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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Video and Transcript  -- Dec 14 2020 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Video and Transcript -- Dec 14 2020

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ     -  Video and Transcript  -- Dec 14 2020 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Video and Transcript -- Dec 14 2020

Post by Ponee Mon Dec 14, 2020 8:43 pm

Member: IMO…..the next two weeks are going to be AWESOME!!

Member: Could this possibly be our week?

MZ: Yes it could….I am keeping this stream short because I will be doing another one at 9PM est tonight. There is a whole lot of evolving news we may need to touch on tonight. 

Member:  Yay! More news is a GREAT sign!!
MZ: So far today….no money movement , no news on CMKX or settlements and Iraq does not have a change in value of the dinar…..they are expecting by mid month and we are right there…right now…..hopefully this will be our “Breaking week” 

MZ: I have touched base already with Asia and ‘Europe today….they are not awake yet on the West coast. 

Member: I just saw on Dinar Guru that the dinar just dropped 20 points. 

MZ: That is a good sign….it means the dinar is unpegging….look for a dip and then a spike. This is exactly how I was told 15-20 years ago how it would unfold…..it is now unfolding as I had heard it would …including all this crazy unrest and disclosure……

MZ: Google is coming and going…cyber attacks…multiple social platforms are coming and going…….the World Wide internet is reeling from attacks…..over fire eyes, solar winds…those things….you will be reading about it all day today. 

Member:  Google was down world wide this morning

Member:  Solar eclipse in chile and argentine today

Member:  Loads of comets in the skies at the moment which could cause disruption also...

MZ: Great article from Epoch times about how these sites were hacked…including the US Treasury….and 4 branches of military……and voting system …is possibly being hacked by Russia….it will be a crazy day…..we should have a lot to talk about this evening…..

Member:  the cyber attack on treasury is a great excuse for Trump to introduce gold backed QFS!!!

Member:  I thought the Treasury was under the QFS. if so, how was the hacking possible

Member:  The Treasury Hack….Doubt it was Russia, probably CCP leaving a Russia signature

Member:  Flynn has said it was the CCP

MZ:  https://www.emergencyemail.org/newsemergency/anmviewer.asp?a=23992&z=1 

Member: All of this means we are getting close…

MZ: I agree- we are setting up for the “Trifecta week” the culmination of all of this crazy stuff….this week will be nuts……

Member:  You know how nervous the deep state has to be. Common sense is awakening and all the AMMO has left try he building

Member: So are we looking at a 2021 RV or an 2022 RV?

MZ: I think we are in the midst of it right now!!!!! I think we will know once and for all this week. 

ISAAC 12/9/2020 Just finished lots of calls and should start payments between the 13th up to the 22nd any day so keep the faith. Then after that will resume in January. First will be dragons.

From Snakes Rm Something Big Is About To Happen, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Trump Send Cryptic Messages Via Twitter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWeBd...

Member:  Who thinks POTUS didn't see this attempted Election Theft coming? E.O. 13848… YUGE 'RAT TRAP

Member:  The crap is about to hit the fan, people!

Member:  Vote today from electoral college! What will happen?

Member:  POTUS put Battleground States Secretaries of State on notice about Certifying fraudulent election results. Just a felony or TREASON?

Member:  any state that certifies will join the "Treason Train", they know that fraud existed

Member:  The Report on the Election goes to Trump by the 18th. We may not see it until later. We may hear of Martial Law before the actual Report.

MZ: All hell is supposed to break loose on the 18th of Dec……we will be seeing a lot of news this week. 

Member:  E.O.13848 = POTUS invokes INSURRECTION ACT. ….Military Executes Justice

Member:  Trumps E.O. on Foreign Influence in election will bring it all down.

Member:  OPERATION WARP SPEED: Whether you choose the Vaccine or not... POTUS just took away any excuse for unconstitutional Mask Mandates & Lockdowns.


MZ: It is all over the net that the CCP has infiltrated all the pharmaceutical companies that were making the vaccines…..this 5D chess game has gotten nuts….…..

Member:  OPERATION DAWN BLITZ 21 "training exercise" in Pacific... point to 2021 or Winter Solstice… days get longer? WWG1WGA …Winter Storm FLYNN…. Merry Christmas!

Member:  Did anyone see the picture on Twitter of the 20 U.S. Governors who are in with the CCP??

Member:  Rumor Chinese tried to invade Maine

Member:  Strike force groups off both coasts

Member:  Early Voting starts TODAY in Georgia for the RUNOFF !

Member:  martial law about to happen


Member:  Martial law is where there are curfews and controlled movements into and out of certain areas! Money movement more or less monitored.

Member:  The Netherlands is preparing to enter a far-reaching lockdown from Monday night at midnight until 19 January to curb the spread of Covid-19, Dutch public broadcaster NOS reports.

MZ: This is all about a very small group of elites who want to rule us all and think we are to stupid to rule ourselves….they are trying to devide us….do not take the bait. 


Member:  December 21, just after sunset, southern sky, conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Christmas star

Member:  Fleming is saying we will be getting emails by Wednesday.

Member:  Emails by Wed would be fantastic!!! Great Christmas present

Member:  There is supposed to be a BIG surprise before Christmas this year.

Member:  Since the Christmas star  is going to reappear do you think we will be visited by wise men again...we sure could use them now!

Member:  That Trump will have 2 terms, that this week is big. That Feb 14th will be pivotal (prob new election), And January will be when the election will be finalized.

Member: Is it possible “THE STORM IS HERE????  Huge winter storm FLYNN about to hit the East Coast……things that make you go “hmmmm?”

Member:  If Gitmo isn’t full yet then we have a major problem. This means it would take at least 10 days of darkness to arrest all of them.


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