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MarkZ: "This is the same playbook they used on the revaluation of Kuwait" (Kuwait Revalued? LOL) 12/23/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "This is the same playbook they used on the revaluation of Kuwait" (Kuwait Revalued? LOL) 12/23/20

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MarkZ: "This is the same playbook they used on the revaluation of Kuwait" (Kuwait Revalued? LOL) 12/23/20 Empty MarkZ: "This is the same playbook they used on the revaluation of Kuwait" (Kuwait Revalued? LOL) 12/23/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Dec 23, 2020 11:53 pm

Member:  When we smile, the world smiles with us.

Member:  When we cry waiting on RV what happens?

MZ: Not a whole lot of overnight news…..the biggest news was the US stimulus package.  Most of my paymasters are heading home today…..they will be returning to be back in place again on the 28th…..personally I do not think we will see any dollars move before Christmas.

ISAAC Dec 22 Hello hope all good , just talked to Hsbc and nothing before Christmas, I have 2 more calls to Go. Will be back. I will know later private and if it is for this year or not.

Member: What about the articles I have read that the Iraqi Dinar is a junk currency and basically useless?

MZ: This is the same playbook they used on the revaluation of Kuwait….Days or weeks before the Kuwait RV it devalued…China in the 90’s before they revalued…they devalued…..so I am excited to see those articles about the dinar coming out….we were told to expect them just before the revaluation or reinstatement of the dinar.….

Member: I saw on twitter that we should be ready for communications to go down for awhile….Charlie Ward said the 24th through the 27th are important days

MZ: He may be right…..he may be accurate about that…..there is a lot of chatter

Member:  I love the Trump called out Congress on that crappy stimulus bill the millions are going to send out of country …how does that help our economy?

MZ:  https://youtu.be/ABYC7ikFIuY Trump calls out the poor stimulus bill.

Member:  6,000 pages, 5,995 pages of crap

Member:  5500 pages of money laundering

Member:  There is always that person that wants to pocket other people’s money... the real evil is Politicians.. state and federal


Member:  They tried to sneak in the bill a way to keep President Trump from enacting the Insurrection Act. It wasn’t about the money. They see the writing on the wall. They know they’re going down.

MZ: Yes that was in there that Pres. Trump could not use the insurrection act without Congress approval….lol….my guess is there will be a lot of news coming out of DC today.

Member:  Well at least trump not signing it

MZ: The chatter in DC is they are still trying to get the vast majority of the checks out by the 30th…..

Member:  The Rothchilds have quadrillions. Since they are guilty of crimes against humanity, their assets can be seized !!

Member: If Nesara is real …then we(the US) does not care about spending trillions now…

MZ: That is my point……we have no intention of ever paying this back….we cannot…its untenable….in a perfect world we get a reset , none of this matters and we are asset backed. In our imperfect world…things will crash and we get our reset…..if we crash…debt will go away anyways. Either way we have no intention of ever paying those dollars back. Since we are not paying it back anyway….why not give more stimulus funds to the people….it doesn’t make sense. It just proves they do not care. 

Member  the illegal debt based banking system is owned by its creators, therefore they are responsible for its debt...not we the people. it was forced on us.

Member:  if Trump does reset it doesnt matter what is in the bill! the USA Inc doesn't exist & would eat the debt not. matter how distributed.

Member:  Pelosi and Schumer Agree to Trump’s Demand for $2,000 Stimulus Checks https://www.theepochtimes.com/

MZ:  https://youtu.be/HqHTjiIXorU lou Dobbs has been on fire….this one was fantastic.

MZ:  https://youtu.be/OWwNJZhcrww Patrick Byrne NTD

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