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Another 5 - 7 Day Window From MarkZ! (Ready To Throw Him Out Of It Yet?) 12/11/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Another 5 - 7 Day Window From MarkZ! (Ready To Throw Him Out Of It Yet?) 12/11/20

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Another 5 - 7 Day Window From MarkZ! (Ready To Throw Him Out Of It Yet?) 12/11/20 Empty Another 5 - 7 Day Window From MarkZ! (Ready To Throw Him Out Of It Yet?) 12/11/20

Post by RamblerNash Sat Dec 12, 2020 1:32 am

Member:  Getting closer to that RV every single day!!!

MZ: No money movement yet…but the supreme court is supposed to comment and discuss and give us a better idea on timing –later this afternoon on the Texas case.

Member:  SCOTUS Ruling Could Resolve 2020 Election

MZ: My contacts in Iraq still very much believe that we are in a 5 to 7 day window for a rate change there. It appears to be moving forward so cross your fingers and say your prayers.

MZ: I am not seeing any movement on CMKX, Prosperity Packages, Heritage…any of those…..yet. No news from Asia or Zurich…yet.

ISAAC 12/9/2020 Just finished lots of calls and should start payments between the 13th up to the 22nd any day so keep the faith. Then after that will resume in January. First will be dragons.

Member:  Utsava said RV in April but then changed to January. Basically we are waiting for election flip because riots will break out.

Member:  No RV till the U.S. Inc. is abolished!!..It only makes sense!!

Member:  If Iraq RVs first ..I wonder how long before the other currencies follow?

Member:  Cuba is getting rid of their two currency system ….on BBC news

Member:  We will all be getting a new financial system….It will be a monetary reset, with the Gold Standard

MZ: Banking news……Not RV related….but, it appears that Goldman Sacs is moving out of New York City and heading to Florida. JP Morgan is headed to Dallas. I think you are about to see NYC look a lot like Detroit.  Politics have real life consequences.

Member: Do you see there is a lot of troop movements on the East and West coasts?

MZ: Yes…this is real and you can track it…..could it just be exercises??? It could…..or could it be what we want to happen….and they are getting all the bad guys?   It could be. I guess we could know over the next few days.

Member:  Once the Supreme Court announces Trump Winner..Then Martial Law, and with the Insurrection Act!!..Watch

Member:  Canada is totally LOCKED DOWN again...Military ready for Trudeau


Member:  Are WE under Martial Law NOW ?

Member:  Martial Law will hit next week...my guess

Member:  Cue  said rebellion will be cleaned up, "Clean & Swift"

Member:  it will be a short intermitent MARTIAL LAW

Member:  BOOM !! could be tonight from Trump.. 10 days of Darkest coming soon.

Member:  Dan Lowery.Ten days maybe tomorrow thru 21st then Star of David!

Member:  December 14th...a big meteor shower. up to 120 per hour.

Member:  financial happenstance occurs on December 15 digital currencies

Member:  December 21st...the skies have not aligned like it for 6,000 years??? Is God telling us something?

Member: Watch for “The Star of Bethlehem “ to appear on Dec. 21…….can’t wait to see that.

Member:  we know the virus is just a way to bankrupt the system to bring in the digital dollar, but will it be a digital Chinese currency or an American dollar, stock market is going down no reason4bankruptcy

Member:  Trump's EOs yesterday were Gesara oriented

Member:  All EOs in place:treason/social media/telecom/voting fraud/death penalty. Research them ALL. Trump has a picture with a winter scarf on. Scavino releases 17 fighter jets video. Ready up. Storms here!

Member:  Mark, China is out of food and out of money.

Member:  China's farmers lost everything.

MZ: https://youtu.be/LokuLywuXxk Flooding China

Mr. Cottrell joins the stream about minute 15:00…Please listen to the replay for the entire chat and Q&A

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