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MarkZ: "Iraq is announcing another decrease instead of an increase" (Keep Kicking That Can For The Gullible Mark!) 12/31/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Iraq is announcing another decrease instead of an increase" (Keep Kicking That Can For The Gullible Mark!) 12/31/20

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MarkZ: "Iraq is announcing another decrease instead of an increase" (Keep Kicking That Can For The Gullible Mark!) 12/31/20 Empty MarkZ: "Iraq is announcing another decrease instead of an increase" (Keep Kicking That Can For The Gullible Mark!) 12/31/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Dec 31, 2020 5:06 pm


MZ: I am sure we will be glad to see 2020 in the rear view mirror…our best days are ahead of us…..

Member:  Remember this time last year??? We ALL had such Hope for 2020! Who knew it would be the WORST YEAR EVER?!?!?

MZ: Very little financial news…..i know there is static out there that some people have received funds on SKR’s…..I have chased that rumor in every single banking center I know involved in the reset …and cannot find a single case of that being accurate. It sounds good but is not accurate.

MZ: Iraq is announcing another decrease instead of an increase…..the chatter in Iraq is that they expect to go up in rate sometime between now and the 6th of January. So there is great potential for a rate increase on the Dinar the first week of January.

Member: Is there an RV rate change?

MZ: We are not seeing a new rate in Iraq…..they are announcing another rate change and their goal is to scare people…..get you to throw in the towel and sell your currency….just like they did in Kuwait and China before their revaluations…..….this is the same thing Iraq did 3 previous times in the 1900’s……

Member:  beginning to wonder if we have to wait for a complete economic collapse?

Member:  Trump headed back to D.C. this morning,.. What's his BIG announcement tomorrow ????

MZ: I hear he does allegedly have news tomorrow. Maybe some large scale disclosure?

Member:  Did you know tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of President Nixon taking us out of the gold standard. Thinking return to gold standard announcement tomorrow.

Member:  He's leaving for D.C. at 11:00am EST today !!!

Membr:  Turmp said in a tweet yesterday, "Much more money coming!!" WOOHOO!

Member:  Whatever  goes into effect on the 1st …I hear that’s already signed sealed and delivered

Member:  NESARA tomorrow? Gold standard?

Member:  Trump needs to announce something good. he is running out of days

Member:  Praying and believing gold standard, GCR and NESARA announced tomorrow in Jesus’ Name!

Member:  Trump will tell the world about Nesara/Gesara and debt forgiveness, 17% flat tax. he is going to tell universal basic income. everything good

Member:  JANUARY 6 is Ephanny! The 12 th day of Christmas and that word means bringing to light. “Salvation”

Member:  IMO: Gold backed digital dollar and/or Gold QFS unveiled tomorrow.

Member:  Charlie Ward said a lot is happening and will happen on January 1st and he said Trump's announcement should be about the RV

Member:  POTUS' "Return to Greatness" is code for Q3393;;; level international playing field via return to Gold Standard…..Gold digital dollar aka Gold QFS. XRP?

Member:  I am hoping the qfs comes fully online sometime in January.

Member:  I hear our US Treasury accounts goes live January 1.

Member: Maybe the IRS is DEFUNCT, after Today!

Member:  Many are saying the new system started w/o Swift system last weekend

Member: Is the zim still in play?

MZ: I am told the zim is absolutely still in play……

Member: Do you think that US designation of Vietnam as a currency manipulater has to do with the reset?

MZ: Yes.  And they are mad that the US keeps dragging their feet …so they keep debasing their currency for better trade imbalances.

MZ: On the stimulus front I am hearing the log jam will break today as Mitch McConnel will cave so they can get senators to Georgia to campaign. That is the chater from the DC beltway……to many people are suffering for them to continue fighting over his one.

Member: Are you saying the $2000 should get voted through?

MZ: Yes…at this point ….my contacts in DC …who work for congressman and senators…..they expect this to happen by this evening……there is tremendous pressure on McConnel today.

Member:  The timing on stimulus and RV is connected

Member:  Hey folks the GOLD for the RV is coming form China I know that's hard to understand since we are all up in arms over the CCP but the Chinese hate them too!

Member:  Boston Herald (https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/06/05/trump-talks-of-touring-u-s-in-an-rv/) Trump talks of touring U.S. in an RV President Trump was so bullish on the country’s positive jobs news he said he’d like to hop into an RV with the first lady and tour the country.

MZ: In 2021 the way “paper metals work” will change…..they will have to have a larger percentage of physical metals on hand to cover their paper. So look for metal prices to run in 2021.

Member:  30th December Update Current News - Simon Parks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ettvw...

MZ:  https://thepatriotjournal.com/court-overrules-governor-restrictions/

Member:  Hi Mark! We are gearing up for a showdown here in the UK! Fearporn is at maximum and they are coming for the kids now! That’s my line in the sand!

MZ: https://conservativebrief.com/dfykhgnfhdtrefrthjy-31756/  This is a hard article to read….DC passed a bill to immunize kids over 11 without parental consent.

MZ: A sad announcement this morning. Field McConnel has announced that his wife Denise passed away last night…..our thought and prayers go out to him……

Member:  LIVING RM https://twitter.com/JodiL792/status/1... DENISE DIED LAST NIGHT- DISCUSSED IN THE LIVING RM

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