – possibly the activity going on in Washington DC - especially tomorrow (Wed) needed to happen first – I don’t know that though – that is not an absolute – but in my mind maybe that just needed to happen before we started –

I can tell you we are ready to go – redemption centers have been ready – they have been having conference calls -  more meetings – they have been getting together - to go through everything –

\We did have word today that we have our gold backed USN dollar – if you will – our United States Dollar – US Treasury Note effective digitally since the 1st of January  - Now we understand that not only I think in the United States our asset backed currency is calculated by above ground – in ground assets - silver – other precious metals – would include oil and gas in the US - all currencies will have value you base on these various in ground and above ground assets – and resources they have in these assets and all of the currency values are being set according to those values –

We know that Iraq is ready to go and not waiting much longer – I can tell you and I think we’re going to be all set with everything –

I cannot really get into the rates – they are changing – constantly updated – and traded – and something we’re going to know when we get in there – but I want everybody to be confident and going in knowing that you are absolutely a game changer for the projects that you have in mind to execute –

So everybody – thank you for being patient – I am only giving you information that I’m getting – sometimes it’s right on the money and sometimes they miss it – or I miss it but we are there for  you till this goes –

So hang in there – be patient – I hope everybody got through Christmas and the New Year okay – and we’re going to move forward together – thank you everybody for listening -

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