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MarkZ: "this week it looks to be action packed" 12/28/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "this week it looks to be action packed" 12/28/20

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MarkZ: "this week it looks to be action packed" 12/28/20 Empty MarkZ: "this week it looks to be action packed" 12/28/20

Post by RamblerNash Mon Dec 28, 2020 10:50 pm

Member:  Just a reminder, MAD MAX took place in 2021

MZ:  An interesting week for sure in the making.  Normally the week between Christmas and New Years is just full of left overs…..this week it looks to be action packed.

MZ: I have heard that a  number of people are moving back into position today…even in Europe ….which is very unusual. …..I am told from Chinese contacts that they are pushing for some kind of closure…immediately…like this week…..so this week is shaping up with solid potential…..

MZ: It is looking like it could be a very busy news day so I am considering having an evening stream tonight. 8-8:30 or so???

MZ: Many more people are returning to their locations throughout the day today….that is part of why I may have an evening stream tonight …most of my paymasters  had left to go home on the 23rd…..and I hope I can get more news when they get back into place today. This has me really upbeat.

MZ: Normally they would have all just stayed home ….especially the way Europe usually shuts down for the banking holidays over Christmas..….If they did not think something was “afoot” they would not be returning to their exchange locations until after Jan 1st. .

Member:  When does China celebrate new year? China wants the rv by their new year?

Member: Chinese New Year starts Friday Feb. 12th 2021….will be the year of the Ox

MZ: There is a lot to talk about as well on the stimulus bill front….Trump did indeed sign it…..I do not think he sold out….He pulled a card I did not see happening…..He signed the 908 Billion bill and the Omnibus bill to keep the government open. …then he did something I have never seen a modern day president do…….he pulled out the 1974 Impoundment Control Act demanding rescissions to be made in the spending measures.

MZ: Under this act it gives him “Line item Veto “ Which forces it back to committee on each one of those and he can spend it or he can say nothing…..or he can give a list of those rescissions for them to debate them. ..he has also pushed in the house a amendment today to vote on an addition $2000 per person on top or the $600 in the bill……or  $5400 per household. 

MZ: He is also asked to amend section 230…..I thought he would just buckle down and let things shut down…..so this was surprising. What he did is brilliant…I am impressed.

MZ: He does not only want the house to amend the bill for the $2000 per person…he wants the Senate to put out their own bill and vote on it. Trump wants those payments to be sent out this week….no waiting. IMO there is a 70=80% chance this will pass…it looks very positive.

MZ: Mnuchin has things in place for the first payment of $600 ready to go right now…….to be sent out by Wednesday…….48 hours from now.

Member:  they are voting on the red line changes and $2000 today

Member: I saw the letter, it says, House and Senate are to meet AND vote TODAY to bring the $600 up to $2000, for a total of $5200 for a family of four.

Member:  https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=/prelim@title2/chapter17B&edition=prelim

Member:  2.3 TRILLION Bill to bankrupt the FED!!! HERE WE GO!!!!! SIGNED!!!

Member:  Just putting the Fed in more Debt

Member:  and TRUMP holds the PEN....to NOT write a check to the Foreign nations pork because of the FED and TREASURY as ONE now....

Member: Did QFS go into action on the 24th??

MZ: No it did not…..i spoke with too many bankers today from Asia and Europe….the QFS is not firmly in control yet.

Member:  According to Charlie Ward, once QFS is fully in charge, that is the END of the bad guys!

Member:  The QFS will stop all back door deals. That's what Congress lives on.

Member: also The LIBOR ends, Britexit starts, Derivative has to be settled. All on the 12-31-2020

Member:  Trump ~"The biggest thing that NO ONE even knows about & it's all signed, it goes into effect Jan 1st. This is gonna be the biggest thing & nobody understands what it is! Trump said this in September

Member: Anyone think it’s odd that they say an RV hit in Nashville???

MZ: How many people think a 63 year old man blew up his RV because he was worried about 5G antennas?   Im not buying it…..what do you guys think???

Member:  RV Bomb ??? Warning to Trump, Don't release the RV ??? Why not a Van, Car, U-Haul , Etc... ????????

Member:  Did you see video of missile strike just before explosion? Also major damage across street from where RV was parked.

Member:  Nashville covering up evidence ala OKC

Member:  Patriots know what happened in Nashville. Another false flag.

Member:  Nashville was an NSA Hub that stored all internet, cell phone communications. It also stored communications for Georgia with direct connections to a hub in Atlanta.

Member:  Right after AT&T got the contract to audit the Dominion voting machines in Nashville....

Member:  a warning followed 15-minutes later, at 5:30 a.m., by a “brutal explosion”—an explosion that caused a “massive fireball” and resulted in the total decimation of this downtown region of Nashville…..An explosion preceded by what witnesses described as: “first we heard gunfire, extremely loud, three different times”—gunfire some experts suggest were recorded gunshots—

Member:  US military aircraft fired “thermobaric weapon” specifically targeting the secret NSA spy hub in Nashville, that was first revealed by former CIA-NSA operative Edward Snowden


12.27.20: WHAT STORM Mr. President? You'll FIND OUT! Almost there! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4s_MwSVwWQ

Member:  "Justice is a big carpet and when you pull it out from under one man a lot of men will fall"....Dorothy Kilgallen

Member:  The 10 days of Darkness will be for the Cabal Roundup.

Member:  Thinking 10 days will be Jan 6-17

Member:  Prescot Bush and the Nazi's How Prescot Bush Helped Hitler Rise to Power: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2004/sep/25/usa.secondworldwar

Member: Ukraine judge. https://www.courthousenews.com/top-ukraine-judge-probed-for-witness-tampering/

L IVING RM SIMON PARKES 27th December Update Current News  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLMpp...

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