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MarkZ: "Monday morning we will see all kinds of news and movement" (Bowel Movement?) 1/1/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Monday morning we will see all kinds of news and movement" (Bowel Movement?) 1/1/21

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MarkZ: "Monday morning we will see all kinds of news and movement" (Bowel Movement?) 1/1/21 Empty MarkZ: "Monday morning we will see all kinds of news and movement" (Bowel Movement?) 1/1/21

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jan 01, 2021 9:18 pm

MZ: Welcome to 2021….I was not planning on a stream today, but thought about the year we all just had and thought we should start this new year off right….as the strong community that we are. We have survived a rough year and get to look forward to a new one.

Member: I am not so much welcoming in 2021, as I am celebrating giving the boot to 2020.

MZ: The banking world is shut down right now….and we are all waiting to see how the new year breaks….

MZ: Brexit became official….this is a big piece….The UK is now out of the EU. That transition period ended at midnight- their time last night. IMO this is the breaking of the dam.

MZ: I am guessing by Monday morning we will see all kinds of news and movement.

Member:  QFS, GCR, GESARA, NESARA N RV...IN 2021

Member:  Judy Shelton is in executive meetings today.?????

Member:  They snuck Judy Shelton in for official nomination, last leg, pray Patriots!

Member:  I hear they will be offering digital wallets asap

Member:  pimpy said he got $137,000 zeroed out on his college loan..

MZ: I have heard a number of people have had credit card balances just go away…..hope that means we are underway.

Member: I hear XRP will be the new gold backed currency????

Member:  Sec. Steve Mnuchin is having fun testing out the Gold QFS instant payment on demand system...XRP?

Member:  people the new system is 100 million gold blockchain and 100 million silver blockchain. do some research not CRYPTOS

Member: With as fast as the stimulus payments are getting to the people this time…maybe we are on the QFS right now?????

Member:  This money is coming so fast we must be using QFS.

Member: I got my $600 2 days ago….. Instant payments delivered on Gold QFS via XRP?

Member: what is xrp?

Member supposedly it is a gold backed crypto currency.

Member: I hear that Pence may be stepping down

MZ: That is a rumor that is going around……have not found any legs to it yet though

Member:  If Pence steps down, who becomes VP?

Member:  Could JFK be coming on scene?

Member: Pence says he is done with politics….

Member:  Word from my ss in law is VP is compromised so he reached an agreement with POTUS…But he wants to go down in history as impactful to the Republic so he will come through… Staytuned!

Member:  Mike Pence is not resigning but planning to “step back” to save face and help the Republic. He wants a good part in history books. Pray everyone! Call on God

Member:  Lin Wood posted on Twitter that last night he announced he won’t run for office anymore. Didn’t say he was stepping down. I just read it.

Member:  Pence never said he was resigning...Pence said, he would leave politics and not run again. He just ran for VP, so this would be his last. Most VPs don't run again.

Member: If there is a Nesara/New republic election. Wait 120 days. No telling who the VP will be.

Member:  Why do you think President Trump and the First Lady return to the White House yesterday?

MZ: I don’t know but we expect to hear something from Trump today…..a bombshell drop of some kind….sometime today …we are all guessing…will it be disclosure?...will it be about Pence stepping down…..is it about the election?....is it about aliens…..we just do not know. If its real big….you will see me come back here….Since its New Years Day I don’t expect Trump to make any announcements until the afternoon or so to give the west coast time to wake up

Member: I hear his speech will be at 7pm est…5 pm mountain time…..4 pm PST

Member:  OAN, Newsmax, and NDT will carry Trump's Speech on line.

Member: Maybe he will announce Julian Assange is pardoned

MZ: That would shake DC to the core………

Member:  Believing the announcement for gold standard/NESARA/GESARA and GCR in Jesus’ Name!


Member:  was supposed to be an EO that only Trump knew out today

Member:  EO 13848 ….The Wealth of the wicked is confiscated for USA

Member:  Praying it’s the gold standard and NESARA and GCR. Today marks 50th Anniversary of Nixon taking us off the gold standard.

MZ: Even if we were to get the gold standard today I hear it will take up to 6 months for Nesara/Gesara….all the debt forgiveness and loan write offs…..all those things to filter through …

Member:  The next 21 days will be exciting. more than the last 57 years.

MZ: We are in the midst of living through tremendous history and yes, it’s going to be interesting.

Member: Are we now on the Gold Standard? Maybe its announced today?

MZ: Well, it hasn’t been yet….lots of chatter that with the UK leaving the EU…they are already on the gold standard and QFS…..I spoke with one banker in Europe today and there is no evidence of that yet.

Member:  Official Govt pompeo tweet this morning. My New Year’s Resolution: give the American people the full story about our foreign policy. You may not read it elsewhere.

Member:  Full disclosure on US foreign policy??? That should be interesting....

Member:  if we actually get back to constitutional law all members of Congress that are BAR lawyers will have to get out. That will get rid of most of the rats.

Member:  Trump is gonna ask back 200trillion that wall Street Stole

Member:  Trump signed a memo asking for full disclosure of 180 days from the CIA and FBI on UFOs

MZ: Well there ya go

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