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DINAR IRAQ AND DONG VIETNAM UPDATE,  for Dec 14 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by Ponee Mon Dec 14, 2020 8:41 pm

 So, we can see first hand the timing of this event is coordinated with the resolution of the 2020 US election and the beginning of the Iraqi fiscal year. 
The timing could not be any better. 

It is on its way and we can expect it.

Many ask me how can this all be connected to US politics?
Is the US politics the holdup?

So now I want to explain how this is connected to politics but also to the new fiscal year. 

First, we all should know by now that president Trump has been wanting to accomplish a major infrastructure changes and upgrades throughout the US. 
The changes are way overdue and past administrations for the last three decades could have done them but did not care about the country or its people. 

All they thought about was filling their pockets and using their positions of power and influence to make changes to benefit themselves and their constituents. 

They also could not figure out a way to accomplish them as the price tag is in the trillions.

Many of you have heard on these so-called intel conference calls about   the banks will be offering special programs, like Bonds, that you can take advantage of. 
This money is money that the government does not have to go out and borrow from the Federal Reserve thus pay interest on yet more debt. 
Yes, this Iraq dinar is being used as a scheme but in a good and beneficial way for a change.

Instead of borrowing money the US Treasury is going to leverage the dinar and use it. 

The US Treasury instead will invest your dinar proceeds and be able to pay out sums of interest to us instead of the other way around. 

We will be required to freeze these funds in the account for the duration of the investment in these projects. 

In return you will earn interest. 

I am hearing this interest might also be tax-exempt as a further incentive to use the program. 

This is why that these rumors surfaced this may in fact be a tax-exempt event for us. 

The advantage of doing it this way outweighs the taxation revenues that could be generated. 

Do you see the Trump strategy now?

In the long run, enough money becomes available for the government under this program to begin to fund these much-needed infrastructure changes such as roadways, bridges, airports, planned massive mag-rail transportation system, and other projects that have been neglected over the last decades of corruption and stolen funds. 

As the years roll on, the banks invest your funds and yet more revenue is generated for the projects. 

So, the end result is the US Treasury does not have to fork up trillions all at once. 
Which is what it would have to do if it used the usual Federal Reserve banking for funding. 

These corrupt bankers lose again….

So how it this connected to the reinstatement of the dinar?
Well I just told you that if the reinstatement should happen under a different administration such as democrat one or should I say “corrupt globalist”  agenda oriented administration, this program would never have a chance or even happen and most the funds would be stolen, confiscated, taxed to death, or  “swept” from your accounts to pay for massive social welfare programs instead of for the infrastructure changes. 

Trust me these democrats would find a way to take you newly found wealth away from you. 

They are very good at taking what does not belong to them, using the power of their office and congress.

This is no joking matter as we now witness all this election fraud. 

I hope many of you can now see clearly that this is a very serious matter. 
So, knowing all this then, why would the US Treasury give permission to reinstate the dinar not knowing what the future brings for all this wealth? 

Yes, there is a plan in place and we desperately need this plan to succeed. 
The “certainty” has to be reality and so the timing has to be perfect.
Iraq must succeed as well as the US.

Everyone should be very patient and relax. 
It is coming shortly.

Can it be stopped?

I know for a FACT that this is the fifth time they have tried this already since 2012-2013 to begin the process of the deletion of the zeros and failed due to circumstances. 

So when they begin this step there is no turning back. 

This is why they are slowly and cautiously moving ahead.

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Hama Rashid, spoke today, Tuesday (December 8, 2020), about a new step that the government will take to reduce the exit of hard currency from the country and control the .gates of currency auction Deputy Rashid commented on what the media reported about the existence of negotiations between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund, to determine a new exchange rate for the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, saying that "there are tools that the government uses to adjust the exchange rate, which is considered (income from inflation), or " an increase. 

He added during his speech to (Baghdad Today): "The government will also work to absorb the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar, to reduce the marginal tendency for consumption, thus the state's imports will decrease which leads to a decrease in the rates of the exit of the dollar from Iraq, and this also leads to a reduction in the dollar demand.

The real reason for the spike in the dollar is the speculation when the news came out of the “project to delete the zeros”.

Citizens under uncertainty (in their heads) run out and purchase dollars for their dinars. 

As usual demand brings the price up. 
But the article was honest in telling us this would be temporary, but not why it would be temporary. 

But we all know the real reason we hear so much about this damned China deal. 
Trust me this deal is not going to happen if it is not beneficial to Iraq and the US and not harm them. 

Iraq's problems are deep, yet the country has amazing potential to grow to become one of the most developed countries in the region, and therefore Iraq may not seem to be a top foreign policy priority, but investing in Iraq's security , unity and democracy will show real political acumen. 

As the wave of authoritarianism in the region continues to grow, engagement will also help ensure US security and key geopolitical interests that will reverberate far beyond Iraq.

Iraq is going to be central distribution center for the middle east. 
It is poised perfectly geographically for this task. 

It will need a global currency on FOREX.


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