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MarkZ: "Preparation….we saw Kuwait did the same thing before its RV" 12/30/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Preparation….we saw Kuwait did the same thing before its RV" 12/30/20

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MarkZ: "Preparation….we saw Kuwait did the same thing before its RV" 12/30/20 Empty MarkZ: "Preparation….we saw Kuwait did the same thing before its RV" 12/30/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:16 am

MZ: News is a nothing-burger today in the financial world.  We still have a lot of chatter from Zurich, Europe and London that we may see bond exchanges or swaps starting tomorrow 

MZ: Not hearing anything from Reno or Asia. The middle east is painfully quiet.

MZ: Iraq is shutting down a lot of oil and energy to Iran. They are still positioned for it…..Kuwait, Jordan and a number of countries over there have shut down their borders in preparation for something. They are checking the amount of currencies you have at the borders. 

MZ: things are happening in the middle east we just do not know the timing at this point.

Member: why is Iraq closing its borders?

MZ: Preparation….we saw Kuwait did the same thing before its RV. I think they are preparing to change its value in a meaningful, significant way.

Member:  I heard Iraq has changed their Fiscal year to March/April...

Member:  Wow....History in the making and we are a part of it!!!

ISAAC Dec 29 Just finished 2 calls and both told me the same. If nothing happens tomorrow or Thursday to go to Zurich, they will have to go the 6 of Jan. It is very positive.

ISAAC SAYS -- That is a very important buyer and trust me he is very influential

MZ: The $600 stimulus has already started going out and many have already gotten their direct deposits. Now we need a vote in the Senate…….they did a competing bill there including the 230 reform in it…….they expect to have passed additional stimulus by the end of the week….and $2000 to be the total number..sending the $1400 difference within days. I believe the $2000 will pass.

Member: Section 230 is protection against deep state propaganda….

MZ: yes it is. We need section 230

Member:If it passes….it  means we can sue facebook, google, twitter for taking down our sites for no reason except they don’t like what we say.

Member:  Some may receive a check  or debit card instead of direct deposit for $600…according to article on yahoo…..

Mod:  McConnell Introduces HIS OWN Bill Repealing Section 230…Giving Americans $2K Stimulus Checks https://thepalmierireport.com/mcconnell-introduces-bill-repealing-section-230-2k-stimulus-checks/

Member: Anyone listen to Quantum Shift last night....Wow!!  Type in the search engine....quantum shift with Dr Sam Muggzi and click on it when it pops up

Member:  Hey does anyone know what President Trump was talking about when he said Something big is happening January 1st?

Member:  Trump vid from September saying surprise Jan 1

Member:  Trump says major change 01/01/21


Member:  GUYS ALL THIS HAS BEEN FINISH THEY ARE SLOWLY RED PILLING AMERICA …. if you use critical thinking the RV means the war has been won and you get to go and get the booty from the chest of gold

Member:  Trump is the head of the Military NOT THE SUPREME COURT. The military is sworn to protect us. I predict you will see history in the next 30 days. Antiffa and Blm are NOTHING.

Member: Is there a chance for the RV Sunday or Monday?

MZ: There is a chance…..there is a battle going on….Iraq is hoping for a new rate by the 31st…..which is a day away….There is a lot of chatter in the bond world….for tomorrow…..we are starting to see runaway inflation…..we are seeing an erosion of faith in the dollar and that is really key….when that faith in the fiat currency is gone….they have no choice but to push it….it has been a dance to pin as much of the old debt as possible on it …a debt they have no intention of paying….we have been on the razors edge of this happening for far too long…..is this the perfect storm???

Member: Is the stimulus to distract people from the RV release?

MZ: Mr. C and I had been looking for 2 rounds of stimulus or helicopter money before they released the RV so that people would have funds to last through the transition because the banking system may have some hiccups during the reset…..so my thoughts were that sometime after the second stimulus we would reset.

Member:   So will all currency be crypto??

MZ:  we believe 98% of currency will be digital. But think about it, that is already true. But it will be asset backed.

Member: We all know the deep state are all slime….lets go ahead and release the RV

Member:  I hear 39000 children saved from DUMBS in New Mexico over weekend

Member:  got Alot friends in the military here in San diego they been fighting south of TJ in the hills with the blessing of Mexico lots of marines getting combat exp

Member:  military planes flying over on Tampa Bay

Member: Does the presidency have to be resolved before we see the RV?

MZ: I would think they would want to know what the end game is on that……we have had a lot of disclosure…the msm isn’t reporting a lot of that……so I do not know what to tell you on that.

MZ: The 3 largest markets in the world are a complete mess right now….China is locking down entire provinces again…mass flooding…..China is becoming unglued…….China being in such a mess is part of what will push us into a Global Currency reset.

Member: I cannot wait for 2020 to end…..

LIVING RM Lynette Zang: Currency Reset has begun https://youtu.be/Ih5a5x44rg0?t=8

Member:  The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve…This is the classic exposé of the Fed that has become one of the best-selling books in its category of all time. Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it?

MZ:  https://youtu.be/K1TGFCLx-dk Audio book. Creature from Jekyll Island.

MZ: https://youtu.be/yz8ymvqUMrU Crypto currency history

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