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Pimpy says -- the rate change is going to happen in 2021. DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Pimpy says -- the rate change is going to happen in 2021.

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Pimpy says -- the rate change is going to happen in 2021. Empty Pimpy says -- the rate change is going to happen in 2021.

Post by Ponee Sun Dec 20, 2020 10:18 pm


  "The Financial Committee announces the details of its meeting with the governor of the Central Bank regarding the price of the dollar Don't be fooled by this...What I think they are trying to do is discourage people from buying them or to get people to turn them in.  I could be wrong.  I'm just saying this did happen with Kuwait.  They told everybody no rate change was going to happen for a while and in fact they were going to go ahead and increase it but they didn't.  Two days later they came out Boomshakalaka

Article:   "Representative economy meets with the governor of the Central Bank"  It looks like they are officially going to change the rate in the wrong direction for us.  They are going to devalue it.  I don't want you to get discouraged over bad news.  We don't care about what they say.  We care about what they do.  So let's see what happens.  Even if they do come out with this...I would not be fooled at all...we don't know what the rate change is going to be.  This has happened before.  They say one thing and then suddenly something else happens...But even if they come out and they did raise the rate I would not be discouraged.  Just hang tight.  Once they start to rebound then you're going to see the rate change go in our direction - The better direction in increments at a time. 

Don't trip yet.  We see it now...the rate change is going to happen in 2021.  What it is we don't know.  But they're eluding to it's not going to go in a good direction.  That they are going to devalue the currency is what it looks like.  But they've done this before.  They came out going in the opposite direction.  We'll see...

Yep.  I know.  I see it.  There is a lot of talk about what's going on over there in Iraq...about the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and what we're seeing in the news...there is a lot of speculation as always...keep in mind no matter what anybody says it's all speculation...it is all over the news about the rate...

Why you should not panic...we know what's going on.  They are announcing the rate change has increased.  There are lots of articles about it.  Washington Post Article:  "Iraq's central bank devalues dinar by 22% amid public anger"   ...Here's what's going on.  They're devaluing their dollars...I don't feel discouraged one way or the other about this...I don't anticipate this rate change being long term. Iraq is going to be the gateway into the Middle East.  There's no doubt about it.  Once they start rebuilding it's really going to take off...the stronger the economy becomes the stronger their currency becomes... This might be their way of shaking speculators off of the dinar.  They're trying to get you to stop buying dinar...


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Pimpy says -- the rate change is going to happen in 2021. Empty Re: Pimpy says -- the rate change is going to happen in 2021.

Post by Sam I Am Mon Dec 21, 2020 3:03 am

They haven't raised the value in 9 years.  They've devalued it twice now, from 1166:1 to 1460:1.  They have NO intention of raising the value any time soon.

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