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More super ridiculous Dinar Intel

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Post by Ponee Mon Dec 14, 2020 9:33 pm

 Our Military Intel Contact Update:

The global RV Shotgun Release was part of the Department of Defense, White Hats and POTUS strategy to take down the [D]eep State globally.

Behind the scenes Trump and the RV teams had a master strategy in place to get this started and Tier 4B finished before Thurs. – Fri. 24, 25 Dec.

POTUS and his teams were putting all the pieces together now both publicly and privately. They got through the legal issues related to the final release with the Department of Justice and Attorney General Barr.

On Fri. 11 Dec. there were 300 arrests that occurred – one of the last pieces that needed to be in place for the final release of the RV Shotgun Start.

By Sat. 12 Dec. at 3:30 am EST the top five Chinese Elders, Trump and everyone got on the same page to start the release process. By that 3:30 am EST on Sat 12 Dec. everything was being coordinated and the funds were situated to pay out the final accounts.

This weekend was the final preparation process, and they were trying to keep everyone up to date and on the same page. They were finishing the final settlements, closings and processing of the master major accounts. The RV teams were pressing extremely hard to get things ready, closed, with funds settled in accounts globally at all the levels, Tiers 1-4, so as to start on time next week.

The Shotgun Release of downstream liquidity in payouts to the lowest level accounts would start approximately on Mon. 14 Dec. and go over the next 72 hours.

The master date in the plan was that if all went to plan, to start everything Tues. - Wed. 15, 16 Dec. It would take a major BOMB of interference to move it from that date. He asked us to please pray that all would go well.

Mon. 14 Dec. was the intended kick-off day and reach Tier 4B Tues. – Wed. 15, 16 Dec. They expected Tier 4-B to start by Wed-Thurs. 16, 17 Dec. if all went to plan. Please pray that it did.

Currency and Zim holders should get in as soon as 800# notifications came out.

If currency holders wished to buy more Dong, Wells Fargo and Chase have opened sales for purchase till it's closed down once things go next week.

All was tied to NESARA/GESARA implementation and to the Restored Republic being organizationally and legally in place by Mon. 21 Dec. (the POTUS Team’s legal deadline to get it done) and to Common Law or Constitutional Law.

Trump wanted everything FINISHED by mid-day Wed. 23 Dec.


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