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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 12/22/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 12/22/20

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 12/22/20 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 12/22/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Dec 23, 2020 11:49 pm

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight - it is Tuesday December 22nd  - three days from Christmas and we want to welcome you to the Big Call  - thanks for tuning in –  happy winter solstice yesterday  and now we can look forward to gaining one minute of light every day until next year (laughing)

Ok it’s time for that all important intel segment – so let’s talk about it – Now I was of the understanding that we were getting ready to get started this week – meaning – yesterday – and today actually – There were some thangs that happened that set us back a day or two – for sure -

So here’s what happened – I am going to put this as delicately as I can –

There were a handful of bankers that were doing some illegal things with a certain large country that starts with a “C” – and that large country – their particular government was involved in sending funds to these individuals that were tracked – this was tracked – the Quantum Financial System as able to allow some pretty famous people to track what was going on – this activity –

Well – it ends up that those 5 individuals were extricated from 2 main banks – that we all know the names of – and they were – arrested and taken out – ok – now – evidently they had a little bit of a network for some additional people – over 21 at one  bank and 50 at another  bank - that were connected to them – that were there to sort of continue in this should something happen to those original 5 – and what happened was they were caught – found out – and subsequently  also removed and that too place all the way into early this morning –

So we were slowed down by this activity – at least a day – and it looks like maybe more than a day – now – because we thought we would be off and running today  but we weren’t -  then we find out that really what’s happening is the bond transactions were still going on at least through yesterday – they may not have finished even now – and we have heard there is a lot of liquidity  (in the bond transactions)in cities like Hong Kong – Zurich – Reno – and Miami -  that is where the hubs are for a lot of the bond transactions –

So – that liquidity is supposed to be payable – let’s call it available – to those righteous bond holders tomorrow and Thursday – and maybe it goes beyond that – but we know that for at least the next 2 days Wed & Thurs – the bond holders funds – that liquidity – should be available – to them – to some extent – now realize – we are talking a “percentage” 1 – 1 ½ % of the total –

So this process is rolling out so very slowly – I have heard other sources talk about  us getting started – we thought by today – for sure – but now I’m not so sure we’re going to get anything for us - tier 4B – in the way of notifications and the start of our exchanges – before Christmas

There are a few sources that are talking about getting started here tomorrow and up and through Christmas – but the information I have from 2 sources – are saying  the information is - we are starting either the 1st or 2nd or the 3rd day after Christmas – Christmas is on Friday this year -  the first day after would be Saturday – 2nd Sunday and the 3rd Monday –

So one of those 3 days should – based on the information I have – be the start of our notifications and the start of our exchanges which would take us all the way up to and through the 4th day of January

In other words – whenever we get started - we would take it all the way up to/through the 4th of January – The Public – tier 5 – is scheduled to start on the 5th of January –

This is not what I wanted to hear or what I wanted to bring to you  for Christmas – so what I’m going to do on Thursday is have another Big Call -  on Christmas Eve –  in the way of new intel and maybe refine what we have at that time – we are not going to go super long – it will just be Sue and I -  I am excited about that – however – I am disappointed – and you know I am – it was the President’s goal – to get this out -  at least get it started -  before Christmas -  now it looks doubtful – Could we get faked out? Could we get surprised?  I suppose so – maybe so –

We know those bonds are going to pay out – and or some other adjudicated settlements – and some additional government type contracts that need to be paid out – before we start – so they have done what I would consider a slow roll out but hopefully / ultimately we’re still going to get this and it is still coming – I wish it would have come so we would all have more to celebrate over Christmas – but don’t lose faith – don’t lose hope -  the timing has just not quite been there – like we had anticipated – and like we were told -  I don’t make anything up – I tell you what I hear – I tell you exactly what I hear (laugh)  as much as I can –

Now -  we do know – the Iraqi Dinar rate did change – and it was supposed to change on Sunday morning – Iraq time – I know there are Iraqi Americans in this country – that have brand new bank cards – with one computer chip in it – instead iof the 2 it had before -  and I know they still have to use finger prints and meters to activate those – as well as a pin number –

We know that there is a very good rate inherent in those new cards – and the rate is very very close – a little below – but not much – a little below what Dr Shabibbi said that the Iraqi Dinar could support – and you remember we talked about that several times – here on the Big Call – that statement he made all the way back at the National Chamber of Commerce meeting in Washington DC – and I believe that was in 2012

So 8 years ago the head of the Central Bank of Iraq at the time – made a claim on what the value of the Iraqi dinar rate could sustain – in US dollars – the rate that is on the cards right now is just about there –

Now that is very encouraging for us – because we – you know we’re significant in the war time effort with all the troops – limbs and lives that were lost – all the expenses involved - and all of that – but I know that the United States will be rewarded for their effort in those years –

So everything is still on track – it’s just that the train has slowed down a little bit for us – I am happy for the bond holders and those people that have exchanged those bonds and made all that work for them - lot of those guys were tier 3 people as well – so things are going to be moving forward for us –

Thanks everyone for listening and we will see you on Thursday same time same place.

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